Month: August 2013

The Race

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all of muslim brothers and sisters all around the world.May we get ahead of the race not just in terms of worldy matters but spiritual matters that bring us closer to our Rabb, Allah s.w.t. May this Eid Mubarak bring us closer to those who are far away from us. And bring even closer to those who are near to us. May we are given the chance to see Ramadhan and Eid Mubarak next year.

Here, I chose the title ‘The Race’ coz I find the content on what I’m about to blog about is relevent. (To my thinking :p) but some may differ or look at it from a different angle. Life is always a race. From when we were small, our guardian and parents motivate us to be the best we can be. To bloom our potential to reach destinations that you could never think or even imagine reaching. Life as we know is a race. To be in a race you need to be better, faster and stronger. There is a saying ‘to be the best you gotta beat the rest’.

Better: we have better education, better health services, subsidary to help left our burdens. And all the blessings that we have here in Brunei. Alhamdulilah

Faster: Times are changing and we need to keep up with change. Children are growing up faster than ever and are adpating easily to the 21st Century of era technology. Technology is an-ever growing field. Time ia flying faster each day.

Stronger: Alhamdulilah~ our country is getting stronger day by day with Islam being our main Priority. And as long we have Allah, Islam and the prophet. And We will always remember duits.

Yes…… you heard me right? In today’s world. To survive we need duit? Right meh? Duit also for green packet (ang pau) meh. hehe. We need it to survive, to live and to make ends meat. And its a constant living race. The race to earn duit. Some may be motivated by it, some may have to work hard in the race to earn it, some may even have to sweat blood and tears to earn it. But each runner has their story told on how they finished the race. Their story on how they walked through the race, when they decided to jog through the race, when a time in life they had to speed-run through the race to make it to the end line.

This race is like the maze of life. You go through ups and downs, when you were suppose to go right you went left, when left was not an option you had to turn right. At times you go about in circles or at times in squares. But why there are some runners hitting home run and making it to the end line in a short of a run than yours. Its because of DUIT??

This term I am referring to is not our tangible ‘duit’ but rather our ‘D.U.I.T.S’ innit interesting 🙂
D: Doa
U: Usaha
I: Ikhtiar
T: Tawakal
S: Syukur

Hehe. Hoped that was a suprise to you. Hope it open your eyes and look through the looking glass. I had some recents questions lately, in regards of viewing the pricelist due to the market competiton that is growing like wildfire. My answer: I believe in the products and by the slogan ‘Loyalty through Quality’ called me old fashion, I believe in D.U.I.T.S. And I believe in producing and improving quality customer service and not just looking at the price. Hey! Price is just a tag. Its the bond between the seller and buyer that makes it golden. To see results and helping others as honestly, truthfully & sincerely (call me cheezy, but that is the quality I am for) and not to think about how fast, strong or even better the other runners in the competions are.  Every business be it a newly establish or a senior company that has been in the field for very long always has room to improve to be better, faster and stronger. I believe in the race not because of duit but because of D.U.I.T.S (Doa, usaha, Ikhtiar, Tawakal and Syukur) Allah Maha Kaya and rezeki di tangan Allah. I envision on assist contributing to making a difference in this race. (Always remind myself that Niat kena betul and always refresh balik)

Mudahan we all find our place in the race and help to contribute back to the Ummah, society and the environment. And may we strive and be steadyfast in this race to also help us gain a place in the hereafter and to please our Rabb. Ameen Ya Rabb.

Have a smashing Eid Mubarak XD


21st Century Momma