The Alphabets in Creams: The Differance of BB, CC and DD Creams

Hey Hey Hey Folks! Here is a beauty tip that I would like to share with you today. Are you a fan of Beauty Products? What is the first thing you add to your shopping cart when you shop for your daily beauty regime? Here’s a list (most common based from experience);-

Make-up Bag

1. Facial Wash

2. Facial Scrub

3. Facial Toner

4. Mositurizer Cream (or in Gel Form)

On the other hand, we have the Beauty Cosmetic Products:-

Lets start from the basic shall we?

5) Basic; Moisturizer / Primer, Concelar and Foudation

6) Contour and Shading

7) Eye-liner and Eye Shadow

9) Blusher

10) Lippies : Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Matte Lip Creams (lols)

Lippies Ice Cream

Are some of the items above in your list toos? hihi. Phew! It’s fun being a Lady. At the same time ‘expensive’. haha. Lols. Here I wanna share with you the latest beauty product added into my basket of pretties.

Cozuma CC Cream

Yes dearies, don’t be fooled by the size. It’s the content that counts. But before we dive into the good bits, let’s take stroll down the land of The Alphabets in Creams. The most common questions that we all ask ourselves. What’s the differance?

What’s the Differance between BB, CC and DD Creams 

Here is a cheat-Sheet for with the juicy info for your referece:-

BB Creams:-

Definition: Beauty Balm

Texture: Creamy & Moisturizing

Features: 1) Daily Sun Protection 2)  Extra Hydration 3) Coverage 4) Moisturizer

CC Creams:

Definition: Color Correcting

Texture: Light Weight and Fast Absorbing

Features: 1) Protective Coverage 2) Super Sode of anti-oxidents

DD Cream:-

Definition: Daily Defence

Feature: Provides protection, has SPF, Protects and Moisturizers.

Now how Different is Cozuma CC Cream apart from the rest?

Top 10 Benefits of Cozuma CC Cream

The Top 10 Benefits of Cozuma CC Creams

Let’s have a look on what the world has to say about Cozuma CC Creams:-

Conzuma CC Cream Testimonial.01


What great news! To spread the love and cheer of the TOP MUST HAVE for 2015. Cozuma CC Cream is now on promotion:

BUY 4 at 3 (1 FREE) promotion valid till August 2015

CC Cream Promotion
CC Cream Promotion

What are you waiting for? Come and order today. Ppppsttt! For those who order the full pack promotion will be entitled for a FREE gift. While stocks lasts. Hurry and WhatsApp up today at +673 7251442.


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