Month: May 2013

Meal in a cup


Our little einstines are precious at the stage of 1 year to 6 years. Did you know that from the milestone of year 1 to 3 years od age are the essential and crucial stage whereby the child’s brain cells are starting to develop and click together. At this stage your little ones need the necessary nutrishment not just in terms of education interaction, communication and stimulation to help develop their understanding and communication development. But choosing the right source of food also plays a crucial role. Especially breaskfast.

Breakfast plays a crucial role. After a long night of rest, the body will need to recharge and have sufficent intake of water to stay alert all day. Never skip breskfast.
What’s the best meal for super kids always on the go?

Having difficulty concentrating in class?

Have short attention span?

Running around the dinner table to feed your little einstine but unable to land that full tablespoon?

Munching on junk food such as chips, ice-cream and sweets often and no fresh greens or fruits?

Drinking more of fizzy bicarbonated drinks instead of water, juice or milk?

Now you can give the essential vitamins and minerals and natural goodness all in a cup. Just a cup, twice a day can help your little ones:


1) increase and strengthen their immune system.

2) Stay alert and focus in class and activities.

3) Helps to increase appetite for fussy eaters.

4) Helps to clear skin of rashes and ezcema.

And many many more. Pair Shaklee Mealshake with Shaklee OmegaGuard makes one great team for helping to boost and increase memory and IQ.

With just a tablespoon twice a day, you are giving your child the complete nutrition. Can be taken with Milk, yogurat and juices. Makes a smashing yummy milkshake (with vanilla or chocolate)

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