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December 2015 Promotion

Its been a while since our latest updates. We have already reached the end of the year and only a few more days till we meet 2016. Have you ticked or crossed some of the items on your Target List for 2015?

For 21st Century Sarah there are a lot of things that we wanted to tie the knot especially for some lose ends. But that’s another story for a different time to tell yes? 😀

Let’s see what’s the latest promotional that we have to offer:-


The ever loved Min Kaffe for all coffee lovers.



The most popular Bio-Velocity Alfalfa Concentrate for that Ultimate Detox.

Is losing weight and finding the ultimate detox package? Then this is for you. Meet the Ultimate Economy Detox Set


Purchase the sets above for only B$80.00 and get a bundle of FREE Gift. Yes! You heard that right folks. Its a Bundle not a single item.

Hurry and WhatsApp at +673 7251442 for this special offer with a Bundle of FREE gift **(While Stocks lasts)**

Much Love:
21st Century Sarah


The October Specials: What’s so Special about October?

Weeiii, just the other day I was updating the latest packages that are on special offer for the whole month of October. Here are some great news, since we see that they are more than 3 products that are on special offer (yikes! More than 3) Yes folks, you heard it right. October is special this time around. Here are some of the Shaklee Products that are on special offer now:-

Shaklee GLA Complex

Shaklee GLA : BUY 7 at 6

Shaklee OmegaGuard

Shaklee OmegaGuard: BUY 7 at 6

Shaklee Vitamin E with Grape Seed Extract

Shaklee Vitamin E Complex

Shaklee Vitalea Chewable

Chewable Vitalea for kids

Wow! Now that a sweet deal right? That’s not all folks! We have received inquires if we have sweet deals on the packages that is related to the above products. And here are the packages:-

GLA & OmegaGuard October For Him, For Her & LIttle One For Him For Her

Now ain’t this pretty awesome? Now here are some of the testimonials on the packages above:-

Shaklee ESP Testimonial 02 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 01 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 03 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 04 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 05 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 06 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 07 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 08 SMLH Testimonial SMLH_Testimonial.01 Spectacular Momma’s Little Helpers_Testimonials_01 B-E-A-U-T-Y in a bottle B-E-A-U-T-Y in a bottle_02 B-E-A-U-T-Y in a bottle_03 B-E-A-U-T-Y in a bottle_04

Want more buzz on the shaklee testimonials? Stay tuned for the next-up coming post folks. Have a smashing day ahead.

Much Love: 21st Century Sarah

All You Need To Know For A Healthy Pregnancy

Health Prenatal.01

Pregnancy is the most beautiful transistion from Womenhood to Motherhood. Yes of course, not every pregnancy is a bed of roses. Each pregnancy is different and the experience is unique in it’s very own way. Some mommies may feel the urge to get out of bed at 2AM just to go down to the kitchen and snack on a chocolate bar. Or those nights when you toss and turn, feeling unable to sleep cause baby’s kicks are like a football kicked to the abdomen. Even worse, when you wake up in the middle of the night and screaming at the top of your lungs because you have bad cramp in your right foot. Or how about those awful mornings when the first thing you visit before the kitchen is the loo. (It may be called morning sickness, but the naueseness is through-out the nights)

Hey!  It’s not all that bad. They are those good times, like when you get a free foot rub more often than usual (thanks to daddy to be) or a nice back rub. And getting all that you want from the menu list. (Yes even a huge slice of cake and a tub of ice-cream is ok for an expecing mum who is craving!). What are you favourite moments during your pregnancies?

Just the other day, a mommy-to-be asked me if she can consume Shaklee without the need to use prescribed prenatal from her doctor, as she said that she has researched and that the most of the pre-natal vitamins that are prescribed are from Synthetic origins. And she wanted the best for her baby bump. So here, I would like to share a video on how Shaklee Healthy Pre-Natal (click to watch the video here) can be beneficial for expecting mommies.

Shaklee ESP Did You know

And one of the best-selling product in the Healthy Pre-Natal sets is Shaklee ESP. The complete essential vitamins & minerals for every mommy who wants a healthy pregnancy. Let’s hear what other mommies say about Shaklee ESP:

Shaklee ESP Testimonial 02 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 03 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 04 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 05 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 06 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 07 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 08

Many mommies benefit from Shaklee ESP not just during pregnancy but through-out confinement period too. Pssst Shaklee ESP can be consumed too by those who wish to be: –

  1. Healthy
  2. Looking for an alternative to a healthy snack
  3. Mommies who wish to increase the quality of their breastmilk production
  4. Mommies who wish to increase the quantity of their breastmilk production
  5. For those who wants healthy looking skin
  6. Smoother and healthier complextion
  7. A healthy aternative to breakfast for those who are always on the go
  8. The Isoflavens in Shaklee ESP helps to control the ‘bad’ cholestrol and promotes the healthy cholestrol
  9. Suitable for diabetics as Shaklee ESP only has about 9grams of Sugar (less than half of a tea-spoon)
  10. Easy to make with a yummy natural vanilla flavor.

Would you like to try yours today? Contact us today at +673 725 1442 (for delivery and collection at our cube location)

Shaklee ESP Special Promotion

4 Most Wanted Products : The September Story

Shaklee Health Tip.02

Is your sweet tooth cravings driving you nuts? Are you craving to munch on Ice during your pregnancy? Do you want an alternative to snacking the healthy way? Acne breakout? Phew~ and the lists goes on and on.

Here are the 4 Most Wanted Products that is the Hot Topic for whole month of September,

Shaklee ESP Special Promotion

Have your checked out the Shaklee ESP combo packages that are one Special Offer now?

  1. Healthy Pre Natal
  2. Healthy Post Natal
  3. Ultimate Pure Burning Jucie & Detox King
  4. Beauty & The Skin

These Shaklee ESP combo packages are on special offer for the whole month of September.  And Shaklee ESP has a BUY 7 at 6 promotion. Pssttt~ for any purchase of Healthy PreNatal and Healthy Post Natal sets (You’ll get a special gift of Shaklee Vitalea 120 tabs Worth B$35).

Do you want to spice up your tastebuds? Want an upgrade from the Classic Vanilla taste to something funky? Here are some of the receiptes to try Shaklee ESP with:-

Shaklee_106 Shaklee_101 Shaklee_089 Shaklee_077 Shaklee_046 Shaklee_038 wpid-shaklee-effect-poster-13.jpg.jpeg

Are you craving for more receipies? Stay tuned for the next up-coming post. Juice details for sure will leave your tastebuds tinggling with excitement. Watch out for the next post.

Much Love:

Sarah@21st Century Sarah


Spectacular September Promotions

Hey hey hey folks! Have you heard? The latest promotions? What a spectacular way to welcome the month of September with these smashing offers:-
1. Shaklee ESP


2. Shaklee YES Program Sets (Pre-Natal & Post-Natal)


3. Bio Velcocity Alfalfa Concentrate


4. Premium Beautiful Corset (Full-Set)



This special promotion brought to you by 21st Century Sarah is for those who purchase of Long Bra, Waist Nipper and Long Girdle (Full Set). Contact +673 725 1442 (WhatsApp only) for more details.


4. Beauty Phenomenon (Trial Pack)

(1) SET A:
* Marine Essense Beauty Bar : 1 Bar
* Bio Seleza Panty Liner : 1 Pack (30 pads)
* Min Kaffe 1 box (20sachets)
* BB Plus Collagen x 5
* Cozuma CC Cream : 1 Tube (50g)
* Alfalfa Concentrate



(2) SET B:
* Shaklee ESP : 1 Can
* CC Cream : 1 Tube (50g)
* Marine Essense Beauty Bar : 1 Bar
* Alfalfa Concentrate : 1 bottle

(3) SET C : Slim@Detox
* Min Kaffe x 2 boxes
* Garlic Tablets x 2
* Alfalfa Concentrate : 1 bottle


Contact us at +673 725 1442 for more information.

The Alphabets in Creams: The Differance of BB, CC and DD Creams

Hey Hey Hey Folks! Here is a beauty tip that I would like to share with you today. Are you a fan of Beauty Products? What is the first thing you add to your shopping cart when you shop for your daily beauty regime? Here’s a list (most common based from experience);-

Make-up Bag

1. Facial Wash

2. Facial Scrub

3. Facial Toner

4. Mositurizer Cream (or in Gel Form)

On the other hand, we have the Beauty Cosmetic Products:-

Lets start from the basic shall we?

5) Basic; Moisturizer / Primer, Concelar and Foudation

6) Contour and Shading

7) Eye-liner and Eye Shadow

9) Blusher

10) Lippies : Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Matte Lip Creams (lols)

Lippies Ice Cream

Are some of the items above in your list toos? hihi. Phew! It’s fun being a Lady. At the same time ‘expensive’. haha. Lols. Here I wanna share with you the latest beauty product added into my basket of pretties.

Cozuma CC Cream

Yes dearies, don’t be fooled by the size. It’s the content that counts. But before we dive into the good bits, let’s take stroll down the land of The Alphabets in Creams. The most common questions that we all ask ourselves. What’s the differance?

What’s the Differance between BB, CC and DD Creams 

Here is a cheat-Sheet for with the juicy info for your referece:-

BB Creams:-

Definition: Beauty Balm

Texture: Creamy & Moisturizing

Features: 1) Daily Sun Protection 2)  Extra Hydration 3) Coverage 4) Moisturizer

CC Creams:

Definition: Color Correcting

Texture: Light Weight and Fast Absorbing

Features: 1) Protective Coverage 2) Super Sode of anti-oxidents

DD Cream:-

Definition: Daily Defence

Feature: Provides protection, has SPF, Protects and Moisturizers.

Now how Different is Cozuma CC Cream apart from the rest?

Top 10 Benefits of Cozuma CC Cream

The Top 10 Benefits of Cozuma CC Creams

Let’s have a look on what the world has to say about Cozuma CC Creams:-

Conzuma CC Cream Testimonial.01


What great news! To spread the love and cheer of the TOP MUST HAVE for 2015. Cozuma CC Cream is now on promotion:

BUY 4 at 3 (1 FREE) promotion valid till August 2015

CC Cream Promotion
CC Cream Promotion

What are you waiting for? Come and order today. Ppppsttt! For those who order the full pack promotion will be entitled for a FREE gift. While stocks lasts. Hurry and WhatsApp up today at +673 7251442.

July 2015 Latest Promotion

Weeeiii. My my, almost half of the year as gone so quickly. Now we have reached the month of July. Now what’s the best way to kick-start your July? Feast your eyes on some yummy eye candy posters. :p

Made with Square InstaPic
BB Plus Collagen: BUY 5 at 4
Made with Square InstaPic
Min Kaffe: BUY 12 at 11
Made with Square InstaPic
BUY 6 at 5 

This is an awesome way to celebrate Raya. We are now accepting orders for the product above. To know more on the product, WhatsApp us +673 7251442 for more information.

Much Love,

Sarah@21st Century Sarah