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December 2015 Promotion

Its been a while since our latest updates. We have already reached the end of the year and only a few more days till we meet 2016. Have you ticked or crossed some of the items on your Target List for 2015?

For 21st Century Sarah there are a lot of things that we wanted to tie the knot especially for some lose ends. But that’s another story for a different time to tell yes? 😀

Let’s see what’s the latest promotional that we have to offer:-


The ever loved Min Kaffe for all coffee lovers.



The most popular Bio-Velocity Alfalfa Concentrate for that Ultimate Detox.

Is losing weight and finding the ultimate detox package? Then this is for you. Meet the Ultimate Economy Detox Set


Purchase the sets above for only B$80.00 and get a bundle of FREE Gift. Yes! You heard that right folks. Its a Bundle not a single item.

Hurry and WhatsApp at +673 7251442 for this special offer with a Bundle of FREE gift **(While Stocks lasts)**

Much Love:
21st Century Sarah


Spectacular September Promotions

Hey hey hey folks! Have you heard? The latest promotions? What a spectacular way to welcome the month of September with these smashing offers:-
1. Shaklee ESP


2. Shaklee YES Program Sets (Pre-Natal & Post-Natal)


3. Bio Velcocity Alfalfa Concentrate


4. Premium Beautiful Corset (Full-Set)



This special promotion brought to you by 21st Century Sarah is for those who purchase of Long Bra, Waist Nipper and Long Girdle (Full Set). Contact +673 725 1442 (WhatsApp only) for more details.


4. Beauty Phenomenon (Trial Pack)

(1) SET A:
* Marine Essense Beauty Bar : 1 Bar
* Bio Seleza Panty Liner : 1 Pack (30 pads)
* Min Kaffe 1 box (20sachets)
* BB Plus Collagen x 5
* Cozuma CC Cream : 1 Tube (50g)
* Alfalfa Concentrate



(2) SET B:
* Shaklee ESP : 1 Can
* CC Cream : 1 Tube (50g)
* Marine Essense Beauty Bar : 1 Bar
* Alfalfa Concentrate : 1 bottle

(3) SET C : Slim@Detox
* Min Kaffe x 2 boxes
* Garlic Tablets x 2
* Alfalfa Concentrate : 1 bottle


Contact us at +673 725 1442 for more information.

8 More Days till Promotion Ends

After Ramadhan, our stomach has gone through the period of being able to stand without food and water. To practise ourselfes and our Nafsu. Now Hari Raya is here, the amount of ‘Open House’ invitations we have now…alhamdulilah is very generous. True right? In one day we may have about 3 to 8 open houses invitations. hihi. Whole of Ramadhan we were able to lose the weight and throughout Hari Raya, we managed to gain the weight back. hihi.

And the July Promotion that we offer now has a combination of Slimming + Detox = Weight Managment. hihi. What great way to loosen that funky junk in the trunk with the promotion of natural passing and movement. hihi. Here is a re-cap of promotions that will end soon at the end of this month (31st July 2015):-

Min Kaffe Coffee
Min Kaffe Coffee

What I love about this robust Mineral Coffee is you are able to lose weight and kempiskan that perut! Yerr betul ne. I no joke joke. To be honest, I am not a fan of coffee that is kaw-kaw like the 3-in-1 packets. But this coffee is slightly different unlike the other coffees that I have consumed before. As mentioned in my previos other posts, I have shared that my previous weight was between 69kg to 68kg. And now I have managed to be 62.75kg. All from consuming: 1) Min Kaffe 2) Alfalfa Concentrate 3) Garlic and 4) BB Plus Collagen. Now the promotion of BUY 12 at 11 is valid till end of August 2015.

Alfalfa Concentrate
Alfalfa Concentrate

Alfalfa Concentrate has the technology of Bio-Velocity embedded into the liquid to help increase natural energy levels, re-new cells and tissues in the body. Think of it has a burst of charging batteries that have been replaced into your body. What I love about this product, when you combined Alfalfa Concentrate + Bio Seleza Panty Liner, you will truely feel the differance.

BB Plus Collagen
BB Plus Collagen

This is one of my TOP favourite product on my list as of 2015. My gosh, I love the taste, the texture and I LOVE the effects on how my skin feel and look. hihi. As I mentioned in my other posts, My boss (who is Japanese) inquired why oh why, does my skin looks so healthy and glowy? Ceewahh..when it comes to men, its hard for them to notice minute changes. But for some reason, he was able to identify the changes. And this was a little as less than 1 (one) week after consumption of BB Plus Collagen. After consuming of 3 sachets, you will be able to feel the differance and see the differance your self. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this special offer of BUY 5 at 4 till end of August 2015.

Shaklee Vivix Shaklee Vivix

Shaklee Vivix is for those who are looking for a one-stop solution for beauty, youthfullness and healthy (especially recommneded for those who are smokers, stress, cancer or low immune system).

Shaklee B ComplexShaklee Vitamin B Complex with Folic Acid

Shaklee Vitamin B- Complex (with Folic Acid) is for those who are:

1) Live a stressful lifestyle

2) Insomnia

3) For Beautiful Skin

4) Prenatal Vitamins

5) PostNatal Vitamins

6) Confinement Health Supplements

7) Breastfeeding Supplements

For orders, you can WhatsApp today at +673 7251442 for more information / collection / deliveries and orders. Don’t miss out on this special offer.

Much Love:

Sarah@21st Century Sarah

Top Ways to Lose Weight The Healthy Way


Hey Hey Hey Folks! If you read just my previous blog post with title: Let the Gout Go Out With A Bang you will read about my most recent discovery this year that I had high levels of uric acids (Gout) with symptoms of:-

1. Pins and needles sensations in both of my legs that start from the above the knees till my feet.

2. Joint pains

3.Fatigue etc

Doctors advise me to lose weight at least 5kg to 6kg in the next 6 months (before my next schedule appointment)

And here I would like to share my journey to recovery:-

Since two years ago, I had trouble of irregular menstrual cycle that would come only after 4 (four) to 6 (six) months. After losing a bit of weight and consuming food health supplements I have gotten my period without the need of taking prescribed medication (that forces your body to bleed every month). I was concern that I had symptoms of PCOS. Here I like to share what I Consumed:-

First 3 (three) months:-

1. Shaklee DTX Complex

2. Shaklee Lecithin

3. Shaklee Omega Guard

4. Shaklee Vitamin B-Com

5. Shaklee Vitamin C

6. Shaklee Vitalea

7. Shaklee Vitamin E Complex

Another 2 months:-

8. Min Kaffe Robust Mineral Coffee

9. Garlic Tablets

And here is the results folks! Drummmmmmmm-Rollllllllllssssssss Please ❤

Results after 5 months of consistent with Weight Management Set
Results after 5 months of consistent with Weight Management Set

My initial weight was 68kg to 69kg. Alhamdulilah with small yet consistent steps I am able to go down to 62.75kg within 5 months. Will upload a before and after picture for your soon. 😀 Stay Tuned folks.

Want to have your very own customized schedule for consuming our Ultimate Pure Burning Juice Set? Feel free to buzz us on WhatsApp at +673 7251442 today or fill in our Contact Us Form: Online Consultation – Contact Us

Have a good evening lovelies.

Much Love:- Sarah@21st Century Sarah

July 2015 Latest Promotion

Weeeiii. My my, almost half of the year as gone so quickly. Now we have reached the month of July. Now what’s the best way to kick-start your July? Feast your eyes on some yummy eye candy posters. :p

Made with Square InstaPic
BB Plus Collagen: BUY 5 at 4
Made with Square InstaPic
Min Kaffe: BUY 12 at 11
Made with Square InstaPic
BUY 6 at 5 

This is an awesome way to celebrate Raya. We are now accepting orders for the product above. To know more on the product, WhatsApp us +673 7251442 for more information.

Much Love,

Sarah@21st Century Sarah

The Father of All Foods – Mr Alfalfa

It has become a trend now to consume Cholorophyll has a health beverage. Now’s take a look at the roots the Whos, Whats, Where and Whys on Cholorophyll?

Green Cholorophyll

What is cholorophyll?

Cholorophyll is the green coloured susbstance that is obtained from fruits and leaft green vegetables. Compare to other sources of Cholorophyll, Alfalfa contains the high levels of proteins and amino acids among other Vitamins and Minerals such as Entire Specturm of Vitamin A, B, D, E, K, Iron, Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Potassium. Alfalfa is also known as Father of All Foods or King of All Food (Raja segala makanan).


What  are the benefits of consuming Alfalfa? And why should we consume Alfalfa?

1. Acts as a natural detox agent.

2. Helps relief from Ezcema and Skin Rashes.

3. Ability to remove germs and destroys new formation of germs

4. Promotes Healthy Digestive System

5. Increases quality and quantity of red blood cells, this is because a chemical composistion that is present in the Alfalfa is similiar to Hemoglobin.

6. Acts as an antioxident agent: Powerful antioxident agent that can lower risks of developing certain types of cancer according to the ‘Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine’

7. Protects & Strenghens Immune System for toxins and waste.

8. Alfalfa is also known for increasing breastmilk production for nursing mothers.

9. Can be used into a paste to soothe insect bites

10. Can be used to beauty treatments eg: Facial masks, bathing in Alfalfa. This kind of Alfalfa is manufactured in Liquid of Powedered form. For those who have Alfalfa Tablets, can smash the tablets into powder form and can create a beauty mask.

11. Purifies the blood has Alfalfa has an Alkaline effect on the body.

12. Promotes bowel movements

13. Eases general digestive system

14. Lowers Bad Cholestrol

15. Regulates Blood Sugar.

Uses of Cholorophyll

How is Alfalfa used? 

1300BC : About 6000 years ago, the Persians and early Turkish writtings mentioning on Alfalfa.

Chinese Medicine : To Stimulate appetite and relief from Ulcers.

India: Ayuvedic Medicaition contains Alfalfa to relief water rentention, arthritics and ulcers.

Colonial Americans: Used to fight Scurvy, menstural difficulities (Irregular Periods) and Urination problems.

Native Americans: Uses Alfafa seed to ticken paste and nutritional additions.

19th Century: Herbal Physicans used Alfalfa as an Ingredient for general tonics.

Now, where can you find Quality Alfalfa? Here are some of my favourite Signatured Alfalfa:-


Shaklee Alfalfa, the signature series by Dr Forrest C. Shaklee is available in both Small Size (330 tabs) and Large Size (700 tabs) and is in Tablet Form.

Alfalfa Concentrate Bio Velocity Alfalfa Concentrate

Alfalfa concentrate is in liquid form that is suitable for those who do not like to consume tablets or capsules. What is special of this particular Alfalfa? Alfalfa Concentrate is manufactured and distributed by Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing and this product is also one of the series from the Bio-Velocity Series. Bio Velocity is a technology that produces energy by channeling the energy into the line of products. And the users obtained the benefits of this energy from Consuming the product or using the product on the a daily basis.

To know more on Bio-Velocity, you can visit our recent post : Bio-Velocity Sleep Mate

Stay tuned for the next post for more juicy details, beauty tips and more funky tricks.

Have a wonderful Thursday Folks!

Much Love: Sarah@21st Century Sarah