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Beware Of The Shaklee Effect : What Asia is saying about The Shaklee Energy Soy Protein

Shaklee ESP

Have your heard of the latest beauty, health and wellness product that is selling like hot cakes in Brunei? Shaklee was first introduced to an unofficial representative in the year 2010. And the request and demand for Shaklee ESP is still selling like hot-cakes as it did back in the year 2010. Wait, What? Really? Almost reached a 6 year mark for Shaklee ESP in Brunei. And we have the REAL-LIFE Testimonials:-

SMLH_Testimonial.01SMLH Testimonial


Shaklee Energized Soy Protein (ESP) is known for it’s high content of natural Non-GMO, calcium and essential vitamins and minerals. And promotes overall natural health and wellness. Shaklee ESP only contains 9g of Sugar (less than a tea-spoon) and is made from Yummy Natural Vanilla that will leave you craving for more. An ideal breakfast for those who are always on the Go.


Many have shared their testimonials after consuming Shaklee ESP such as:-


  1. Radient Skin
  2. Glowing skin
  3. Helps repair scars
  4. Lightens scars


  1. Increases quality of milk production
  2. Increases quantity of milk production
  3. Increases mother’s energy levels
  4. Promotes mothers to stock-up on milk production


  1. Helps to increase levels of energy through-out the day


And the Shaklee ESP Effect has spreaded leaving more women and men craving the feelings of pure joy in every cuppa, addition to the feeling of the long-lasting energy and the shopaholic effects just like when a SALE goes on Designer Brands and Labels. Many are going Cra-Cra over this Shaklee ESP Phenomenon. 

Don’t believe me? These images I am about to show you is the real-deal on the SHAKLEE ESP PHENOMENON:-

Shaklee Effect Poster 01 Shaklee Effect Poster 02 Shaklee Effect Poster 03 Shaklee Effect Poster 05 Shaklee Effect Poster 06 Shaklee Effect Poster 07 Shaklee Effect Poster 08 Shaklee Effect Poster 09 Shaklee Effect Poster 10 Shaklee Effect Poster 11 Shaklee Effect Poster 12 Shaklee Effect Poster 13

Do you want to be apart of this ripple effect? Then don’t miss out on this Shaklee ESP Promotion for the whole month of September 2015. Contact us at +673 725 1442 (WhatsApp only).

Stay tuned for more juicey details folks.

Spectacular September Promotions

Hey hey hey folks! Have you heard? The latest promotions? What a spectacular way to welcome the month of September with these smashing offers:-
1. Shaklee ESP


2. Shaklee YES Program Sets (Pre-Natal & Post-Natal)


3. Bio Velcocity Alfalfa Concentrate


4. Premium Beautiful Corset (Full-Set)



This special promotion brought to you by 21st Century Sarah is for those who purchase of Long Bra, Waist Nipper and Long Girdle (Full Set). Contact +673 725 1442 (WhatsApp only) for more details.


4. Beauty Phenomenon (Trial Pack)

(1) SET A:
* Marine Essense Beauty Bar : 1 Bar
* Bio Seleza Panty Liner : 1 Pack (30 pads)
* Min Kaffe 1 box (20sachets)
* BB Plus Collagen x 5
* Cozuma CC Cream : 1 Tube (50g)
* Alfalfa Concentrate



(2) SET B:
* Shaklee ESP : 1 Can
* CC Cream : 1 Tube (50g)
* Marine Essense Beauty Bar : 1 Bar
* Alfalfa Concentrate : 1 bottle

(3) SET C : Slim@Detox
* Min Kaffe x 2 boxes
* Garlic Tablets x 2
* Alfalfa Concentrate : 1 bottle


Contact us at +673 725 1442 for more information.

The Alphabets in Creams: The Differance of BB, CC and DD Creams

Hey Hey Hey Folks! Here is a beauty tip that I would like to share with you today. Are you a fan of Beauty Products? What is the first thing you add to your shopping cart when you shop for your daily beauty regime? Here’s a list (most common based from experience);-

Make-up Bag

1. Facial Wash

2. Facial Scrub

3. Facial Toner

4. Mositurizer Cream (or in Gel Form)

On the other hand, we have the Beauty Cosmetic Products:-

Lets start from the basic shall we?

5) Basic; Moisturizer / Primer, Concelar and Foudation

6) Contour and Shading

7) Eye-liner and Eye Shadow

9) Blusher

10) Lippies : Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Matte Lip Creams (lols)

Lippies Ice Cream

Are some of the items above in your list toos? hihi. Phew! It’s fun being a Lady. At the same time ‘expensive’. haha. Lols. Here I wanna share with you the latest beauty product added into my basket of pretties.

Cozuma CC Cream

Yes dearies, don’t be fooled by the size. It’s the content that counts. But before we dive into the good bits, let’s take stroll down the land of The Alphabets in Creams. The most common questions that we all ask ourselves. What’s the differance?

What’s the Differance between BB, CC and DD Creams 

Here is a cheat-Sheet for with the juicy info for your referece:-

BB Creams:-

Definition: Beauty Balm

Texture: Creamy & Moisturizing

Features: 1) Daily Sun Protection 2)  Extra Hydration 3) Coverage 4) Moisturizer

CC Creams:

Definition: Color Correcting

Texture: Light Weight and Fast Absorbing

Features: 1) Protective Coverage 2) Super Sode of anti-oxidents

DD Cream:-

Definition: Daily Defence

Feature: Provides protection, has SPF, Protects and Moisturizers.

Now how Different is Cozuma CC Cream apart from the rest?

Top 10 Benefits of Cozuma CC Cream

The Top 10 Benefits of Cozuma CC Creams

Let’s have a look on what the world has to say about Cozuma CC Creams:-

Conzuma CC Cream Testimonial.01


What great news! To spread the love and cheer of the TOP MUST HAVE for 2015. Cozuma CC Cream is now on promotion:

BUY 4 at 3 (1 FREE) promotion valid till August 2015

CC Cream Promotion
CC Cream Promotion

What are you waiting for? Come and order today. Ppppsttt! For those who order the full pack promotion will be entitled for a FREE gift. While stocks lasts. Hurry and WhatsApp up today at +673 7251442.

8 More Days till Promotion Ends

After Ramadhan, our stomach has gone through the period of being able to stand without food and water. To practise ourselfes and our Nafsu. Now Hari Raya is here, the amount of ‘Open House’ invitations we have now…alhamdulilah is very generous. True right? In one day we may have about 3 to 8 open houses invitations. hihi. Whole of Ramadhan we were able to lose the weight and throughout Hari Raya, we managed to gain the weight back. hihi.

And the July Promotion that we offer now has a combination of Slimming + Detox = Weight Managment. hihi. What great way to loosen that funky junk in the trunk with the promotion of natural passing and movement. hihi. Here is a re-cap of promotions that will end soon at the end of this month (31st July 2015):-

Min Kaffe Coffee
Min Kaffe Coffee

What I love about this robust Mineral Coffee is you are able to lose weight and kempiskan that perut! Yerr betul ne. I no joke joke. To be honest, I am not a fan of coffee that is kaw-kaw like the 3-in-1 packets. But this coffee is slightly different unlike the other coffees that I have consumed before. As mentioned in my previos other posts, I have shared that my previous weight was between 69kg to 68kg. And now I have managed to be 62.75kg. All from consuming: 1) Min Kaffe 2) Alfalfa Concentrate 3) Garlic and 4) BB Plus Collagen. Now the promotion of BUY 12 at 11 is valid till end of August 2015.

Alfalfa Concentrate
Alfalfa Concentrate

Alfalfa Concentrate has the technology of Bio-Velocity embedded into the liquid to help increase natural energy levels, re-new cells and tissues in the body. Think of it has a burst of charging batteries that have been replaced into your body. What I love about this product, when you combined Alfalfa Concentrate + Bio Seleza Panty Liner, you will truely feel the differance.

BB Plus Collagen
BB Plus Collagen

This is one of my TOP favourite product on my list as of 2015. My gosh, I love the taste, the texture and I LOVE the effects on how my skin feel and look. hihi. As I mentioned in my other posts, My boss (who is Japanese) inquired why oh why, does my skin looks so healthy and glowy? Ceewahh..when it comes to men, its hard for them to notice minute changes. But for some reason, he was able to identify the changes. And this was a little as less than 1 (one) week after consumption of BB Plus Collagen. After consuming of 3 sachets, you will be able to feel the differance and see the differance your self. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this special offer of BUY 5 at 4 till end of August 2015.

Shaklee Vivix Shaklee Vivix

Shaklee Vivix is for those who are looking for a one-stop solution for beauty, youthfullness and healthy (especially recommneded for those who are smokers, stress, cancer or low immune system).

Shaklee B ComplexShaklee Vitamin B Complex with Folic Acid

Shaklee Vitamin B- Complex (with Folic Acid) is for those who are:

1) Live a stressful lifestyle

2) Insomnia

3) For Beautiful Skin

4) Prenatal Vitamins

5) PostNatal Vitamins

6) Confinement Health Supplements

7) Breastfeeding Supplements

For orders, you can WhatsApp today at +673 7251442 for more information / collection / deliveries and orders. Don’t miss out on this special offer.

Much Love:

Sarah@21st Century Sarah

6 Reasons Why You Should Get This Top-Selling Corset In Asia


Corsets have been around since the dawn of beauty. Corsets are known for it’s beauty effect of shaping waistlines and maintaining that hour-glass figure. Today, there is a one-of-a-kind corset that is unique as it is designed to cater to your very own shape and size. Pluussssss….in every stitching embedded into the fabric and material contains a technology that is known today as F.I.R. And the material used to create this Corset is the same material that is used by NASA Astronauts to ensure its quality.

Here are the good bits to why you should owe this top-selling corset in Asia:-

🌟1. Long-Life Warranty: A One-Time Purchase with a long-life warranty. For any minor fixes can be sent to HQ for fixing or ammendments.

🌟2. Patented Technology: Every stitch and every fabric is ISO friendly and the FIR technology is patented to ensure the product’s quality is always the same.

🌟3. Locks fats into place to give you the illusion of an hour-glass figure.

🌟4. This corset contributes to 70% health and 30% beauty.

🌟5. Helps prevent cancerous cells to grow and develop.

🌟6. Helps to stimulate and regulate blood flow.

Now you can look gorgeous and at the same time give your body that extra health treatment.

For FREE consultation, WhatsApp us at +673 7251442 today.

Psssttt… This corset is available for deliveries World Wide. WhatsApp or Email us today.

July 2015 Latest Promotion

Weeeiii. My my, almost half of the year as gone so quickly. Now we have reached the month of July. Now what’s the best way to kick-start your July? Feast your eyes on some yummy eye candy posters. :p

Made with Square InstaPic
BB Plus Collagen: BUY 5 at 4
Made with Square InstaPic
Min Kaffe: BUY 12 at 11
Made with Square InstaPic
BUY 6 at 5 

This is an awesome way to celebrate Raya. We are now accepting orders for the product above. To know more on the product, WhatsApp us +673 7251442 for more information.

Much Love,

Sarah@21st Century Sarah

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)

True beauty lies from within. We all know that beauty starts with a good night’s sleep. No wonder Sleeping Beauty earned her title. Today, it seems impossible to get a good solid 8 hours of sleep. With many external and internal factors. Let’s take a look in our daily lives? Wake up early for breakfast, doing school run, meetings, reports, deadlines, projects, timelines, lunch, prayers, school run, cook lunch, school run, back to work, prayers, school run, prayers, dinner, laundry, prayers, home chores, prayers, prepare school uniform for the children, prepare work clothes, doing office work at home at wee hours of the night. And then lights out. Or might catch up on the some late night telly with a cuppa of hot chocolate before lights nights. wpid-biovelocitysleepmate-tilamkuat1.jpg Do how does this special mattress fit into the picture? This is not any ordinary mattress. We have heard the mattress that specializes for spinal care, to assist to relief with back-pain etc. Now this is not any ordinary mattress. A one of a kind. You will get to know more about this mattress in just a little while. Before we get to the good parts, I would like to share with you on a business trip that me and my fellow members from our Brunei Dream Team Program took last Sunday, 14th June 2015 that was held in Mega Hotel, Miri Sarawak. We were invited to attend to this business talk on BV Raya and shared on product knowledge session on Bio Velocity Products and off course the main star of the show was ‘Bio-Velocity SleepMate’.


Registration begins


With CDM Kelvin, the first time meeting CDMs from other countries. Before the session starts.


Let’s have a selfie before the session starts. My husband and I. Thank you dear husband for accompanying on this trip.

wpid-20150614_135930.jpg T

he Crown scope: The latest technology to measure an individual’s aura.


The brainwaves (frequency) that our brains are giving out before we sleep and after we are in deep sleep.

20150614_155331 Live Demo on how BVSM works in action.


The case study of how BVSM helps improve one’s aura after using BVSM only for 30 minutes


A testimonial of one person who suffered from stroke and was paralyzed whole body and was on bed rest for almost 1 year. Only after using BVSM for 1 hour he was able to walk. And now is able to fully walk without support


 Other line of products that has Bio-Velocity injected into them.


 Case study that was explained by the Professor from Russia who is an expert in Physics.


The many benefits of Bio Velocity


My huby doing the live demo during the train the trainer program

IMG-20150614-WA0001 IMG-20150614-WA0002 IMG-20150614-WA0003 IMG-20150614-WA0004


The Brunei Golden Dream Program trip together to Mega Miri Sarawak


A member from Brunei Golden Dream Program, Hjh Hammah sharing her experience with Hai-O Brunei Branch.

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate

In conclusion what is Bio Velocity Sleep Mate, BVSM is one of a kind mattress that is able acts as a vessel to capture the energy and acts as a catalyst to transfer energy from the vessel to the owner. Think of it your very own personal travel rechargeable mattress that can boost your energy cells. What are the benefits of BVSM you may ask? Here it is folks:-

1. Decrease levels of radiation that we are exposed on a daily basis.

2. Boost energy levels by transferring energy from mattress to our cells in our body.

3. Helps to delay signs of aging

4. Promotes blood circulation

5. Promotes better sleep

6. Helps to decrease stress

7. Promotes healthy cells

Fancy a try? For the whole month of June. BVSM is on special promotion. Orders are accepted through  WhatsApp at +673 7251442 or through our blog.

Much Love:

Sarah@21st Century Momma

10 signs of How Your Body Is Trying To Communicate With You


Do you have the above symptopms:-
1. Easily Fatigue
2. Craving for sugar
3. Headaches or Migrains
4. Bloating
5. Difficulty concentrating
6. Imsomnia
7. Lack of energy
8. Acne / breakout around chin, cheecks and eyebrow areas
9. Dark circles around corner of mouths
10. Dari circles under eyes

These are signs that your body needs a good detox.


Here is another way to tell on how your body is trying to communicate to you. Ever wondered why doctors always ask you to stick your tongue out?


And have your heard of face mapping?

What’s your solution to a overall natural detox?






Stay tuned for more tips and tricks

Much love:
Sarah Amanina
21st Century Momma

Shaklee GLA VS Evening Primerose Oil (EPO)


As you all know that the whole month of April is the promotion for Shaklee GLA. And many have asked what makes Shaklee GLA so special when compared to other over-the-counter products? Come let’s talk a look-see.

Shaklee GLA Complex

Shaklee GLA is made from Borage that contains twice as much GLA than EPO. How much specifically you may ask?

  • Three (3) times as much Bioavailbility
  • Three (3) times as more effective than EPO


3. Evening Primerose Oil (EPO) : 7% to 10%

2. Blackcurrent: 15% – 20%

1. Borage Seed: 17% – 25%

Why Shaklee GLA?

1. Shaklee extracts only the finest GLA from Borage that is grown organically in Saskatchwan.

2. Each capsules contains 300mg GLA which is a good source of Omega-6 and combines with Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E to increase effectivemess and stability.

3. The freshness & effectiveness of GLA is patent protected (IPO)

4. This bioavailablity has been clinically proven to be easily absorbed by the cells in the body.

What are the key benefits to consuming Shaklee GLA? 

Stay tuned to the next post entry folks! Here is a sneak peak on what will be instore for the next post.


Stay tuned for more info folks!

Much Love,


21st Century Momma