Month: September 2015

All You Need To Know For A Healthy Pregnancy

Health Prenatal.01

Pregnancy is the most beautiful transistion from Womenhood to Motherhood. Yes of course, not every pregnancy is a bed of roses. Each pregnancy is different and the experience is unique in it’s very own way. Some mommies may feel the urge to get out of bed at 2AM just to go down to the kitchen and snack on a chocolate bar. Or those nights when you toss and turn, feeling unable to sleep cause baby’s kicks are like a football kicked to the abdomen. Even worse, when you wake up in the middle of the night and screaming at the top of your lungs because you have bad cramp in your right foot. Or how about those awful mornings when the first thing you visit before the kitchen is the loo. (It may be called morning sickness, but the naueseness is through-out the nights)

Hey!  It’s not all that bad. They are those good times, like when you get a free foot rub more often than usual (thanks to daddy to be) or a nice back rub. And getting all that you want from the menu list. (Yes even a huge slice of cake and a tub of ice-cream is ok for an expecing mum who is craving!). What are you favourite moments during your pregnancies?

Just the other day, a mommy-to-be asked me if she can consume Shaklee without the need to use prescribed prenatal from her doctor, as she said that she has researched and that the most of the pre-natal vitamins that are prescribed are from Synthetic origins. And she wanted the best for her baby bump. So here, I would like to share a video on how Shaklee Healthy Pre-Natal (click to watch the video here) can be beneficial for expecting mommies.

Shaklee ESP Did You know

And one of the best-selling product in the Healthy Pre-Natal sets is Shaklee ESP. The complete essential vitamins & minerals for every mommy who wants a healthy pregnancy. Let’s hear what other mommies say about Shaklee ESP:

Shaklee ESP Testimonial 02 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 03 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 04 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 05 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 06 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 07 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 08

Many mommies benefit from Shaklee ESP not just during pregnancy but through-out confinement period too. Pssst Shaklee ESP can be consumed too by those who wish to be: –

  1. Healthy
  2. Looking for an alternative to a healthy snack
  3. Mommies who wish to increase the quality of their breastmilk production
  4. Mommies who wish to increase the quantity of their breastmilk production
  5. For those who wants healthy looking skin
  6. Smoother and healthier complextion
  7. A healthy aternative to breakfast for those who are always on the go
  8. The Isoflavens in Shaklee ESP helps to control the ‘bad’ cholestrol and promotes the healthy cholestrol
  9. Suitable for diabetics as Shaklee ESP only has about 9grams of Sugar (less than half of a tea-spoon)
  10. Easy to make with a yummy natural vanilla flavor.

Would you like to try yours today? Contact us today at +673 725 1442 (for delivery and collection at our cube location)

Shaklee ESP Special Promotion


Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha – Eid Mubarak 2015


Today, marks a another memorable day. We from 21st Century Sarah & Family would like to wish all Brothers & Sisters wherever you may be, a blessed eid mubarak and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha 2015. Have a blessed week and may Allah accept our ‘Korban’ (sacrifice) and good deeds. Ameen Ameen Ya Rabb.

Have a smashing weeked ahead folks!

Being Unique In Your Own Skin

It’s been a while since my last update (about 5 days ago). And the weather as changed drastically. The mornings are either gloomy and grey and the afternoon would be sunny and in the evening hazy and dry. And I felt under the weather for the past few days too. Nothing like a good cuppa of Hot Lemon & Honey (and at times I would sneak in a few ice cubes :p) to sooth the sore throat.

Never the less, I felt quite like a isolated butterfly as I was coped-up trying to feel better. Do you feel like you need a kick-start to get you out of bed? Whenever I feel tired I like to read Motivational Quotes. And here’s my favourite on:

The Human Being Is Unique. Only it alone can create, recognize and exercise options. It is part of Human Uniqueness that we are endowed with the faculty of Choice – Norman Cousins

Motivational Quotes 01

Have a smashing week y’all. Don’t forget to share with us your favourite quote of the week.

Much Love: 21st Century Sarah

4 Most Wanted Products : The September Story

Shaklee Health Tip.02

Is your sweet tooth cravings driving you nuts? Are you craving to munch on Ice during your pregnancy? Do you want an alternative to snacking the healthy way? Acne breakout? Phew~ and the lists goes on and on.

Here are the 4 Most Wanted Products that is the Hot Topic for whole month of September,

Shaklee ESP Special Promotion

Have your checked out the Shaklee ESP combo packages that are one Special Offer now?

  1. Healthy Pre Natal
  2. Healthy Post Natal
  3. Ultimate Pure Burning Jucie & Detox King
  4. Beauty & The Skin

These Shaklee ESP combo packages are on special offer for the whole month of September.  And Shaklee ESP has a BUY 7 at 6 promotion. Pssttt~ for any purchase of Healthy PreNatal and Healthy Post Natal sets (You’ll get a special gift of Shaklee Vitalea 120 tabs Worth B$35).

Do you want to spice up your tastebuds? Want an upgrade from the Classic Vanilla taste to something funky? Here are some of the receiptes to try Shaklee ESP with:-

Shaklee_106 Shaklee_101 Shaklee_089 Shaklee_077 Shaklee_046 Shaklee_038 wpid-shaklee-effect-poster-13.jpg.jpeg

Are you craving for more receipies? Stay tuned for the next up-coming post. Juice details for sure will leave your tastebuds tinggling with excitement. Watch out for the next post.

Much Love:

Sarah@21st Century Sarah


You Could Be Next…

Just yesterday I was sharing some exciting news on the announcement of 21st Century Sarah on spreading our wings to go Global & Beyond.

We are calling this program: Global Beauty Distributor.


Are you a blogger?
Are you aVlogger?
Are you a IG-ian?
Are you a Twitter Chick?
Are you Passionate of Beauty, Health & Wellness and natural products?
Then we want you…

If you are in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillippines, Thailand or Asia.
Or if your in Australia, Canada, US, UK or internationally. Come and be apart of this awesome opportunity.

Submissions are now open. All you have to do is visit our official site program and fill in your details here at  Official Beauty Phenomenon Website. Final submissions are till 25th September 2015. Tentaive dates for official announcements will be 30th September 2015.

All the best lovelies.

Much Love:
Sarah@21st Century Sarah

What A Suprise


We are excited to share with you more juicy details of the September special offer. We have the latest edition to this month’s exclusive offer.


Yup! You heard it right folks. For every purchase of:-

1. Healthy PreNatal
2. Healthy PostNatal

You will receive a FREE bottle of Shaklee Vitalea 120 tabs as a special bonus.

3. Shaklee ESP BUY 7 at 6.


We are now opening Pre-Orders / Deliveries and Collections at our Cube.
Contact us at +673 725 1442 (WhatsApp only).

Psssttt… We have another suprise to announce. So stay tuned!

Much Love:
Sarah@21st Century Sarah

The House-Hold Choice For The 21st Century Women

Shaklee ESP

The Shaklee brand has been a house-hold brand for 100 years. Dr Forrest Shaklee was the first person to create Vitalized Mineral Supplements. And now they have expanded their lines of products. And many big titles and celebratites have endorsed their products. Now we have heard on how Shaklee has captured the hearts of the young and old. Now let’s see (in this case read) on how Shaklee ESP has captured the hearts of Asia. Yup! Shaklee ESP is the No: 1 choice for domestic care-takers of the homes and is a must-have in every cupboard.

Here is a collection of testimonials on Shaklee ESP from year 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Shaklee Effect Poster 13 Shaklee Effect Poster 12 Shaklee Effect Poster 11 Shaklee Effect Poster 10 Shaklee Effect Poster 09 Shaklee Effect Poster 08 Shaklee Effect Poster 07 Shaklee Effect Poster 06 Shaklee Effect Poster 05 Shaklee Effect Poster 03 Shaklee Effect Poster 02 Shaklee Effect Poster 01 SMLH_Testimonial.01 SMLH Testimonial

Shaklee ESP Testimonial 08 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 07 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 06 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 05 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 04 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 03 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 02 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 01 Shaklee Effect Poster 20 Shaklee Effect Poster 19 Shaklee Effect Poster 18 Shaklee Effect Poster 17 Shaklee Effect Poster 16 Shaklee Effect Poster 15 Shaklee Effect Poster 14 Shaklee Effect Poster 13

Not yet convienced? Wait! There’s more…

Spectacular Momma’s Little Helpers_Testimonials_01 Spectacular Momma’s Little Helpers_Testimonials_02 Spectacular Momma’s Little Helpers_Testimonials_03 Spectacular Momma’s Little Helpers_Testimonials_04 Spectacular Momma’s Little Helpers_Testimonials_05 Spectacular Momma’s Little Helpers_Testimonials_06 Spectacular Momma’s Little Helpers_Testimonials_07

Aren’t these just like eye candies? Many mommies, daddies, little brother and sisters have benefited from Shaklee ESP. Why this Shaklee ESP shaking the world with it’s awesomeness? Here are some fun facts about Shaklee ESP:-

Shaklee ESP Did You know

Shaklee ESP – Energy Soy Protein Isolate Powder

*** Delivers Sustained Energy with Highest Quality Plant-Based Protein Available***

ESP Soy Protein is made from plant-based, biologically complete protein source that’s low in fat, choloestrol free and complete with 9 essential amino acids. Sustains energy hour after hour.

*Highest quality plant based protein with 14grams of heart healthy soy protein and 500mg of calcium per servings.

*Helps to maintain muscle tone, tissue repair and proper functioning of enzymes and hormones.

Info extracted from: Shaklee Malaysia Official Blog

1) Improve skin texture, skintone and complextion
2) Improves heart functions
3) Increases quantity of milk production for breastfeeding mommies
4) Increases quality of milk production for breastfeeding mommies
5) Shaklee ESP helps to control good and bad cholestrol levels.
6) Helps to maintain healthy prostate
7) Soy Proteins helps to repair damaged tissues cells in the body
8) Helps relief from PMS and Mood Swings
9) Protects from Free Radicles in the body
10) Prevents from blockage in artieries.

Are you ready to be apart of this ripple effect and experience the differance? Contact our Hotline at +673 725 1442 (WhatsApp only) got more queries? Coolies, you can contact us at our Contact Us Online Today page.

Beware Of The Shaklee Effect : What Asia is saying about The Shaklee Energy Soy Protein

Shaklee ESP

Have your heard of the latest beauty, health and wellness product that is selling like hot cakes in Brunei? Shaklee was first introduced to an unofficial representative in the year 2010. And the request and demand for Shaklee ESP is still selling like hot-cakes as it did back in the year 2010. Wait, What? Really? Almost reached a 6 year mark for Shaklee ESP in Brunei. And we have the REAL-LIFE Testimonials:-

SMLH_Testimonial.01SMLH Testimonial


Shaklee Energized Soy Protein (ESP) is known for it’s high content of natural Non-GMO, calcium and essential vitamins and minerals. And promotes overall natural health and wellness. Shaklee ESP only contains 9g of Sugar (less than a tea-spoon) and is made from Yummy Natural Vanilla that will leave you craving for more. An ideal breakfast for those who are always on the Go.


Many have shared their testimonials after consuming Shaklee ESP such as:-


  1. Radient Skin
  2. Glowing skin
  3. Helps repair scars
  4. Lightens scars


  1. Increases quality of milk production
  2. Increases quantity of milk production
  3. Increases mother’s energy levels
  4. Promotes mothers to stock-up on milk production


  1. Helps to increase levels of energy through-out the day


And the Shaklee ESP Effect has spreaded leaving more women and men craving the feelings of pure joy in every cuppa, addition to the feeling of the long-lasting energy and the shopaholic effects just like when a SALE goes on Designer Brands and Labels. Many are going Cra-Cra over this Shaklee ESP Phenomenon. 

Don’t believe me? These images I am about to show you is the real-deal on the SHAKLEE ESP PHENOMENON:-

Shaklee Effect Poster 01 Shaklee Effect Poster 02 Shaklee Effect Poster 03 Shaklee Effect Poster 05 Shaklee Effect Poster 06 Shaklee Effect Poster 07 Shaklee Effect Poster 08 Shaklee Effect Poster 09 Shaklee Effect Poster 10 Shaklee Effect Poster 11 Shaklee Effect Poster 12 Shaklee Effect Poster 13

Do you want to be apart of this ripple effect? Then don’t miss out on this Shaklee ESP Promotion for the whole month of September 2015. Contact us at +673 725 1442 (WhatsApp only).

Stay tuned for more juicey details folks.

Premium Beautiful Corset Plans To Expand Wings For World Wide Shipping

Yup! That’s right folks. You’ve heard it from 21st Century Sarah direct news. We are now accepting orders World Wide and accept payment via TT, Money Gram or even PayPal. 21st Century Sarah has established an account with


Check us out on Alibaba Official Website.

21st Century Sarah will be offering orders for the following items only:-

1. Premium Beautiful Corset (T&C Apply)


We are accepting orders for both Classic & Elegance Sets.

*Note: There is no exhange of sizes, colors or refund for these sets. Please contact our hotline +673 725 1442 (WhatsApp only) or contact us in the Contact Us tab in the Menu.

2. Bio-Velocity Sleep Mate


3. Cozuma CC Creams & Cozuma Mattifying Lipsticks


Cozuma CC Cream only comes in 1 universal color.

Cozuma Mattifying colors:-
1. Cherry Bloom
2. Pandora Red
3. Peach Passion
4. Sensual Touch
5. Rose I Love You
6. Berry Me

4. BB Plus Collagen : 1 box (20 sachets)


5. Marine Essense Series : Beauty Bar, Body Wash & Shampoo




6. Bio Seleza Feminine Sanitary Pads


1 box consists of 6 packs of either:-
1. Panty Liners
2. Mixed (Pads & Liners)

For more information: Contact us at +673 725 1442 (WhatsApp)