Month: April 2014

Milk Kaw-Kaw not Milk Cow-Cow


My, my how time flies. We are already in the month of April. Are you ‘egg-cited’ to find out what we have instore for you for April?


Got Milk ‘Kaw-Kaw’
Yup indeed. Its Shaklee OsteMatrix.

Let’s find out why Shaklee Fans are so over the moon with Shaklee OsteMatrix?


Our body needs more than just calcium. Did you know that Calcium deplets in the body when taking certain medications.

Shaklee OsteMatrix is a unique blend of – Calcium
– Vitamin D
– Magnesium

Why Vitamin D & Magnesium is needed?

Magnesium: Is to help incorporate calcium into bones and to strengthen them.

Vitamin D: To stimulate calcium absorption.

Now here are the juicy bits:

Clinically proven absorption:
– Increase blood calcium levels as measured over a 12-hour period.
– Calcium is needed to be sufficently absorbed before the body can maintain & build strong bones 

Interesting facts:
98% of calcium is found in the body
– 1% is found in the our teeth

Did you know?

* That calcium provides structure to our entire body to protect vital organs such as our heart & brain from damage.

** Bone contains Marrow, where blood cells are manufactured.

*** The rest of calcium is found in the bloodstream.

Other functions of Calcium:
* Producing & activate numerous hormones & enzymes
** Enabling Blood clotting & controlling contractions
*** Maintaing muscle tone
**** Stabalizing & maintaining cells membrane
***** Permitting nerve to function properly
****** Regulating Heartbeat
******* Aiding in production of energy
******** Reliefs from PMS and Menstrual cramps (good to replace your aspirin during your first day of period to 2 tabs of Shaklee OsteMatrix & 2 tabs of Shaklee GLA)

Wonder why when we were small, our mommies served us a glass of milk before we sleep?
* Did you know that without calcium our heart could not contract & would stop beating.

We all know that when our body has insufficent calcium in the body, automatically our body will rob calcium from our bones. Leaving our bones defenceless and in long term may cause our bones to be weak and brittle, this process is called Oestroprosis.

One massive study, on a survey conducted by the US Department of Health, Education & Welfare shows that  those ages between 18 & 44 consumed less than the recommended calcium intake on a daily basis.

How to top-up your body with genuine calcium from Milk ‘Kaw-Kaw’?

Each intake of every 4 tablets of Shaklee OsteMatrix contain:
650mg Calcium
400mg Magnesium
500mg Phrosprous
200IU Vitamin D


Now, we can rest at ease that Shaklee OsteMatrix is Milk ‘Kaw-Kaw’