Cup Of Coffee for Slimming


Get your Coffee Cup ready as you will want to top-up your Min Kaffe 💖

Here I would love to share my personal journey of drinking Min Kaffe since 2015. To be honest, I have never been a coffee lover. I was always a milk tea, matcha tea, green tea lover. Now you can add Mineral Coffee to my list of Favourite Beverages 💖👏

Why I L💖VE Min Kaffe:~
👉 Lower Clories than your average cup of coffee
👉 Aromatic and full of flavour
👉 Contains Bamboo Salt (known as an antioxident property and has alkaline properties)
👉 Helps with Insomnia, my night of sleepless nights.
👉 Helps relief from constipation
👉 Helps reduce stress
👉 Helps relief from Acne
👉 When combined with Bio-Velocity Alfalfa Concentrate and Garlic Tablets make a super Detox & Slimming Team.
👉 Acts as a Slimming agent.
👉 Feeling FULL (rasa kenyang)
👉 Energy Booster


Here are some of REAL testimonials of those who experience the differance of Min Kaffe:-






Min Kaffe twice a day and see the differance. 😆

Want to try a box or 2.

ORDER TODAY 📲 +673 7251442


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