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Down in the Deep Blue

It is day three in Ward 6. I must say that I have heard a lot of different snoring tones in my three days and two nights in the Big 6 (as I like to call it). The Nurses here are very friendly and caring ( I am thankful for the kind staff here in Ward 6). Lights out are by 9pm and doors are locked by mid-night. To be honest, I’m used to the environment of being the one who was always admitted (back in the day). It feels so weird to have the tables turned. My Husband is a person who is active and enjoys being out and about. And seeing him being admitted is somewhat a very different story. I’m not used to seeing my husband down in the Deep Blue. I started to notice these symptoms:-

Down in the Deep Blue:- 1. Sleeping more than usual (perhaps due to feeling weak and easily fatigue since fasting since Saturday morning and only today he was granted to drink 60CC of water for every hour (have to start slow and steady). 2. Quiet: More quiet than usual and less chatty, signs of not wanting to socialize (avoids WhatsApp every now and then. Even turned down to play his favourite game) 3. Feeling uneasy: He feels very uneasy easily, like wants to stand up, sit down and go out for a stroll ever half an hour. 4. Anxiety: Every now and then worried about something ( I can tell by his facial expression even though he does not mentioned it).

I am not used to seeing him so quiet and so inactive. But I can understand, I too would feel the same way, without no food for 3 days, only small sips of water and only IV drip attached with many intakes of Antibiotics injected.

According to:- It is normal for some patients to feel Down in the Deep Blue due to dosages of medications that are streaming through the veins, feeling sore and stiff (unable to move the body like before due to the Post-Op), easily fatigue, Post Surgical Traumatic Stress (I noticed that he will try every cost to avoid needles). And many more other signs and symptoms.

It truly breaks my heart to see him in such pain. A kind of Silent pain that I will never hear from his lips. But deep down I can feel his pain too. To other people, it might be just a small Op (removing his appendix) but its the flashback moments of when you are in the Operating Theater, the hearing of cling clang of metallic objects that you are not familiar with, the bright lights surrounding the rooms, surgeons, doctors and nurses who you never knew and you put your every ounce of trust in them even though you have never met them, yet alone know their name. Its like taking that leap of faith and praying to Allah S.W.T that everything goes well.

I will always remember that day, the moment my husband went in the O.T. I have never felt so helpless. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t think and there were times that I did not realise that I was holding my breath until my chest like mad. I was fidgeting with my hand, fingers, shuffling my foot here and there. Heck, I was even changing seats now and then. I took roughly over an hour till he was out. And boy! He was pale as a ghost and was in so much pain that I had to literally hold back tears. I told myself that I had to fight back tears. I did not want him to worry. He was so nausea due to his severe gastric pains. I have never seen him like this before and it broke my heart into million of pieces. Wishing that I could brush away the pain. For over an hour, I finally requested the nurse to give him pain killer injection to help him sleep and rest well with ease. Along with the Pain Killer Shot, he was also given Injection for vomiting and gastric. Alhamdulilah that night he slept with ease. I was so relief. Alhamdulilah, All Praises to Allah, that the Op went well and smooth and that he is recovering. Please pray for him and may he has a speedy recovery. Ameen Ameen Ya Rabb. Tomorrow will be the day, the doctors will let us know if he can start to move on to solids. And from there, insyAllah will may give him Shaklee Mealshake to help with gastric and to ensure that he is full. I hoping that it will help him sleep with ease.

Till next time, Toodles

Dady in RIPAS - Day 3

Oh My Appendics!

Just a few days ago, will to be excat it was on Friday afternoon, I husband had terrible pain in his lower abdomen. At first we thought it was just the muscle cramps but the pain still persistent. That night I gave my husband 4 tabs of Shaklee Lecitihin and 1 tab of Shaklee Garlic to help relief from wind. Next morning, he complanied the pain was still there. And I had to take him to the ER to get it checked out.

What I suspected (symptopms of cramps and tightening around abdomen area without subsiding) it might be his Appendics. On the positive note, He did not have symptomps of vomitting, fever, loss of appetite, bowel movements was a.o.k same goes with passing urine. After blood test and urine sample was taken, doctors confirmed that it was Appendicitis.

I was unable to give my husband any food or water for the next 6-8 hours. Doctors has scheduled for Surgery this morning to remove the appendics. And I am updating this blog while listening to the music of seamless snoring for each bed in the ward :p hehe. However, in my great, big, purse I have packed the essentials for my husband after he was come out of Surgery. Apart from the Laptop, Cable charges, toiletress, extra clothing and a warm blanket.  I cannot forget to bring my lovelies, Shaklee Supplements:- 

1. Shaklee Vitamin E plus Grape Seed 

Shaklee Vitamin E with Grape Seed Extract

1 capsule per day, to help speed up the process of healing tissues, cells and skin (especially with the nasty scar). Plus with the extract of Grape Seed may help to give that boost of anti-oxidents.

2. Shaklee Sustain Release Vitamin C 

Sustain Release Vitamin C

1 tablet per day: This is to give that boost of protection for my huby after coming from the Op room. To help him fight of the bugs.

3. Shaklee CartoMax 

Shaklee Cartomax

1 capsule per day: A perfect combination with Vitamin E & Vitamin C Sustain Release for that perfect team of antioxidents.

4. Shaklee Garlic 

Shaklee Garlic Complex

1 tablet per day: The most natural form of antibiotics to help fight em nasties bugs away.

5. Shaklee Nutriferon

Shaklee Nutriferon

1 sachet per day: I knew one day that these babies will come in handy. You see, I have had this box a few months ago and kept a few sticks left for ‘emergency’ cases. And the perfect team when pairing up Nutriferon with Sustain Release Vitamin C.

Why I personal chose these perfect team mates? 

1. I want to be able to give my husband that extra boost of immune system. To give him that extra shield protection right after the Op.

2. The burst of anti-oxidents makes a good team when paired with Immune system boosters such as Vitamin C and Nutriferon.

3. Helps to speed-up the healing and recovery process of the tissues, cells and the skin.

Day 02: @Ripas

Prayers hoping that the Op will run smoothly and prayers for speedy recovery.

Blogging as A Career?

Blogging as A Career? Is it real? Can you generate a stable income with just blogging? How do I get a solid fan base and followers? I don’t know where to start? 

These were the questions I have asked myself over and over again before deciding to start-up blogging in 2012. To be honest, I never had Friendster back in the day. I was never a acquainted with IT (nor did I own a desktop back). Heck, the only time I remembered using a desktop was when NIRC chatting system was hot back then. My friends and I would hang-out at the Cyber Cafe and giggle at some of the weird ‘ASAL’ that we would get. And the User Interface of the computers back then was soooo old school compare to the fancy and sleek tablets and notebooks that we have now.

Then the era of Friendster evolved. Everyone was so into that but I was the odd one out. I was more ‘old-school’ and felt comfortable with my colourful pens and journals. I kept a journal ever since I was 6 years of age. (I have a tall box till this very day with all the journals that I kept). When some of my friends communicated via fancy Nokia phones. My best friend and I communicated on a daily basis by writing in our journals that we pass to each other every week. We would pour our hearts out pages after pages, books after books until we finished high-school. I missed those days. Those days, my writing momentum was spot-on (I enjoyed reading,writing and spending time to write in my journal till wee hours of the night), What fueled my passion to write you may ask? It was inspiration that triggered my creativity to write. I would feel sad about something, angry about something else or excited about another. It was inspiration that kept my writing flowing. But times have changed. And I have changed. Now everything is at the tip of your fingers. And you can get information at the very palm of your hands.

In today’s Industry, apart from being an author, scriptwriter, reporter, journalist, editor or even an English teacher. Blogging brings new meaning to the world of writing. And I have seen how writing has evolved from pen to paper and now to typing and publishing online. Now that writing is a blooming industry, can blogging become a career? Can you name anyone or re-call a website that are well-known for their blogging attributes and entries? Below I will show you an Image of what inspired me to continue blogging to this very day.

Kak Cery_01

Kak Cery_02


Meet Kak Shareeza or known as Kak Cery (she is sweet as her name), she has inspired many others with her journey of achieving of being a WAHM (Work At Home Mum) and earn a monthly 5,6,7,8 (a figure that you cannot imagine) all from the wonders of her blogging. She is able to capture the hearts of her followers and readers with her magic touch that she pours into every blog post. She has shown and proven that ‘You can make money with your passion’ as long as you got the right set of skills, well-equipment with knowledge and the passion for blogging.

I may have started blogging in the year of 2012. I have to admit, that I have not yet achieved the level of expertise of Blogging yet. And hoping that this year, my luck would change. *Smiles*. Now I ask myself, where can I go with blogging as a career? Then I would always open up the same page of the Magazine and remind myself, “Rezeki ada dimana-mana”, I remind myself:

D : Doa (Prayers)

U: Usaha (Actions)

I: Istiqamah (Consistency)

T: Tawakal (Submission)

S: Syukur (Appreciate)

Whenever you feel like you are burned-out, find your bearings, look-into yourself and find that inner strength and believe in yourself. And don’t hope but BELIEVE that tomorrow is a better day.

Much Love,


eSell Online – 2015

Hey y’alls,

With today’s technology, you can purchase items anywhere from around the world with  just a click of a button from the palm of your hand. With a peace of mind you can shop at ease online and your items will be delivered to you on your doorstep. And now we present you the eSell feature (Only available in Malaysia to purchase online)

Thank you for choosing 21st Century Momma to purchase your Shaklee Essentials and Needs.

Below are some of the links that is available for you to purchase online:-

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Shaklee GLA VS Evening Primerose Oil (EPO)


As you all know that the whole month of April is the promotion for Shaklee GLA. And many have asked what makes Shaklee GLA so special when compared to other over-the-counter products? Come let’s talk a look-see.

Shaklee GLA Complex

Shaklee GLA is made from Borage that contains twice as much GLA than EPO. How much specifically you may ask?

  • Three (3) times as much Bioavailbility
  • Three (3) times as more effective than EPO


3. Evening Primerose Oil (EPO) : 7% to 10%

2. Blackcurrent: 15% – 20%

1. Borage Seed: 17% – 25%

Why Shaklee GLA?

1. Shaklee extracts only the finest GLA from Borage that is grown organically in Saskatchwan.

2. Each capsules contains 300mg GLA which is a good source of Omega-6 and combines with Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E to increase effectivemess and stability.

3. The freshness & effectiveness of GLA is patent protected (IPO)

4. This bioavailablity has been clinically proven to be easily absorbed by the cells in the body.

What are the key benefits to consuming Shaklee GLA? 

Stay tuned to the next post entry folks! Here is a sneak peak on what will be instore for the next post.


Stay tuned for more info folks!

Much Love,


21st Century Momma

What Can Shaklee Lecithin Do?


Here is a little history on how I found Shaklee Lecithin and why I feel in love with it. It was back in the 2012, after giving birth to my second daugther, I was in search of something that can help me to lose weight but at the same time. After much research on the net, I found that there are two (2) types of supplementations in the health supplement world that is: 1) Artificial and 2) Natural.


Why Shaklee Lecithin?

Shaklee Lecithin is Nature’s Emusifier that helps to body to absorb nutrition from fats such as Vitamin A,D,E,K, Beta Caretone which can be found in Eggs, Corn and Soy Beans. Lecithin is also non as a Fat Emulsifier.


Now you might wanna know what is in Lecithin:-

1. Essential Fatty Acid, that is eesential and needed in the body

2. Colin, One of the componenet of neurotransmitters

3. Acetilcolina, is a type of Biochemical that is essential to sending messages and signals to the brain.

4. Inostiol is a one of the main membrane that is found in the cells in the body.

Benefits of Lecithin 

1. Lecitihn acts to break down and decrease bad cholestrol in fats and to increase good cholstrol (HDL).

2. Helps to control triglycedrides levels in the body.

3. Helps to breakdown exsisting cholestrol in the body.

Why is Lecithin essential for the Brain?

1, Acetilcolina is essential for the function of the brain (thinking, memories, concentration, what helps make us stand, run, eat, speak, sleep, digestion etc)

2. Acetilcolina is a form of neutransmitter that is essential to receive, store and send messages and signals throughout the body. And Aceticolina is from Cholin. Cholin is one of the main component that is found in Shaklee Lecithin.

3, Lecithin increases the supply of Cholin and acethylcoline because the brain consists of 30% of Lecithin and 70% of fat that is found in the liver are from Lecithin.

Who is Shaklee Lecithin For?

Shaklee Lecithin is to cater for the following groups of people:-

1. Elderly

Lecithin is essential for those who are elderly and at high risk of stroke.

2. Those with Digestive Problems

Lecithin is needed for the development of certain chemicals that is known as Bile from Cholestrol. And Bile is essential for the disgestive process.

3. For Cells

 Lecithin is essential for obtaining fats from the food that we consumed and to transport the fats to the cells in the entire body system. And choline and  Lecithin helps to increase the neurons and cells in our body.

4. For a healthy heart

Lecithin is known as a fat emulsifier and this is important to for the protection of the heart. And it works best when combined with EPA and Fiber.

Research Studies have found:-

  • Studies have found that Lecithin is from Soy Beans are essential to the break down of fatty substances.
  • Lecithin that are found in eggs are less effective when compared to Lecithin Capsules.

Why Shaklee Lecithin?

  • Non-GMO Soy beans that are used for the manfacturing of Lecithin Capsules
  • The characteristis of Lecithin are closets to nature as possible
  • No artificial flavourings, no artificial colourings and no artificial sweeterns
  • Purity: 1 capsule of Lecithin consists of 520mg Lecithin


No aint that a beaut? Don’t miss out on the Shaklee Lecithin Promotion that we have until April 2015. For one-to-one consultation, feel free to buzz us on WhatsApp +673 7251442 for a FREE consultation.

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21st Century Momma

Bye Hepa! Nice to meet you

Hey Y’all. Welcome back. It’s part 2 on how I beat the big HA (Hepatitas A). If you haven’t read about this part, you can read it here:

Whazzup Doc?

Now if you read my previous post, you may read that my treatment included of Homeopathy and Shaklee Supplements as my daily regime. Why you may ask that I did not go to the Doc to rule-out my condition (Hepa A). To be honest, the moment Allahyarham Doctor Professor Ustaz Haji Saud (who sadly passed early this year, his efforts will be forevered remembered) told me that I had Early stages of Hepatitas A and bronctitas that I am still able to treat my condition. I took many trip to the doctors and also did the blood work toos. However, results would also be the same, Normal, doctors could not find any any connection to my symptopms coz all the blood work results came back normal. I am grateful that even though I was not on medical treatment, but the doctors did their best to their knowledge and follow-up on each check-up. Alhamdulilah, even though scientifically I was not treated by modern medicine. But the best thing about it is that there are alternaitve medications to a certain condition. There are other ways of treating illness or a dieases. We just need to make the effort to go the mile in search of it. InsyAllah, Niat (Intention), Doa (Prayers), Usaha (Effort), Isitqamah (Consistency) Syukur (Greatefullness) is the key ingredient when under-going any treatment.

Bye Hepa! It’s Nice to Meet You

It took me roughtly 6 months to finally be healed from Hepatitas A. I was on both Homeopathy treatment (orally) and also took the following Shaklee Supplements:-

1. Shaklee DTX Complex : 3 tablets daily

Shaklee DTX Complex

2. Shaklee Nutriferon : 1 stick daily

Shaklee Nutriferon

3. Shaklee Herblax : 4 tabs daily (to help cleanse the colon and to naturally detox)

Shaklee Herblex

4. Shaklee Alfalfa : Acts as a natural and mild detox

Shaklee Alfalfa Complex (S)

But sometimes, I still get bit of a scare from eating too much fast-food. Hence, I continue to take these Shaklee Products to ensure that my body is Detoxing. Alhamdulilah, with the Allah’s will and permission, after  6 months I felt better than ever. I had my energy back, I had my appetite back, most importantly, I had my liver back and healther than ever. Thanks Shaklee & Homeopathy. And goodbye Hepa!

Shaklee DTX Complex Promo

If you know someone who is going through a similar phase, let them know about Shaklee DTX Complex and ask them to give it a try.

Much Love,


21st Century Momma

Hey Hepa! Nice to Meet You

Hey Welcome Heppa A

If you have read some of my older posts. You will come across a post or two on my experience of having Hepatitas A. It was back in the day, when fast-food was my meat and my patatoes. Back then, I was working at under a call-centre department and most of our time was consumed by stress binging on snacks and also a life of take-out, tapaus and fast-food deliveries. It was a long-life lesson for me to welcome back healthy, crunchy greens into my life.

Late night, I enjoyed IndoMee and Nasi Katok and consumed little water. Until one night, I woke up in cold sweat with the most painfull stabbing pain at the top of my left abdomen. The pain was unbearable that I was crying, sweating and non-stop trips to and fro to the loo. This pain took me back to my moment in the labor room. And nothing that I did could help ease the pain. The very next day, the pain subsided, but I felt unusal unlike before. Something that I could’nt quite put my finger on it. I shook the feeling away and thought in my mind I was overeacting or perhaps it was a wave of depression, anexity and PMS that was taking over and I was fine and dandy. The big booming voice inside my head told me that I was O.K and I was just tired but there was a tiny voice inside my head that kept on repeating that there was something wrong and something going on in my body that I could’nt understand because I was unaware of the signs. The signs that my body was trying to signal me, to warn me on the things that are going to come.


The Rollorcoaster Ride Gone Wild

Months and months went by. I was not able to shake the feeling of being easily fatigue, right after work I would straight away put on my PJs and sleep till the next day. And even having more than about 8 hours of sleep, I woke up still feeeling drained, exhaused and tried as ever like all the batteries were pulled out from within me and I was left was a broken down vehicle. Its like having the Monday blues 24/7 everyday. Still I was in denial, my mind kept chantting I was O.K and it was just in my head. Then the feeling of nausea crept in. The moment I smelled food, my stomach responsed with pleasure. But the moment food touched my lips or that spoonful of rice hit my tastebuds, the feeling of wanting to throw-up started to overwhelmed me. This happened for several months, I thought I was pregnenat (due to signs that I recognise such as morning sickness, bloating and constipation) and there were times when I would have headaches or migrains that popped up like 3-4 times a week. Phew! Talk about the drama. It was like a roller coaster gone wild. I had the whole package, nausea, headaches, body aches and pains, constipation, loss of appetite to eat (even my mind told me to eat) and above all the most scary symptom that I encoutered was the yellowing of the eye, shaking, my face turning pale as a ghost and the moment during a festivale that I attended, sitting the crowded room, I was on the verge of passing out. I would not literally breathe. The feeling was almost the same as a full-blown ballon with air coming out from it’s side. All I could remember was the room spinning, I had difficulty breathing and my body just wanted to give in and collapse.


The awakening 

The moment I finally accepted that there was indeed something wrong with me. And I believe my insticts were trying to tell me that I needed to act fast. Right after the festivle ended. I decided to go visit a Homeotherapy Doctor Professor (Islamic Medication) in Beribi. And from there it was like a slap in the face. The moment the DR Professor told me what I had was like ice-cold water running down my spine. He finally told me of my illness, I had Hepatitas A and Bronctitas. The good news was that it was at the early stages and was still treatable. After that meeting, I told myself that I needed to get better for the sake of my family. I not just wanted but NEEDED to feel and get well and better. That moment on, I set up my mind that I will beat this Hepa A with the blessings from Allah. I prayed and prayed and took Homeopathy medication and Shaklee.


WhazzUp Doc!

Now you may notice that my treatment only involved Homeopathy and consuming Shaklee Products. You may ask, why did’nt I go see the Doc to rule out my condition? Stay tuned for the post and find out how I beat the Big Hepa A.


Much Love:


21st Century Momma

The King of Detox

Shaklee DTX Complex Promo

Shaklee DTX Complex is known as the king of all detox. Give your liver the tender, love and care that is neededs. Liver is the largest organ in our body that is needed to detox and filter all the harmful chemicals and harsh toxins that our body absorbs on a daily basis from the food that we consume to the very air that we breath (that is now polluted with environmental factors or natural factors).

What is in DTX Complex that makes it unique? 

DTX complex contains herbs and natural phytochemicals that promotes detoxufication, anti-aging and prevent sencesscence (biologucal ageing). This unique formula is a merged collboration between Europe, America, Japan and China’s herbs intelligence. DTX is produced under strigent standardised process and its efficacy os proven bu clinical studies, suitable to consume every day and do not pose any side effects.

DTX Complex features:-

  • Helps maintain bile flow
  • Milk thistle extract standardize to 80%  silymarin
  • Reishi Mushroom, tumeric and Schizandra Chinesis have antioxident properties.

Key Benefits:- 

  • Excretes toxic compounds from the body.
  • Improves Hepatitas A,B,C, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, liver cancer, jaundice, alcoholic liver, conditions.
  • Prevents worsening of viral heptitas carriers
  • Prevents formation of gallstones, cholecystits (inflammation of gallbladder); stimulates the release of bile to emulsify fats.
  • Prevents tumor and cancer cells
  • Excrete excess fluid and salf from the body
  • Improves mental state and drive away depression.

Combination of 6 Major Herbs in DTX Complex 

The most comprehensive herbs complex that protects the liver

Milk Thistle / Silymarin:

  • Stimulates the regeneration of healthy liver cell

Milk Thistle and Artichoke:

  • Elevates liver function to detoxify

Tumeric and Dandelion

  • Fight against Hepatitas, Virus infection, Oedema Fat

Schizandra and Reishi Mushroom

  • Elevates Immune System to process toxins by the liver


Milk Thistle (Silymarin) 

A flowering herb that is related to daisy and ragweed family and is native to the Mediterranean countries. This flower herb is also known as Mary Thistle and Holy Thistle.

Milk Thistle is used for natural treatment for liver problems usch as cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitas and gallbladder disorders. Other known benefits such as

  • Provide heart benefits by lowering cholestrol levels.
  • Help diabetes in people who have type 2 diabetes and cirrhosis

Milk Thistle is bot anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.



Artichoke is used to stimulate the flow of the bile from the liver and this is thorugh to help reduce the symptopms of heartburn and alcohol hangover. Other treatements also include high cholestrol, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) , kidney problems, anemia, fluid rentenion (edmia) arthiritis, bladder infection and liver problems

Tumeric Leaves

Tumeric plant is for remedy for arthritis, heartburn, stomach pain, diarrehea, intestinial gas, stomach bloating, loss of appetite, janundice, liver problems and gallbladder disorders. Also used to treating headaches, bronchitis, colds, lung infecction, mensutral problems and many more.


Schisandra is also used for the preventing early aging and increasing lifespan, normalizing blood sugar and blood pressure. Other treatment includes: High Cholestrol, coughs, asthma, sleep problems, nerve pain, PMS, Chorinic diarrhea, depression, excessive urniation, memory loss and also liver problems such as hepatitas.


Reishi Mushroom is used for boosting immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep and lessen fatigue. Other benefits such as: High Blood Pressure, High Cholstrol, Liver and Kidney dieases, viral infections, HIV/AIDS and respitatory diseases.

Now you have read the main ingredients  to make this special and unique product:-

Shaklee DTX Complex

Now DTX Complex is one of our top votes for being the Ultimate Detox King. Wanna read a real-life testimonial? Stay tuned for the next post folks!

Much Love:


21st Century Momma