The New You : Inside & Out


Hey ladies! Did you know that by age 25 years and above our collagen in our body decrease it’s production due to the earth’s gravity. Yikes! Sounds unbelievable right?

Wondered why eye bags never fade?
Or those aches in your knees?
Or those worry lines across your forehead?

Did you know that increasing your intake of Vitamin C and Collagen helps with those problematic areas? ☝😄

Combining Vitamins C & Collagen togther helps restore the natural source of collagen in the body, thus restoring the skin’s natural elascity and making the skin look:

👉 Brighter
👉 Smoother
👉 Younger
👉 Firms Skin
👉 Glowing and Dewy Complextion

Still need convincing, visit our IG at @beautyphenomenonbn for more REAL testimonials.


Watch this space for more juciy info

📲 BOOK TODAY: +673 7251442

Much Love 💖
21st Century Sarah


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