Hey folks! You got some Questions? We got the answers to the FAQs:-

1. Are your products ready stock or in-stock?

Some of our products are in-stock but if not, they are available for Pre-Order (PO).

2. How long will Pre-Order (PO) items arrive?

Pre-Order items will take a minimum of 3 (three) to 7 (seven) days and maximum of 30 (thirty) days depending on the items requested.

3. What is the price for Premium Beautiful Corset?

Premium Beautiful Corset is the Number One Selling corset in Asia. This one of a kind corset is unique as it is designed to cater to your very own shape and size.

All sizes have different pricing. For pricing services, you can WhatsApp our direct hotline at +673 7251442 or +673 8660989 for FREE consultation and measurements consultations.

Premium Beautiful Corset has 3 unique pieces:-

  1. Long Bra \ Short Bra
  2. Waist Nipper
  3. Long Girdle

premium beautiful corset Long_girdle_Premium_beautiful_Naakamaruddin

Waist_Nipper_corset_Premium_Beautiful_Naakamaruddin premium-beautiful

For a more hour-glass figure, you can purchase the full set (Long Bra, Waist Nipper and Long Girdle). And you can purchase the items separately too.

4. Is there any exchange T&C for Premium Beautiful Corset or other products that is available on 21st Century Sarah blog?

For those who purchase Premium Beautiful Corset one of our T&C is there is no exchange. During consultation we will assist you with the fittings to ensure that you get the right measurements that will fit you like a glove.

5. Do you do Delivery?

For local deliveries (within all 4 districts in Brunei Darussalam) we do have deliveries via the following:-

5.1: Meeting Point (MP) located at Giant RImba

5.2: Postal Deliveries via PosLaju for domestic (local) deliveries for Asia Region

5.3: For International Deliveries: We have alternative shipping methods via FedEx, DHL or PosLaju (Please WhatsApp us at +673 7251442 for assistance and consultation).

5.4: Deliveries Services Straight will be charged based on location.

** For orders above B$100, we provide FREE deliveries via Pos Laju (Express Mailed Services)

6. Which areas that I Need to Measure to get sizing for Premium Beautiful Corset (PBC)? 


7. Can I just provide my T-Shirt Size and Bra Size to get the Measurements for the Premium Beautiful Corset? 

In reference to question: 3: Premium Beautiful Corset is a unique Three (3) piece corset that is designed to cater to your very own shape and size. Each individual is unique and has their very own shape and size:

premium beautiful waney zainuddin 3

Some women are like the image above, where they might have small upper bodies but fuller or larger lower bodies and some might be vice versa. Thus, we require the measurements in CM or Inches to have an estimated quote based on your estimated size. And to make sure that it fits you like a second skin 😀

To ensure the right fit for you, Contact our Hotline at +673 7251442 / +673 8660989 (WhatsApp) for FREE consultation and appointments (for fitting).

8. Can I wear my Premium Beautiful Corset during Sports? 

Yes, For light and mild sports activity, you may use your PBC for support.

9. What happens if my Premium Beautiful Corset is damaged? 

Upon purchase of Premium Beautiful Corset, for any small or Minor damages, you can send to the nearest HQ to get your PBC fixed (FREE-OF-CHARGE). Yes, you heard it right folks!

Upon purchase of any Premium Beautiful Corset, you will be entitled to a Long-Life Warranty (Subject to Terms & Conditions) 

10. How about the Payment Method? 

Here at 21st Century Sarah, we have 2 payment options.

10.1 We accept manual installment payments (Monthly Re-payments)

10.2 We also accept cash payment (in FULL)

For more information please contact our hotline at +673 7251442 or +673 8660989 for further details.

11. How do I wash my Premium Beautiful Corset? 

11.1 For the PBC no washing machine is required. Only soak your PBC in a bucket of warm water and adding few drops of the Premium Beautiful Washing Liquid.

11.2 Lightly rinse the Corset

11.3 Dry at room tempreture (DO NOT dry under direct sunlight)

12) I do not have a measuring tape. How can I still know my measurements?
* We have a consultation & fitting service. Book an appointment with us today for further consultation.

13) Why is Premium Beautiful Corset very expensive?
* Yikes! Why is PBC quite pricey? Unlike any other corsets that is available on the market. Premium Beautiful Corset (PBC) is made from:-

  • Quality fabric (The same fabric that is used by NASA Astronauts.
  • Eembedded F.I.R Technology into the material and patented globally.
  • Premium Beautiful Corset has gained other certifications such as ISO.
  • Contributes to 70% Health and 30% for beauty

PBC certifications obtained Premium-beautiful-chiropractic-association-certified


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