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Food for you and your baby



Each individual is unique. So are the symptoms of pregnancy. Others might have quite reasonable moderate morning sickness. While others may experience severe morning sickness throughout pregnancy. Some might not have morning sickness at all. Pregnancy is a journey. There is a saying, It is not the destination that is worthwhile but the journey towards it 🙂



Each sickness that we encounter during Pregnancy is part of our ujian. Mudahan Allah memudahan and menlancarkan segalanya untuk semua ibu mengandung. Dan melimpahakan rezeki yang halal and yang di berkati oleh Mu untuk menyambut kedatangkan Khalifah dan melimpahkan rezeki air susu yang lebat untuk semua ibu yang ingin capai kejayaan untuk menyusukan anak-anak mereka hingga dua tahun. Ameen Ya Rabb~

Let us pray together that Allah may bless all mommies and babies who will give birth. Ameen~

Apart from Doa, Usaha and Istiqamah is essentials for every muslim mommies. We need to sucikan our niat and ikhlas kan segala Nya. Like any activity that we intend to do. We need to set out niat, set our mind to achieve that goal and also to usaha to get to it.

And also we need to feed our body with all the good nutrition for baby’s development and health. We heard that a balance pyramid of foods such as Carbohydrates, Calcium, Iron, Fats and proteins and many many more is essential to the baby’s development and growth.



And also a good source of vitamins and minerals that are subscribe by doctors. And with each stages of pregnancy the source of vitamins and minerals will change depending on the needs of the mother. I was doing research on the difference between ‘ Natural Vitamins’ and ‘Synthetic Vitamins’. Let’s have a read:

Did you know?

  • That vitamins you are now using are very likely synthetic?
  • That synthetic vitamins have only one component out of a whole family of micro-nutrients that accompany then in their natural state?
  • That only 50% of a synthetic vitamins can be utilized somewhat efficiently?
  • That some sensitive people may actually have an adverse reaction to the synthetic vitamins?
  • That scientists can chemically reproduce sea water but when you put fish in this synthetic sea water they die?

Taken from: 

Now after reading that? You may ask why would I need supplements? Can’t I get all the nutrition from fruits and veggies?

Going back to square one. We live in modern and fast-pace times where even our food are fast, hence fast foods. huhu. Our world today is covered in a blanket of environmental pollutions. Our body is is constantly exposed to:

1) Environmental pollutions that leaves our immune system and defenseless against pollutions, toxins and chemicals.

2) With the amount of pollutions, everyday our body is facing damaged cells. And our body needs a higher dosage of certain nutrients.

3) Even our fruits and vegetables we eat may be defected or polluted.

4) Leading an unhealthy lifestyle, life on the fast lane consumes alot of our time and energy. Where we at times feel stressed out that we can’t remember if we washed our hair and having to find out that we washed our hair twice. :p (speaking from experience). And with the amount of yummy, heavy in oil, rich in artificial seasoning and finest aroma. Who can resists? Especially with all the up-coming open houses. harr harr harr

5) Interference of nutrient absorption from food.

6) Loss of nutrients in food.

With a life cycle above we are shifting our bodies into this gear and at higher risk of:

1) Premature aging

2) Fatigue

3) Prone to many disease

4) Hair Loss

5) Osteoporosis

6) Skin Problems

7) Diabetics

8) Heart Attacks

And many-many more.

Understand the difference stages of pregnancy that you are going through. I recommend reading ‘What to expect when your expecting book’ 🙂

What expecting moms needs:

1) Sufficient Vitamin B6: Acts a natural remedy for morning sickness that can create nausea and vomiting that can be introduced into the first trimester.

2) Iron: a problem in early pregnancy because early introduction to iron can cause nausea and makes your poop turn a darker colour. But the demand for iron increases as the pregnancy progresses because blood volume and iron is needed to increase the production of red blood cells.

3) Folic Acid is critical for the earliest development of e embryo.

4) Calcium for the development of Strong bones and teeth, etc.

5) Omega 3 essential fatty acids that is important for the development of healthy brain. And studies shown that babies who are exposed to more DHA while in the womb while walk and talk earlier.





With the customized sets that we have are to cater for each individual according to their needs. We do our very best to give the best for you and baby? Why I chose Shaklee?

1) Always safe: Over 250 tests that have been conducted by Shaklee scientists and over 83,000 qualify tests conducted annually to ensure NO artificial flavourings, NO sweeteners and NO preservation.

2) Always Works: More than $3 Million invested in research, development and testing.

3) Always Green: Packaging is FREE of bisphenoal A, phtalates and toxin incs. And packaging can be recycled.

Best of all. I get to FEEL and SEE the results of Shaklee myself. I feel more enegertic. Even when I was I ill, with Allah’s will, I was able to move about. Even blogging till 3am with a cuppa of Shaklee ESP as my companion 🙂

Questions and queries are most welcome. Please WhatsApp at +673 8660989 for prompt response ❤



21st Century Momma


21st Century Momma’s Check-List



In my previous post, I have shared on the art of womanly beauty care. And the amount of tools and gadgets that the average teen or women spend on the beauty and health products. And that amounts doubles or sku-rockets on Hair maintaince and beauty products.

So for those who are in dilemma on how to spend less to invest more. Would try the 21st Century Check-list for all mommies and care-takers of the homes to try.

Healthy Beauty:

Instead of going for a facial wish costs you $40-$60 for one appointment only. You can try the Shaklee Enfuselle or Nutriwhile where you can pamper youself everyday. And the complete sets may last 2-4 months (depends on usage and consumption)

There is no secret ingredient to healthy skin. The three steps for healthy, smooth and flawless skin: cleanse, neutralize and moisturizer.


Shaklee Nutriwhite

Image   Shaklee Enfuselle


Shaklee Prosante

The perfect potion to care for your hair.

A healthy scalp is foundation for healthy hair.

Each Prosante provides a blend of a number of vitamins, minerals and herbs to promote healthy hair and to protect your hair from harsh chemicals that can damage hair and scalp.

The Shaklee Difference: Heavy, Healthy, Thick and Vibrant Hair.

With each Shaklee Prosante Product contains:

1) Sweteria extract

2) Ginger

3)  Copper

4) Zinc

5) Managese

6) Vitamin A

7) Vitamin E

8) Tea Tree Leaf Oil

9) Green Tea Extracts

Healthy Home


Ever experience running out of Umo time open house? Banyak mangguk dan cawan kan di basuh time open house. From my experience it take atleast 2 umos to use for functions at home. And it takes twice as much efforts to wash those dishes especially for those that yang berminyak and the amonut of grease. Last-last kitani we go to bed with ‘grease elbows’ hehe 🙂

So with Shaklee Basic + Shaklee Dishwasher makes a great team to help fight off grease. Plus these combo is a super budget saver. Coz the liquid is Super concentrated and only require 2-4 drops for each application. I mean it’s really concentrated. And for these 2 bottles can last up tp 6 months (from my experience, but depends on usage and consumption)

Healthy Nutrition


For those who want to shine inside as well as outside.Try the Shaklee Beauty Nutrition. May I say that I have tried some of these myself. And each product as it own magic potion. Now ain’t that a beaute? 🙂

1) Shaklee Collagen Poweder:


2) Shaklee Vivix


3) Shaklee Skin Care Set


4) Shaklee Detox Set



5) Shaklee Slimming / Weight Mangement Set



Hope with this Checklist can help mommies draft out their own checklists 🙂

For more information please WhatsApp at +673 8660989 for prompt response ❤

Love & Hugs:

Sarah, 21st Century Momma

Ticking em checklists



Ramadhan will be near by. And so is Eid Mubarak. With the festive season up-head. Mommies and care-takers of the home will be drafting their check-lists to prepare for another memorable year. We want the house to look squeaky clean and be able to look fresh and vibrant on the first day of Eid. With the preparation of Eid. Families will work together to clean here and there, arrange accessories and furniture. And most of all, the good stuff: Sweets and desserts to offer and should not be missed. 🙂

An average family would spend up to $500 – $1000 for open houses and colorful assorted delights to  ticked your taste buds. We spend alot on sweets and beverages. But would be great if we can balance it with healthy alternatives. Such as Fresh squeezed juice, sliced fresh fruits and water as well. Bottles water is verily reasonable price here in Brunei Darussalam and ranging from many brands too. But did you know that the average family spends $10-$20 a month on bottled water? Hey, yeah it seems a reasonable price right? Let’s do the math here. If a family spends $20 per month. Then in a year a family would spend $240 on bottled water. Hmm~ you may think there is a catch. :p What if I say that with that same about of $245 you could buy ‘Shaklee Get Clean Water Pitcher’ and make up tp 330 Liters(80 gallons) of water? No monthly expenses on bottled water anymore 🙂




You may have question like: Is it safe and does it have the same quality of Bottled Water?

In just 4 easy and memorable terms to remember Shaklee’s Get Clean Water Pitcher:

Safe: Is a leader to lead the way our for harmful containment

With Shaklee’s Water Pitcher,  26 harmful containment (that is found commonly is drink water and bottled water) including lead, mercury, copper and chlorine.

Smart: Super Smart on saving

An average family spends $240 on bottled water. With the same amount of only $245, a family can purchase the Water Pitcher to get 330 Liters (80 gallons) of healthy water. Doing the maths, only a few cents per liter. And no boiling is required. Hence Saves energy and Saves  Costs.

powerful: Mighty Strong

Cleans water every time. In just one filter could eliminate harmful containment in your water.

Green: Safe the planet and safe for you home

First refillable carbon-block. The filter is made from sustainable coconut shell hence less waste to the environment.

How to feel the difference with Shaklee Get Clean Water Pitcher?

With each cup you feel the smoothness of the water and tickle your taste buds with the healthier water with just a water pitcher.

Image consists on the complete Shaklee Get Clean Water Pitcher Starter Pack


For more information, please WhatsApp at +673 8660989 for prompt response ❤

Loves & Hugs:

Sarah, 21st Century Momma


The gift of health

 ” Today was another rush-hour morning. I woke up late again this morning. Did not hear the alarm go off. second time this week” said Najwa as she massaged her temples while switching on her monitor. “What happened Wa” asked Dianna while handing her a cup of steaming hot tea. “I don’t know lately I have been having trouble sleeping at night and these frequent headaches and body pains are not helping” said Najwa as sipping her tea. “Perhaps you have a bun in the oven” said Dianna with a cheeky smile. ” I was hoping for it but have checked twice this month and the results came as negative” said Najwa with a frown. Najwa have been married for two and a half years and have been trying in ages. Perhaps it is not the time yet, whispered Najwa to herself. “Hey, you know what, I have a friend who had Hepatitis and after consuming these supplements she is now healthy as an ox” said Dianna as she sat next to Najwa and took the mouse while typing ‘Shaklee’ on Bing’s search engine.

“You sure that this is safe? I mean I am already taking Prime rose Oils and Vitamins C” said Najwa while looking at the search results that came up. “My cousins says that Shaklee products does not contain any artificial ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavouring and no artificial colourings. Plus my sister is also taking Shaklee supplements to help increased her breast milk” said Dianna excitingly with sparkles in her eyes. Or maybe the sparkles was from her dreamy black contact lenses. “Never knew vitamins could increase breast milk. I took Fenugreek during my time three years back. And I thought only traditional herbs would help with increasing brestmilk. Let me have a look on how Shaklee vitamins could do that? I said with curiosity. “Dianna meeting starts in five minutes” said Ariffin. “That’s my cue dear, need to prepare materials for the meeting. Have a look-see and let me know if your interested, no rush” said Dianna while walking away toward to the meeting room.

Najwa seldom left the office on time during lunch cause of the amount of work that she had on her desk. While eating her fast food that she ordered minutes ago. She decided to research on Shaklee’s products. She went through the booklet that Dianna had lent to her to have a look. And she found some interesting facts about Shaklee and their products:

1) 100 scientific papers and 90 of them are published in peer-review scientific journals, And the average Shaklee cusotmers has been purchasing their products for more than 17 years. That does seem loyalty through quality said Najwa as she continue reading.

2) Shaklee 2007 landmark showed that 33% lower in Triglyceride, which exists in chemical form and is present in the body and also foods. Whereby help to lower the levels of Triglyceride, which support the heart.

3) 11% lower ratio of total cholesterol to HDL Cholesterol which helps to remove the ‘BAD’ cholesterol from the blood which has shown to help support the health of the heart.

4) 60% lower levels of C-Reactive protein that is present in the blood and helps to reduce stress and increase the health of the heart.

5) 36% lower levels of Homo-cysteine, that is an Amino Acid that is present in the body that lowers the levels of Homo-cysteine in the blood that can help support the health of the heart.

And continued reading on the reason on why we need supplements:

1) Constant exposure to the environment’s pollutions

2)  Fruits and vegtables that might be defected / polluted and many more.

And these reason may cause: 1) Premature aging 2) Fatigue and 3) Prone vulnerable to infections and disease.

What she read made sense to Najwa and continued to look up the Internet and conducted other researched on Shaklee and their products. To her many surprise she has learned that not just average people using Shaklee products. But most recgonized names who are using Shaklee in their household such as Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Arnold Schwarnegger.




And continued reading on about the different packages that Shaklee offered and some of the benefits for the users. But came across the symptoms for lack of energy that she could relate to such as: 1) feeling drowsy at the driving wheel 2) Tons of workload to keep me occupied but am having great difficulty in concentrating 3) Unexplained feeling of constant anxiety 4) Difficulty getting to sleep no matter how many sheep I count 5) And frequent feeling of impatience. Plus she knew that her unhealthy eating habits might taken affect to her lifestyle.

Najwa thought over the pros and cons and finally made her decision. Her supplementation she took did help but little results that she could feel. Atleast give it a try, it it does not work out, I’ll continue back to my previous supplements. She quickly finished off her lunch and called Dianna to arrange a meet-up with someone who could help her with Shaklee. 

“Wow Najwa, you look glowing. Perhaps that 1 month of leave finally paid off” said Dianna passing by but stopped half-way to chit-chat with Najwa. “It’s not just the leave that paid off” said Najwa with a cheeky smile. “Owwhh tell me what’s the hottt story” asked Dianna with excitement. “Alhamdulilah, Shaklee helped me get me back on my feet. And I feel like a new person, I don’t know where that this extra energy boost would exsist in me. But alhamdulilah my prayers have been answered and it’s finally time” said Najwa as her checked flushed with excitement. Time asked Dianna with pure curiosity. “You mean?? You’re having your period” asked Dianna. Najwa smiled and winked at Dianna and pointed to her tummy. And finally Dianna finally understood. And jumped in excitement. ‘I have a bun in the oven” said Najwa with a smile.

I have read some many testimonials on how Shaklee has improved the lives of others. Perhaps when you are thinking of what to get for a friend’s birthday, Could try to give the gift of health 🙂 With plenty of doa and usaha (shaklee is considered an usaha to keep ourselves healthy) we might just give the best gift of happiness to someone.

For more information on the Shaklee Vitamins, Supplements and Green products. Please Text / WhatsApp at +73 8660989 for prompt response.

Storyline created by: Sarah, 21st Century Momma. Is not related to anyone or anything that is living or not.

The best way to….. Shaklee

Enjoy those mid-night snacks? Fancy that juicy burger with an extra topping of sliced cheese and extra mayo. Need I to mentioned the unhealthy eating habits that I have picked-up. Mornings for me are always rush-hours. Sometimes I skipped breastfast coz am always out and about with work. So for me the easiest way and the fastest way to eat was to crab a burger or order food that will be delivered on wheels in less than 45 minutes. Eating food that is heavy in oil, black sause, vinegar and the most famous amongs Bruneian is Indo Mee Fast and instant noodles in just 2 minutes.

I thought more about what needed to be done that I have lost focus and lost sight on what my body needed as a whole. I fed my body with nothing but just fat, fat and more fat and unhealthy eating habits. Till one day I had continous:

1) Cold sweats                                                   

2) Sleeping disorders

3) Acne

4) Body pains and joints pains

5) Slight brusies on small frictions

6) Frequent headaces

7) Irritablity

8) Mood swings

9) Loss of appetite

10) Weight loss in just short period of time

11) Nauses

12) Irritable Bowel Syndrome

13) Fatigue / Low enegry

Slowly I felt that my body was not responding to my healthy mind. I felt slower in respone and productivity. And at times I would accidentall fell asleep at the wheel. After constant trips to the ER and X-Rays, Tests and the results came and seeking help from both modern and medications through islamic methods.

Soon I have found that my liver was not funcitioning as well as it was suppose to be. Ustadz Saud (Institute dan Perubatan Islam) informed that I had symptoms of Hepaptitas A. Only Allah knew how I felt at the very moment. Little did I know about what Hepatitas was. And after constant reserach and understood the effects of my unhealthy eating habits.

There is a saying that Man will never appreciate a glass of water given to him unless he pays for a glass of water himself.

The message finally sank in and I tool for granted what Allah has given to me. My healthy. Now I fully appreciate the statement of ‘Health is Priceless’ Alhamdulilah, Alhamdulilah, Syukur Alhamdulilah that Allah has given me the chance to treat my problem. And alhamdullilah with medications and also Shaklee Supplements for coming to 3 months, I am able to work about with my daily routine as normal 🙂

With deeper research and understanding what I was going through, I learned a valueable lesson. We all have the choice to FEEL healthy and to BE healthy. And Shaklee is the way to go.

I took the Shaklee Super Detox Program that includes

Shaklee Alfalfa;

  •  Acts a mild / gentle detox.
  • Each tablet contains: calcium, phosphorous, iron, magenesium and chlorophyll
  • 300mg of Alfalfa tab contains calcium that is has equvillent to a glass of milk.

Garlic; helps to cleanze your blood

  • I have researched that the pure extracts of garlic can help reduce the risk of canerous cells
  • Garlic is known to promote: 1) Normal Blood Pressure 2) Cholestrol Levels 3) Promotes Cardiovusular health 4) Contains antioxidants properties such as spearmint & rosemary

DTX Complex;

  • with the unique formula of herbs, antioxidants and properties that promote bile flow that helps to enchance and stimulate the body’s natural abiluty to maintain healty liver cells.
  • Contains: Milk Thistle seed extracts that in research shows that it can support body’s normal ability to make protein to help regenerate the cells of the liver.
  • Relish Mushroom and Schizandra Chinesele that contains antioxidants.
  • Dandelion, tumeric and Artichoke that helps to maintain bile flow.

And last but not least:


  • Helps to boost your immune system
  • Is developed by Immunologists, Dr Yasuhiko Kojima. After 40 years of research, screening, tests and evaluating thousands of compounds and more than 200 different hers,Dr Kojima sucessfully created Nutriferon. Nutriferon is a botanical beverage mix that containts: Pumpking and Plantago seed with honeysuckle and safflower flowers that help to stimulate the natural immune response process at the cellular level.
  • 4 prven clincal studies for Nutriferon.

These products are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any diease

Learned a valueable lesson to eay my veggies, even though I don’t eat them raw unless there is salad with the dressing and topping :p and also to take charge of my health so that I can continue to perform my duties to Allah, perform my resposibilities to my family and friends. And also to keep on taking my meds and of course Shaklee Supplements. And I owe Shaklee ESP + PD for me to able to share my thoughts here at 3am without feeling sleepy huhu :p

“Your future is will be exactly what you decide to make it”Dr Forrest C Shaklee

True Make-up with Shaklee Healthy Beauty

Before you put on another shade of foundation on. Have a read on this.

Did you know that an average teen / women spends atleast $2500 a year or two for:

1) High Maintaince hair care

2) Make-up that includes; Foundations, creams, moisturizer, blusher, eye shadow, waxes, concealers, mascaras and creams.

3) Bath luxuries: Bubble baths, Spa treatments, foot scrub, facial wash, toners, body scrubs, hair shampoo, body shampoo, bar shops, conditioners and many-many.

Have a read:

But little do we need what we put on our faces. And some of the chemicals and toxins are not even labled on the content information.

Have a read on these:

And little do we know that some of the chemicals and toxins are the main reason for all sort of dieases such as Breast cancer (the chemcials found in deodrants, these chemical / substances absorb through the skin and travel in the from the armpit to the breast tissue. Thus causing abnormal cells to grow in the affected area. And these chemicals / toxins too can trigger hormonal changes or hormonal imbalances in a person thus encouraging abnormal cells to grow. If lead undected can cause cancerous cells.

Why the Shaklee Difference?

Always Works:

  •  $300 Million invested in Testing, Research and Development
  • 70 published clincial studies
  • 60 Shaklee scientists

Always Green:

  • No Chlorine Bleach
  • No Animal Testing
  • No Dyes or Tras fat

The Shaklee Difference with Enfuselle. Enfuselle is formulated without:

  • Parabens
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate / soium Laureth Sulfate
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Animal Products / By- product
  • Minerals Oil / Petroleum
  • FD & C / DC Dyes
  • 1.4 Dioxides

Some of listed above are most commonly found in other beauty products and also children bath products that have been labeled tear free, safe and non-toxins:

The average lady spends $2000 – $3000 on beauty products and the saloons and beauty products at The Mall or Beauty shops are fully booked with appointments ranging from Facials, SPA, Hair treatments, scrubs, body massages etc. And that amount might just sky-rocket for the early preparations for the festive seasons (includes Hari Raya) etc.

But just a whole set / packaged of Shaklee Beauty products ranging from below $500 can lasts 3-4 months (depends on usage and consumptions) and times that in a year.

Drum-roll please*

Average lady spends: $2500 – $3000 for high maintaince beauty products.

Shaklee users: Spend only $500 in 1 year (3-4 time of purchase only)

The quality and quantity on the shaklee beauty products is worth the price aye? 🙂

The concepts and the idea of beauty products that are marketed out there is in less quantity? Did you ever noticed you purchased creams / shampoos and there are not filled-to the top. This is because they want you to purchase their product again. Noticed you purchased a certain product and by the end of the month you’ve run-out? You don’t need to fear or having to wait at long ques at the cashier / payment counters. Coz Shaklee products can be used in small amounts that can lasts you for 3-4 months (depends on usage and consumptions) Now ain’t that a beauty?

The average lady spends more in short-term period to grasp that ideology of beauty. To spend more on tools that are meant to cover-up but not to fully replish and forefill what is needed by the skin. Thus with Shaklee Beauty products you spend less for more in return for long-term investments. It makes you wonder aye? 🙂

Check-out Shaklee Beauty Products:


For any questions or query please Text / WhatsApp at +673 8660989 for prompt response  ❤

The Shaklee difference




“Recognize that you are a product of nature and hat your very exsistence depends upon other products of nature”

Dr Shaklee

Memandangkan manusia adalah sebahagian daripada alam, justeru kewududan kita saling bergantung dengan sumbur-sumbur alam yang lain

Dr Shaklee


Why Shaklee?

Personally I have heard about the wonders of Shaklee from friends and at I thought that it offered the same other products that you can get at any shop and other brands that offer health supplements. But over time I saw that results from friends with my own eyes instead of word of mouth. After witnessing the very differance with my own eyes. I wanted to feel and experience the differance for myself.

Before wanting to dive in the this new world of health supplements I conducted research to help me understand why Shaklee? And what is so wonderous about their products. And to my very suprise I have found very interesting factors about Shaklee:

  • $300 million is invested into research and development and clinical testing to ensure that Shaklee products are Always Safe, Always Green and Always Works.
  • Shaklee products does not contain any Artificial flavourings, Artifical Sweeterners, Artificial Colourings.
  • And from hundreds over to thousands of testimonials, Shaklee indeed works.
  • Shaklee products for all: Mom, Dad, Children, Home-cleaning products and many many more.


My very own personal journey using Shaklee:

1) Breastfeeding Set

2) Weight Managemet

3) Skin Care Set

4) Liver Care


From there I have officially Shakleefied my family too 😀 Hubby is using Shaklee Performance Drink, Alfalfa and Vitamin E.

My eldest girl is on Shaklee Mealshake and Omega Guard, while my youngest daughter is on Shaklee Mealshake.

And me?? At the moment I am on Liver Care Set as I just discovered this year that my liver is not functioning properly due to the amount of toxins that I have in my body. Thus, having symptoms that is similar to Hepatitas A. First sign I experiene is Acne break-out. From there it taken a toll over to: 1) Frequent Headaces 2) Body aches and pains 3) Loss of appetite to eat 4) Depression 5) Difficult in breathing 6) Sleep disorder 7) Irritation 8) Mood swings 9) Irratable bowel syndrom 10) Slight Brusies on my kness, elbows and joints.


But alhamdulilah, with Allah’s the All-Mighty blessing followed by Doa and Usaha (Shakle is part of usaha) and plenty of Fresh and clean water. I am slowly recovering. 1/2 of my liver is slowing releasing toxins and getting well. 😀

This is just the begining of my journey to Shaklee. And yet many to come. But your’s is is just the begining if you have taken that first step to researching on Shaklee 🙂

Have a look around and wish you well on your journey to the wonder world of Shaklee 🙂

Best Regards


21st Century Momma