When I was little, I always imagined to be apart of something that would contribute to Nature. There was always something about the deep, blue ocean and the deep green forest that I felt a deep regard for (I believe in Mermaids and Fairies, hey’s that’s just me)  And being healthy is apart of human nature. My name is Sarah Amanina from a small country in the Heart of Borneo called Brunei Darussalam, Warm  Greetings and welcome to my Blog.

I started blogging in 2012 and blogged about matters closet to heart especially on motherhood, breastfeeding, beauty, energy, health and wellness. Previously also known as TwentyFirst Century Momma since 2012 and just recently re-named to 21st Century Sarah. And hope to inspire youths to venture into world of entreprenuership through blogging and online social media as their platform to bring a whole new meaning to Work At Home Moms (WAHM) and earning passive income either Full-Time or Part-Time even if you have a full-time job through Network Marketing Industry.

For the past 9 years, I have developed my career through different stages by working for an International Bank, Media and Newspaper Company, IT Industry and most recently in Food & Beverage Manufacturing. Throughout my career I have obtained certifications in: Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Live@Edu Master Teacher, ToastMaster HSBC Brunei Speakers Group, IC Citizen, International Computer Driving Lisence, IC3 Certification. It was when I was working for a local Partner for Microsoft Brunei that I found out my passion for writting (I am a bookworm since the 3rd grade and nothing excites me than a freshly new binds to munch on next!) . It was then I was introduced to the world of Blogging and the possibilies.

Hoping that this blog will inspire you to get your fingers cracking and start your very own blog one day. Nothing is Impossible if you set your mind to it.

The Purest Of It’s Origin Is At It’s Core  –

Sarah Amanina @ Beauty Phenomenon Director at 21st Century Sarah

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  1. Hello Sara, Your blog is very nice and super informative. It’s great to have a store behind the products that help us live our lives much better and healthier. My hat is off to you and your family and I will keep in touch. Until next time, have a fantastic productive day. I also want to than you for you kind words on my material as well.


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