Premium Beautiful Corset – Loyal Companion For Life

Premium Beautiful Corset

I still remember a member of Sahajidah Hai-O who has already achevied CDM (Crown-Diamond Manager) level has been using Premium Beautiful Corset (PBC) for almost 8 years. And through-out her 8 years, she only has 2 (TWO) sets of Premium Beautiful Corset (PBC) that has been with her through-out her pregnancies. Amazing! It’s a good thing, that Premium Beautiful Corset comes with LONG-LIFE Warranty.

And not too long ago, I had a customer who already used Premium Beautiful Corset (PBC) since her first pregnancy. And her child is already 14 years of age. WOW! Now she is a returning customer to purchase another set of Premium Beautiful Corset. And the amazing part is that even her Husband is using Premium Beautiful Corset (Waist Nipper) for support of his back-pain. Now that’s just smashing. Check-out the images below:-

Good news for all PBC-ians fans in Brunei. There is an Exclusive Fitting Session this weekend. There entrance is FREE and bring along a friend who would love ❤ to get to know more about PBC. Stay tuned to the next post for the event details. RSVP ONLY. Stay tuned folks!


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