Oh My Soy


Loving March 2014. Shaklee ESP (Energized-Soy Protein) promotion is still on-going.

In previous post, I have briefly explained the benefits of Shaklee ESP. But lets take a closer look and zoom in to the good bits shall we?



We all know the most famous ingredient in Shaklee is SOY and PROTIEN.

Why Soy?
According to the Centers for Diesease Control & Prevention, Cardiovascular diesease continues to be the leading cause of death in the united states for both men & women.

600,000 / 1 out of every 4 deaths annually.

According to the American Heart Association reports that Cardivascular diesease still takes lives of more than 2,150 americans each & everyday. An average of 1 death every 40 seconds.

When the heart has a problem, it will affect the rest of the body. And the body is at risk of:
– Blood Pressure
– Increased in Weight (which can lead to obesity)
– High Cholestrol

Countless studies conducted over the past 15 years have found cholestrol-lowering effects of soy protein.

** Non-GMO (Non-Genetically Modified Organisms) is the source Shaklee’s soy-protein. (you can rest assure)
-Soy is the one of the highest quality plant proteins that:
1) Is Cholestrol FREE
2) Naturally low in fat
(Confirmed by Identity Preservations Program)

In 1995, Soy moved to Center stage when a meta-analysis conducted by researches at Umiverity of Kentucky. Based on 38 different studies was published & concluded that:

– Soy protein lowered blood cholestrol by about 13%.

– Significant reduction of cholestrol levels occured without the risk associated with cholestrol-lowering drugs.

– Researches promoted FDA to approve a healthy claim for soy protein & heart diesease in 1999.

** About 3%-5% which is similiar to effects of solubal fiber.

Research also found that fo every 1% drop in blood cholestrol lower your risk of developing cardivasculor diesease of 2% to 4%.Over time, regular consumption of soy-protein could lower heart diesease risk by up to 10%.

Why Protein?
*Basic material of all living cells and organ-building block of the body.

Why is protien important?
Protein i needed to balance hormone, enzymes, antibodies and neuotransmitters. 25% of our body is from protein. Nails, hair, skin and muscles.

The word Protein comes from the greek word, Protos, which means First. Our body is made of:
66% water
25% protein
8% fats
1% combination of Vitamins and Minerals

Risks of lack of protein can cause:
1) Anemia
2) Kidney Diesease
3) Liver
4) High Cholestrol
5) Low Blood Pressure
6) Low Blood Sugar
7) Nerve Instability
8) Peptic Ulser
9) Poor Wound Healing
10) Poor Blood Circulation
11) Poor Vision
12) Irritabilty
13) Fatigue
14) Weakness
15) Water Rentension
16) Prolounge of Time Mental Retardation
17) Lack Of Resistance to Infection


Thats for this session folks, hope to see you in the next post. Stay tuned. Don’t forget to drink your cuppa of soy-goodness before sleeping and with your breakfast to keep you bright and alerted ❤

Much love,
21st Century Momma



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