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Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)

True beauty lies from within. We all know that beauty starts with a good night’s sleep. No wonder Sleeping Beauty earned her title. Today, it seems impossible to get a good solid 8 hours of sleep. With many external and internal factors. Let’s take a look in our daily lives? Wake up early for breakfast, doing school run, meetings, reports, deadlines, projects, timelines, lunch, prayers, school run, cook lunch, school run, back to work, prayers, school run, prayers, dinner, laundry, prayers, home chores, prayers, prepare school uniform for the children, prepare work clothes, doing office work at home at wee hours of the night. And then lights out. Or might catch up on the some late night telly with a cuppa of hot chocolate before lights nights. wpid-biovelocitysleepmate-tilamkuat1.jpg Do how does this special mattress fit into the picture? This is not any ordinary mattress. We have heard the mattress that specializes for spinal care, to assist to relief with back-pain etc. Now this is not any ordinary mattress. A one of a kind. You will get to know more about this mattress in just a little while. Before we get to the good parts, I would like to share with you on a business trip that me and my fellow members from our Brunei Dream Team Program took last Sunday, 14th June 2015 that was held in Mega Hotel, Miri Sarawak. We were invited to attend to this business talk on BV Raya and shared on product knowledge session on Bio Velocity Products and off course the main star of the show was ‘Bio-Velocity SleepMate’.


Registration begins


With CDM Kelvin, the first time meeting CDMs from other countries. Before the session starts.


Let’s have a selfie before the session starts. My husband and I. Thank you dear husband for accompanying on this trip.

wpid-20150614_135930.jpg T

he Crown scope: The latest technology to measure an individual’s aura.


The brainwaves (frequency) that our brains are giving out before we sleep and after we are in deep sleep.

20150614_155331 Live Demo on how BVSM works in action.


The case study of how BVSM helps improve one’s aura after using BVSM only for 30 minutes


A testimonial of one person who suffered from stroke and was paralyzed whole body and was on bed rest for almost 1 year. Only after using BVSM for 1 hour he was able to walk. And now is able to fully walk without support


 Other line of products that has Bio-Velocity injected into them.


 Case study that was explained by the Professor from Russia who is an expert in Physics.


The many benefits of Bio Velocity


My huby doing the live demo during the train the trainer program

IMG-20150614-WA0001 IMG-20150614-WA0002 IMG-20150614-WA0003 IMG-20150614-WA0004


The Brunei Golden Dream Program trip together to Mega Miri Sarawak


A member from Brunei Golden Dream Program, Hjh Hammah sharing her experience with Hai-O Brunei Branch.

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate

In conclusion what is Bio Velocity Sleep Mate, BVSM is one of a kind mattress that is able acts as a vessel to capture the energy and acts as a catalyst to transfer energy from the vessel to the owner. Think of it your very own personal travel rechargeable mattress that can boost your energy cells. What are the benefits of BVSM you may ask? Here it is folks:-

1. Decrease levels of radiation that we are exposed on a daily basis.

2. Boost energy levels by transferring energy from mattress to our cells in our body.

3. Helps to delay signs of aging

4. Promotes blood circulation

5. Promotes better sleep

6. Helps to decrease stress

7. Promotes healthy cells

Fancy a try? For the whole month of June. BVSM is on special promotion. Orders are accepted through  WhatsApp at +673 7251442 or through our blog.

Much Love:

Sarah@21st Century Momma


BB Plus Collagen


Here is the latest addition to our little bundles of must have for Raya 2015 this year. Meet BB Plus Collagen.

What is Collagen?

Collagen accounts for 70% of the dermal layer of our skin. Collagen is the basic building block of skin, bones and cartilage and other connective tissues in our body. Collagen is needed to regenerate  new skin cells and to maintain the skin’s suppleness. And collagen also functions to assist cartilage of the joints by acting as a cushion to reduce the burden on the structural system, especially the joints, hips and knees.


What is aging?

External factors and internal factors can damage protein fibers, fibroblasts and vitamins needed to stimulate collagen productions. These factors contribute to the effects of aging.


What are the signs of Aging?

1. Skin texture is Rough

2. Skin appears benign tumors

3. Skin becomes slack (loss of skin elasticity)

4. Skin becomes more transparent caused by the thinning of the epidermis (surface of the skin).

5.Skin becomes more fragile

6. Skin becomes easily bruised due to the thinning of blood vessel walls.

Why BB Plus Collagen?


BB Plus Collagen is made from primary high quality fish collagen that is known as Type 2 Collagen. The type 2 collagen said to have a structure of an amino acid chain perfectly compatible for human consumption. The kind of amino acid that is used to product BB Plus Collagen is called Proline and Glycine are the main 2 (two) main collagen that has sufficient amino acid that are responsible for the formation of collagen, maintaining skin’s health hand cartilage. The latest technology is used to produce peptides from fish collagen for better absorption.

How does BB Plus Work? 

BB Plus Collagen has TRIPPLE mode of actions:-

1. Repair: Promotes micro cleansing, replenish collagen peptides to damage or weak collagen network.

2. Rebuild: Strengtens and protects collagen network through antioxidents

3. Renew: Promotes production of new collegen cells

How to consume BB Plus Collagen?

1 (One) sachet (5g) per day for first 90 days for youthful and flawless looking skin. After 90 days, then one sachet every 2 days.

How does BB Plus enhance skin performance?

Apple fibre and insulin (dietary fibre) promotes skin clarity through detoxification.

How does BB Plus help in reducing discomfort of joints?

Fish Collagen peptide is also a good source of Type 2 Collagen of which is being found to be predominant component of Hyalin cartilage able to help suppress inflammation caused by rheumatism and osteoarthritis.

What are the benefits of BB Plus Collagen: 

BB Plus Collagen provides highly bioavailable collagen peptides to replenish and re-build collagen networks, providing skin with appropriate elasticity, moisturization, strength and suppleness. Better taste comes with blended, high quality 100% blackcurrent and rosellle juice extract with fish collagen without the fishy aftertaste.

BB Plus Collagen, Effects of Aging

What are the main ingredients of BB Plus Collagen:

Hydrolized Marine Collagen, Grape Seed Extract, Blackcurrent Juice Powder

What are the beauty effects of BB Plus Collagen: 

1. Radiant & Brighter complextion

2. Improves skin firmness and elasicity

3. Promotes smoothness and suppleness

4. Improves moisture content of skin

5. Reduce visiablity of fines line and wrinkles

6. Promotes healing & repair

7. Reduces effect from sun damage.

BB Plus Collagen Process Flow

Now aint that a beaut? Looking for that dash for natural glow for raya? Come and try BB Plus Collagen today. We are having a special promotion till end of June 2015. For the first 10 customers will be entitled to a FREE gift.

BB Plus BUY 3 Promo

HURRY while stocks last. For PO / Bookings / Pick-Up you can WhatsApp us at +673 7251442 ❤

Much Love

21st Century Sarah

Team 21st Century Sarah


Today we had another business session and Product Knowledge sharing on BB Plus Collagen.

Alhamdulilah, after advertising some of my posters to share and show opportunities to youth of Brunei on the possibilities of earning passive income via online or using social media platforms. I have received overwhelming responses on how to make the first step or using this as a stepping stone towards stepping outside your comfortzone.


Many have asked me. (And I get this one a lot) Why do I want to join an MLM company as part of my business plan?

Why MLM?
Since I was in highschool, my bestfriend’s parents (since the 4th grade) parents were always active, travelling, conducting meetings, going for convections. Only when I was in the 7th grade did I learned that their vacations were all-expences-all-paid vacations. Then I got to learned that they joined an most reputational MLM company in Brunei. For severals years I have seen them travel and setting up meetings. Back then I had little knowledge on this kind of business. But the thrill of being able to travel the world and meet new people was something somewhat exciting to me.

After getting married, they were few people who offered me the same offer in this very same MLM company that my best friend parents joined. But after hearing many bad experiences from people around me. My first impression of MLM business or any MLM company is always negative. Whenever some people approach me with a MLM Business Plan, I would hear them out but my heart was always closed. I remember a saying, “The mind needs to make discovers of its own”.

Then in 2010, alhamdulilah my heart was opened to a possibility of business opportunity with MLM. This time around, the approach was different. It was the approach of sharing. A close friend of mine was testing a product and she was able to obtain benefit from the product that she consumed. And soon became a local reseller for that specific brand. Later in a few months time did I realise that the company was a MLM based company. After that my whole prespective of business flipped to a 360 degress change. Then only I learned why people joined MLM:-

1. Products
When people love the products, they will share positive feedback, comments or even their real-life experiences on their journey with the products. And they will become loyal customers because they believe in the brand.

2. System
The first thing when joining any MLM company, you will be asking ‘What’s is it in for me?’ You will need to first look at the system and how much on the following:-

A. Bonus Points
B. Points to acheive to move up the rank (promotions)
C. Travel Incentives
D. Car Incentives
E. Downline members and Team Network

When you are comfortable with the system. Then you will look at other prespectives such as:-

3. History and Founder
A. Who is the owner of the MLM company
B. Mission & Vission

4. Business Plan
A. Having your very own mission / vision board.
B. Business rank target (which rank do you wish to acheive and when)
C. Product target (products you wish to acheive)
D. Daily target
E. Weekly Target
F.Monthly Target

5. Mentorship
Choose your Team, look for a team that has the same values and commitments as you. When you focus on the same target and same mission. You will be on the same wave-length.

With any decisions that we make, remember:-

D : Doa (plenty of Doas)

U: Usaha (Action plan)

I: Istiqamah (commitment)

T: Tawakal (submission)

Thats all for now folks!

Sleep tight,

Much Love

21st Century Sarah


Shaklee June Promotion 2015

Shaklee June Promo 2015

Hey Hey Hey Folks! Assalamualaikum wbr, We have now reached the month of June. In just about 18 more days, we will be meeting Ramadhan. May Allah give us a chance to complete our Ramadhan this year. Amee Ameen Ya Rabb.

And what better way to kick-start June and Welcome Ramadhan? We are offering a special promotion on these babies:-


Package A:

1. ESP 850g ( 1 Canister)

2. Shaklee Sustain Release Vitamin C

3. Shaklee Vitamin E Complex plus Grape Seed

Package B:

BBPlus Promotion Poster

2 Boxes of BB Plus Collagen and get special offer on the third box. ** Pssttt~ we do have a special price for those who purchase 3 boxes and above.