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Got the flu


Got Flu?
   Got Phlem?
         Got a Nasty Cough?
             Got body aches & pains?

During this cold weather of raining cats and dogs. Our immune system is prone to infections.

Think of your immune system has a firewall in a computer or a network. A computer has a firewall network to keep out viruses, worms, malware and unwanted introdures. But even firewalls has cracks, where even the minutes viruses can leak in, thus the need to improve the security checks and building a better and newly improved firewall.

The need to constanly update your system to protect your defence system in the world of IT. The same concept of the Human Body. We need to top-up, update, upgrade and gear-up your immune system.

How does the immune system become fragile?
Due to our hectic lives, unhealthy eating lifestyles, stresss, lack of nutrition in food, pollution (air and water), allergies can cause our immune system to weaken as ws age. The body’s natural body armour tends to be rusty as we grow and age.

Fight the battle within with;


Shaklee Nutriferon
Is a natural approach to boosting your immune system the natural way. No pins no needles just a small sachet of Nutriferon.


Shaklee Nutriferon has 30 sticks in 1 box. Hey size doesn’t matter. Don’t look at the size. Its small but powerful.


No paracetomol, no asprins, no antibiotics. Boosting your defence system the natural way.

Fight the flu with a sachet each day.


Dr Yasuhiko Kojima, the man behind the Shaklee Nutriferon. 40 years of research that brings Shaklee Nutriferon here today.

Fight the flu today. Get your Shaklee Nutriferon at +673 8660989 ❤

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Meet The Energy Theif

Wondering why you feel very tired? Waking up at the break of dawn and going to bed at 8pm (when you wish to do more) Fuzzy memory that you cant remember if you have washed your hair and you have to shampoo twice? Dozing off when driving?

Sounds like you have the dose of Energy Theif. Here are the 5 major factors that are the sidekick to the energy their:

1) Dehydration
When we sleep, our body losses water in the process. Studies shows that 75% of chronic dehydration are the main cause of fuzzy memory and not remembering where you left your keys or walking into a room and can’t remember what you went in for. It is recommended to drink atleast 1-2 liters of water per day to keep your body hydrated. Or replace your morning cuppa joe (coffee or tea) with a glass of warm water to help awaken the organs in the body.

2) Lacking of the zzzsss
Did you know that an average adult needs atleast 8-11 hours of sleep compare to the 6-8 hours of sleep? Especially in our century today where we wake up at the crack of down to work, get the kids to school, running to the gym, making dinner, doing laundry etc etc. The list goes on for the 21st Century Momma. Having adequate sleep can help contribute to weight loss. Yes! Folks. You heard it right. When our body misses a right sleeping pattern. It affects our hormones. Thus it increases our appetite to eat and our sweet tooth is activated. Ever wonder why every time of the month you crave for EasyWay or Each’s A Cup’s pearl milk tea (Am guilty to that). And when we consume a lot of sugar and lack of excersise will result in weight gain? WHY? cause sugar when not converted to energy will be stored as fat. My oh my now we know where all that sugar goes into.

3) Stress
When we are stressed, we tend to eat. How to reduce stress? Spare 20 mins everyday for 3 times a week to run up the stairs, do jumping jacks or squats. Then slowly move to 30 mins each day for 5 times a week. Keep your body moving makes the cholestrol go down.

4) Move your body
When you move your body you are nourshing your mind, body and soul. Exercising triggers positive charges and reduces the stress waves.

5) A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.
Remember Mary Poppins? Hehe. My all time favess. Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, medicine go down, medicine go down.

But too much sugar can promote overeating but malnourish at the same time. Because sugar boosts energy levels sky high but for a short-period of time. And excess sugars will be stored as fats.

An interesting note that I learned early today. Wondered why children catchs a a cold after Raya? Study shows that when when the body consumes sugar the body’s immune system decreases 75%. And it takes 4-5 hours for the body to recover VIT Cs. Yes! Folks you heard it here. The more sugar you eat, the more you lose your Vit C in you body, thus making your body defenseless for the next 4-5 hours to recover the lost Vit Cs.

Now we know where all that sugar goes to.

Now we know the 5 major energy theif. Check out our Ultimate Pure Energy Beast that helps to promote long-lasting energy:

1) Shaklee ESP
2) Shaklee Vit Bcom
3) Shaklee Vitalea
4) Shaklee Performance Drink
5) Shaklee Alfalfa
6) Shaklee Vit C

Now are you ready to unleash your inner beast?


21st Century Momma



We all heard about Evening Primerose Oil or its fancy name as EPO. Evening primerose oil has been used for treating irregular menstural cycle, acne and balancing hormones. But wait, you might ask what is the difference of Shaklee GLA and EPO? The battle begins here. The secret is revealed below.

Evening Primerose Oil or known as EPO also contains Gamma-Linolenic Acids. Sounds familiar? Wait there’s more. EPO contains 7-10% of GLA.

How does  Shaklee GLA make a differance?
* Now we now the meaning of GLA, Gamma-Linolenic Acids. The GLA in Shaklee is extracted by Borage Oil. And the GLA in Shaklee is 17-25%.

Numbers looks good aye? Hehe.

Clinically proven that Shaklee GLA Complex is more potent and advance than EPO.

Shaklee GLA contains:
300mg GLA
Vit E
Sunflower Seeds which in rice in Omega-6


**These products are not intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent any diease**

21st Century Momma

Beat the Big D


Since January is the special offer on Shaklee Alfalfa. Many inquired if Shaklee Alfalfa is only for breastfeeding mommies and for gout only? Scroll down below for more information.

The big D, Diabetes is a major concern in Brunei among other health issues such as High-Blood Pressure, Cholestrol, Stroke, Heart Dieases, Cancer, Liver Diseas, Kidney disorders etc. Not just a concern in Brunei but around the world.

What is Diabetes?
– Is when the pancreases does not function properly and glucose levels fall outside the normal range. Normal glucose levels is lower than 110mg/dl.

What are the current treatment ?
– Changes in Diet
– Changes in Lifestyle
– Pills or Medications
– Injections

How many stages are in their Diabetes?
There are different stages of diabetes:

Types 1 Diabetes, also formly known as Juvenille Diabetes, is usually diagnosed in Children or adulthood when the body is unable to produce insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes, also formly known as adult-onset is usually diagnosed later in life. It is frequent associated with overweight and lack of excersise. Overweight due to unhealthy eating liftstyles. Type 2 diabetics often use oral medications to control their high-blood sugar. Some type 2 diabetics may require insulin injections as well.

Gestational diabetes affect pregnant women. These women may only have diabetes when pregnant but many develop type 2 diabetes after their pregnancy. Treatments varies depending on the severity.


* Excessive hunger
* Thirst
* Frequenr urge on urination
* Frequent vaginal infections
* Dehydration
* Constipation
* Boils

Effects of Diabetes:

* Increase risk of heart diease
* Stroke
* Kidney Damage
* Blindness
* Simple cut on foot can lead to amputation due to infection.
* Neuropathy

Type 1 & 2 diebetes can be controlled by living healthier lifestlye. Changes in diet of limiting of high sugar food and drinks is critical to maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

How may Shaklee help with Diabetes?

Shaklee Vitalea:
Contains 28 types of multivitamins & Minerals that is complete for overall and optimum wellness.

Shaklee Zinc:
Helps to increase immune system and healing of scars such as acne, cuts and wounds. Promotes prostate health, and promotes overall health and wellness.

Shaklee Sustained Release Vitamin C:
Acts as a natural anti-oxidant agent to help maintain the integrity of the body cells and tissues. And strengthens teeth, gums, bones and promotes regular blood circulations.

Shaklee GLA:
Helps to relief from itchness, swelling, retains moisture of the skin caused by dryness and helps relief from aching joints and pains. GLA is also known to help stabilize hormones and control levels of depression. Balances the insulin hormone to control levels of cholestrol.

Shaklee ESP:
Gives that boost of energy,promotes clearer skin complextion, strengthen nails and repairs muscle and is also essential for mommies during confinement to help speed up the process of recovery as Shaklee ESP is known for its healing and repairing of damaged cells and tissues.

More information visit:

The American Diabetes Association

Shaklee US Main Blog

Diabetes in Brunei

21st Century Momma

F.A.Q.S (Follow-Ups, Assesement, Quality, Success)


Ever wondered what Shaklee products is about? Or want to know why different individual experiences different results? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the F.A.Q.S


F: Follow-up

A: Assesements

Q: Quality

S: Success

Shaklee is a brand that was created in the 1950s and has been around for about 50+ years and founded by this amazing person called Dr C.Forrest Shaklee. Dr Shaklee’s vision was to produce Natural and organic line of health supplements that was closetest to nature as possible (as the same state that it was when it was found) to obtain the real natural goodness. And to have products that are FREE from ARTIFICIAL sweeterns, colourings and flavourings. And Shaklee has acheived that. Shaklee’s brand is now worth millions. And this is the reason why millions trust, love and become loyal fans.


Shaklee has catered to many big titles in the U.S such as Oprah Winfrey, Arnold ‘The Governator’, Dr Oz, The Racheal Show and White House of Barack Obama & Michelle Obama too. And not just that. Shaklee has sponsered the NASA team and U.S American Athletes with the Human Fuel by providing top-quality, nutrition & supplementations till this very day. And their organization is growing and their products are selling like hot pancakes and the users success stories are spreading like wild fire.

Now that you know a little about the Shaklee’s roots. Then you must heard of their growing branches. Shaklee has branches all over U.S and also in Malaysia, Phillippines and recently a few years back in Indonesia. From there, many users become loyal consumers and from there stepped up a notch and became distributors / resellers. This has become Shaklee’s fruitful success by grabbing the hearts of their loyal fans.

Bet you was wondering where the FAQs come in. Hehe. To understand how the products work is to understand the foundation of the company. Anyhoots, lets get to the good part yes?

Below are the frequent asked questions that I have encountered since 2012:

1) Is Shaklee Halal
* Yes, Shaklee line of products is Halal. As they have two different manufacturer, whereby for asean countries, Shaklee has a separate manufacturer that manufactures and produces Halal products. And they have Halal certifications from U.S, ISA and Halal Certificate from  Malaysia. Below is for your reference.



2) Is Shaklee effective as many says?
* With any supplements, users need to understand that each individual is unique to the responses of Shaklee. Results may vary depending on the responses given out by the body (how healthy your internal is).

3) My friend consumed Shaklee and it worked for her. But I have not seen or felt any results from myself? Is there something wrong with me? Or is the product ineffective?
* Shaklee has been around over 50+ years. Living proof that many of their line of products is very effective. They develop a lot more products each years by developing newly improved formulas. And new ranges of products. They have spent more than 3-5 million on research and development to produce quality products in each bottle.
** The more we age physically and externally, the more our internals is will age as well. Due to Unhealthys eating lifestyle, due to pollutants found in air, water and soil, stress, lack of proper nutritions and many more can take a toll on our body and robs our body from the nutrition that we really need. By eating up our.good and leaving us with the bad.
Why some users face delay in results of many reasons: 1) Misinformation or uninformed on product guidelines 2) Incorrect consumption wise 3) Lack of consistency 4) Insufficent of water intake 5) Incorrect assesement 6) Lack if research on product knowledge. It is important for users to research on the products. After self research, users can ask for assesment from local distributors. But be sure that the guidelines given are genuine and not off the label. Your resellers are there to guide, conduct assesment, follow-ups and provide hotline service, so that any quries you can contact your reseller cause each reseller has different consultation methods. The same service you go to a beauty saloon, different types of situations needs different types of solutions. Going back to the question, When the body ages, the more time that our body needs to repair and heal the damaged cells and body tissues. Shaklee works to strengthen your.internals, once your inner is strong it will reflect through your external. Like they say. The beauty is reflected from within.

4) Is Shaklee safe to consume?
* Understanding that Shaklee produces natural products, Shaklee does not contain drug or harmful or harsh chemicals.

5) What’s the difference between Shaklee and other MLM products found in the market today?
* Each MLM has their own vision,.misson and product line. Users need to understand that it is all in the label. One of the key selling.points of Shaklee is that Shaklee does not contain any artifical colourings, flavouring and sweeterners. And Shaklee does not contain any syntheric ingredients.

6) What is the differance between Organic (natural) & synthetic? And how do I know?
* This is one of the most asked question. Noticed when you took Vit Cs when you were young. It made your tongue orange? Or when you took multivitamins and it was sweet and made your tongue purple? That product contains artifical or synthetic ingredients. Organic products are produced and processed as closet to nature as possible as it was found. Synthetic means products that contain ingredients that are not 100% original. Because to produce high-quality products, there are levels of levels to obtain the best. And this is an expensive process and eats a lot of time. Thus the need for quality time spent on the process for quality outcome.

These are the most Frequent Asked Question on Shaklee. But I like to think of FAQs has follow-up, Assesement, Quality and Success. When follow-ups are made by resellers to their cilents, this is the key factor to the users experience and success. Assesement, through assesement cilents product knowledge will increase thus their confidence towards the product that they are investing in. Quality, qualiy service & quality products are the key. As Shaklee likes to quote ‘Loyalty through Quality’. And success, the FAQ will help the users to acheive their success to obtain the results that they target. InsyAllah, the real rezeki comes from Allah Our Rabb, Shaklee can be part of our usaha. May Allah guide those who wish to make a healthier alternative and change to make differance to their lives and the lives of others. Ameen Ameen Ya Rabb ❤

21st Century Momma

Shaklee Alfalfa, Father of All Foods


Its January folks. And what a smashing way to open your new chapter with Shaklee Alfalfa.


What so special on Shaklee Alfalfa? What I really like about Shaklee Alfalfa is that they have in 2 special packages of 330 tabs (which can last 3-4 months) and 700 tabs (thats last 6-8 monthd) which all-in-all depends on on usage and consumption wise. As my 330 tabs last me 2 months or so. Hehe. Coz am a heavy user of Shaklee Alfalfa.

Why Alfalfa you may ask? Here are some of the packages:

1) Increases Quantity of milk production which is essential for breastfeeding mommies

2) Acts as kacip fatimah by tighting inner vaginal muscles

3) Acts as a mild detox

4) Helps relief from constipation

5) Very useful for those with gout

6) Diabetic

7) Lowers levels of Chloestrol

8) Lowers Blood Sugar.

9) Reduces or decreases vaginal discharge

10) Helps relief from Sinus Infection.


Shaklee Alfalfa was crowned as Father of All Foods from the arabs. And it has been around since the dawn of time. Alfalfa is known for its chlorphyl properties as well that is commonly found in powder drinks. Did you know that Alfalfa has 1001 usages.



Stay tuned on our FB fanpage & FB account for more information folks. Have a smashing weekend folks.

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Ultimate Pure Burning Juice


New year is here. But does not mean that you have to have new accessories, new bags or new shoes. All you need a new environment to help shift your mindset on how you see yourself and the world.

I have continued to my weight loss journey by taking the Ultimatee Pure Burning Juice:
1) Shaklee Alfalfa
2) Shaklee Herblax
3) Shaklee Letichin
4) Shaklee ESP
5) Shaklee OmegaGuard


For those who know me, I have been a loyal consumer of Shaklee since 2010 from an inspiration story from a good friend. Hearing her success on breastfeeding made me wanna make a change. Till today, I dream of helping others to making a differance be it through their journey of breastfeeding, the beautiful moment of pregnancy and the wonders of confinement, up to the challanges of losing weight and trying to conceive. Alhamdulilah with Allah’s will, I am happy with Shaklee.

I joined Ladies Kickboxing at end of September 2013 till now and while breaking a sweat at the gym at the same time I was burning it out with the energy boost with Shaklee. Before I joined my weight was 67kg-68kg. (Bare in mind, my weight has drastically increase and decrease throughout my 7 years, since I am not  active person) I remember I had difficulty even going up and down the stairs. Feeling breathless, difficulty with bowel movements and on the constant urge for sugar rush. Alhamdulilah, through-out my journey to weight loss with Kickboxing and Shaklee. I am now at 61kg and am still planning on seeing the scale go down in the future to come.

Here is some of the benefits of the Ultimate Pure Burning Juice:

1) Shaklee ESP
*Clinically proven to provide user with boost of energy for hours and hours

** Helps to clearer complextion as the protein helps to repair and heal damaged body tissues and cells. Works wonders on scars such as acne scars

*** Helps to promo better sleep at night.

**** Helps to repair muscles after workout sessions as ESP contains Amino Acids.

2) Shaklee Herblax:

* Acts as a natural laxtation. Herblax contains alfalfa and 9 other natural ingredients that helps to promote a natural bowel movement and helps to release inner-toxins that are the main cause of constipation. Hence, making the colon more stronger and healthier to release bowel movement naturally. Unlike other laxtatives sold that irritates the colon and makes the colon depend on the laxtative drugs to make bowel movements.

3) Shaklee Letichin & Shaklee OmegaGuard:

* Proven to help burn of stubborn fats.

** Helps to improve memory

*** Lowers cholestrol and low blood pressure

Shaklee Alfalfa:

* Acts as a mild detox

** Helps to reduce sinus infection

*** Acts as a natural enchanching for women

**** Decreases vaginal discharge

If you are looking for a change to making a differance. Feel free to WhatsApp us at +6738660989 (24/7 hotline)

Much Love;
21st Century Momma


21st Century Momma


Alhamdulilah. We have come to another year. Time to close the chapter of 2013 to a new chapter of 2014. Have you gotten your new year resolutions checklist out and ticked?

Wanna know what my resolution is for 2014? Here some of my goals I would like to share with you:

0) Spend more time with family

1) Lose weight (through kickboxing & Shaklee Ultimate Pure Burning Juice)

2) Further my studies part-time

3) Assist cilents to develop and acheive their goals with Shaklee.

4) Find time with a good book

5) Blog on Shaklee Fitness & Wellness product knowledge.

6) Expand business products.

But above all, spending time with family is essential.

In 3-6 months time I will review this post again and see if I am able to tick most of my items off. Huhu.

Hope today will bring you closer to acheiving your goals & dreams for tomorrow. Have a smashing 2014 folks.

Much love:
21st Century Momma

21st Century Momma