Beware Of The Shaklee Effect : What Asia is saying about The Shaklee Energy Soy Protein

Shaklee ESP

Have your heard of the latest beauty, health and wellness product that is selling like hot cakes in Brunei? Shaklee was first introduced to an unofficial representative in the year 2010. And the request and demand for Shaklee ESP is still selling like hot-cakes as it did back in the year 2010. Wait, What? Really? Almost reached a 6 year mark for Shaklee ESP in Brunei. And we have the REAL-LIFE Testimonials:-

SMLH_Testimonial.01SMLH Testimonial


Shaklee Energized Soy Protein (ESP) is known for it’s high content of natural Non-GMO, calcium and essential vitamins and minerals. And promotes overall natural health and wellness. Shaklee ESP only contains 9g of Sugar (less than a tea-spoon) and is made from Yummy Natural Vanilla that will leave you craving for more. An ideal breakfast for those who are always on the Go.


Many have shared their testimonials after consuming Shaklee ESP such as:-


  1. Radient Skin
  2. Glowing skin
  3. Helps repair scars
  4. Lightens scars


  1. Increases quality of milk production
  2. Increases quantity of milk production
  3. Increases mother’s energy levels
  4. Promotes mothers to stock-up on milk production


  1. Helps to increase levels of energy through-out the day


And the Shaklee ESP Effect has spreaded leaving more women and men craving the feelings of pure joy in every cuppa, addition to the feeling of the long-lasting energy and the shopaholic effects just like when a SALE goes on Designer Brands and Labels. Many are going Cra-Cra over this Shaklee ESP Phenomenon. 

Don’t believe me? These images I am about to show you is the real-deal on the SHAKLEE ESP PHENOMENON:-

Shaklee Effect Poster 01 Shaklee Effect Poster 02 Shaklee Effect Poster 03 Shaklee Effect Poster 05 Shaklee Effect Poster 06 Shaklee Effect Poster 07 Shaklee Effect Poster 08 Shaklee Effect Poster 09 Shaklee Effect Poster 10 Shaklee Effect Poster 11 Shaklee Effect Poster 12 Shaklee Effect Poster 13

Do you want to be apart of this ripple effect? Then don’t miss out on this Shaklee ESP Promotion for the whole month of September 2015. Contact us at +673 725 1442 (WhatsApp only).

Stay tuned for more juicey details folks.


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