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Berry Power in a bottle


What a month this wonderful March is. Alhamdulilah, I have encountered some users who have inquired on the many benefits of Shaklee Vivix. If you want to know more, visit I am very surprised on the number of those who suffer from Kidney problems and gout (all below the age of 35 years of age). I have known 2 of my friends who are below 30 years of age suffered from Gout and had to undergo kidney dialyses. And just recently this year, 2-3 of my cilents have purchased Shaklee Vivix due to kidney problems or other health conditions.  MasyAllah, more and more I have seen that the numbers have increased for the number of Non-Contagious Disease (NDC) in Brunei Darussalam. For me to be able to witness this myself and to hear their experiences have triggered me even more, to spread the benefits of Shaklee Vivix. Not just for the sake of making figures or sales, not even to spread the news and say that Shaklee Vivix can cure or treat any diagnose condition. But to bring awareness to everyone out there, that there is a natural alternative. With balance and healthy choice of eating along with regular exercise on a daily basis.

Understanding that sometime our conditions that we encounter is a sign or a way of communication. The way of our body saying that we are lacking of certain nutrition or lack of adequate water intake. Here are some of the testimonials on Shaklee Vivix.




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Lucky Number 7


7th March 2015 is another mark in my diary. As you know from my previous posts. I shared with y’all on experience on having symptops of high levels of uric acid in my blood. And I went for blood test last month on the 18th Feburary 2015 to rule out my fear.

Here a little info:-
Current Weight: 64kg
Height: 4ft 9inches
BMI : 30.5
Ideal Weight: below 50kg
Target weight: 45kg
(Catergory as Obese)



The moment my blood test revealed the truth behind my symptoms that I’v had in the past months is like a slap in the face. I am below 30 years of age but I have high cholstrol and gout. A wake up call with a huge alarm clock that is going off in my head when doctor said, I’m young but having symptoms of a 62 year old. At that moment I kept telling myself the downside is the alarm clock in my head doesn’t have a snooze button.

In the past Shaklee has been my companion through rain and shine. When I had Hepatitas A, Bronctitas, Inflammatory of the left heart chamber and most recently Impentigo. And the many reasons why I sticked with Shaklee since 2010.

Doctors recommended me to lose atleast 5kg to 10kg within the next 6 months (before my next blood test). And my target weight to achieve is between 45kg to 48kg. Here is a checklist I wish to complete in 6 months time:-

1. Eating healthy (have to go hard turkey on snacking and binging on snacks) especially those moments in front of the laptop and watching the telly

2. Consistent in excersising and working-out:-
A. 10mins HIIT during weekdays (5 days)
B. 30mins to 60 mins workout during the weekend (jogging and hiking)

3. Drinking plenty of water 2 Liter per day (2 big bottles or 5 small bottles)

4. Beauty Sleep atleast 8 hours per night

5. De-Stress:  When stress creeps uo, need to relax with a good book and also be more consistent (on-time) with prayers.

6. Detox and Antioxident:
Detox to help speed up the process burning fat:
1. Drink water
2. Drink once ir twice a day of Shaklee Chinch Energy Tea Mix
3. Drink Chinch Shake twice a day to replace heavy meals (breakfast and dinner)
4. Consume daily Shaklee vitamins amd supplements (Vivix, DTX Complex, Lechithin, OmegaGuard, Alfalfa, Herblax, CartoMax and and COQ Health)
Watch out for the next post on shaklee schedule and its benefits
5. Avoid oliy, greasy, fried, salty and too much sugar. Breads wholemeat not whitebread.

7. Research on quick, healthy, easy to make meals that are highly nutritious that can be packed and easy to bring to office.

So here is my 7 lucky things that I need to acheive before 5th September 2015.
Impossible as it sounds. But nothing is impossible. This will be another acheivement that I wish to carve onto my milestone.

Lesson of the day: We are focus on the future of making more money that we lose ourselves in the process. We forgot that healthy is also part of our wealth. Even though we have the riches of the world in the palm of our hand, but money can’t buy happiness of health. Remember health is our wealth. Be happy even though you may not have wealth lavishly. But you have the riches of health. May Allah grant us good health always, for us to keep on working towards getting Allah’s blessing. Ameen Ameen Ya Rabb.

Stay tuned for more juicy details folks on my journey to losing weight.

Much Love,
21st Century Momma
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