What I Need to Know About P.C.O.S


Chinese Belief on Acne Face-Mapping. One of the most common symptopms of PCOS. Do you think you have PCOS? Take their online test to see what you may have.

PCOS is a common infertility issue that women are suffering from. Symptopms include:-

1. Irregular mensutral cycle (few or less than in 1 year)
2. Acne Breakouts
3. Imbalance hormones
4. Cravings
5. Unwanted hair growth
6.Dark and velvet patchy skin in unwanted areas of the body such as Underarms and neck
7. Weight gain or weigh loss
9. Weight gain especially around the waist
10. Hair loss / Thinning of the hair

These are all sympomps that can lead to PCOS. But the good thing is, there is a way to reverse the symptopms. Here I would also like to share with you that I too suffer from PCOS, and you are not alone. Many women from as young as 15 to 35 suffer from PCOS and one of the common causes of infertility. But not to worry, when there is a will, there is a way.

But good news, there is a way to reverse the effects of PCOS with Natural Health Supplements.

:idea:Why do we need supplements?
👉 From my self-experience, I have had early symptopms since 2012 to 2013. And now I only had fewer periods (once or three times a year) since 2014 to this year, 2016.

Have been going back and forth to doctors and they have prescribed me with oral medication to trigger bleeding (same function as Birth Control Pills) to help kick-start my menstural cycle into place. I bled but the next few months it returned and back to having zero bleeding 😅

Here I would like to share on the supplements that I have taken to durng my timeline to help reduce PCOS





Here is a link on studies on benefits of CoQHealth that helps to increase fertility.

For external usage to help trigger blood circulations and health wellness of the body



Premium Beautiful Corset has accredited certification from Chiroractic Association from America, Canada and Quebec. And ISO 3759, 6330 and 105.

PBC is known for promoting blood circulations, preventing cancerous cells from developing and the most loving part is, being able to shape and contour your body. 💖💖


Changing your daily pads (Pantyliner) to Bio Seleza Feminine Pad. Bio Seleza is infused with Bio-Velocity technology that is known for increasing health and wellness.



PCOS is a work in progress, you need to be consistent in taking your supplements, daily excersise and eating right (eleminating the bad fats and also reducing sugar intake).

Share your Journey with us on PCOS

Much Love 💖
@21st Century Sarah

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