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Osaka Japan Presentation

It was just a few weeks ago when I first saw the poster that was forwarded by our group via WhatsApp. And my heart jumped for joy when I finally see the poster that was posted up on the board in the HQ.

Osaka Japan Trip

Osaka Japan Fight Trip

In my previous post, I shared on our business trip to Miri. The previous session was conducted by CDM (Crown Diamond Manager) Kelvin who has been with Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing since 1994 (almost 21 years) he shared on the features and benefits of Bio-Velocity Technology. 

And CDM Hisham also came to Brunei and shared on the importance of managing and maintenance of documentation in your business (no matter if you are operating online or offline) such as: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement and daily Expences. He also shared the many milestones that Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd has obtained since their establishment from Forbes Awards to Accredited Certifications for their products, you can visit their website for more certifications and awards: Hai-O Main website. What I love about Sahajidah Hai-O is that of course their are based on honesty (we receive our bonus entitlement and is always credited to our account every middle of the month), the foundation of their business is based on locals for locals and that even though the MLM company is from Chinese Generation but most of their members are also from Local Malays. From CDM Hisham presentation, we have learned alot from the roots, history, acheivement and also their contributions to making the economy better. Did you know that MLM Industry has contributed Specificly to Malaysia’s economy?

Why MLM?

If you are wondering why I chose MLM Industry as part of my Work At Home Mum (WAHM) program under 21st Century Dream Team (for bloggers) then you gotta read this.

After the introduction and a breakie session, the next session was an eye-opener on product knowledge that evolved on:

1. Bio-Velocity Sleep Mate

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate

2. Bio Seleza Feminie Pads


3. Alfalfa Concentrate with Bio-Velocity

Bio Velocity Alfalfa Concentrate

4. The number one formula in beauty products by Korea: Cozuma CC Cream 

The live demo of before and after of Cozuma CC Cream.

CC Cream Demo 06  CC Cream Demo 05

CC Cream Demo 03  CC Cream Demo 04

  CC Cream Demo 05

Below is the image of the Before and After (zoomed)

CC Cream Demo 02

Notice the differance? The right side is the Before. And the left side is the After.

CC Cream Demo 01

The After (complete application on both left and right side) of Cozuma CC Cream

Cozuma CC Cream

This session was very fun as we had a live demo on Cozuma CC Cream. We had demos on Bio Seleza Femine Pads and also testing Bio-Velocity toos. Here are some photos during the session:-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This session was such an eye-opener. Hoping to attend to the next seminar soon. Want to be apart of this journey? Join us via online registration and hear from us shortly. Osaka Japan: Here We Come.

Osaka Japan Here We Come Group Photo


Behind The Scene – What The Curtains Reveal

Blogging 101 with 21st Century Sarah
Blogging 101 with 21st Century Sarah

Hello Folks! Just recently I received a notification from WordPress.com that on 3rd July 2015 marked my 3rd Year Anniversary to the blogging world. My, my how time flies so quick. It felt only like yesterday when I first started to blog. You may have questions like why did I choose my medium of Blogging? In my post recent posts, I have shared that I used to love writing in my journals and diaries. I kept every scrap of paper, tickets, photos and even love letters. haha. Those were the days. As years gone by, I noticed that as my Journals aged with me so did my writings. My form of writing has changed more and more. During Primary and High School, my writings focused on my current surroundings  such as home, school and going through the emotional roller-coaster of Teen-Life. And during the first few years of marriage (yes, I still kept a journal back then) and my form of writings has grown and evolved as my perspective of life changed too.

Why Blogging instead of keeping a journal? Since establishing my online business in 2012, I wanted to make a virtual presence, whereby my customers can find the products and services that I offer at the tips of their fingertips. Since the evolution of the Internet, when someone is looking for a product, services or even product reviews or testimonials, the first thing a customer would do is check online. My vision was to connect with my customers online and at the same time making my blog as a one-stop information for breastfeeding, beauty, energy, health and wellness. And hoping to inspire more youth to venture into blogging-entrepreneurship. Looking forward to target about 50,000 visitors to my blog by the end of this year and to establish a youth-network who has the passion for writings and blogging.



Team 21st Century Sarah


Today we had another business session and Product Knowledge sharing on BB Plus Collagen.

Alhamdulilah, after advertising some of my posters to share and show opportunities to youth of Brunei on the possibilities of earning passive income via online or using social media platforms. I have received overwhelming responses on how to make the first step or using this as a stepping stone towards stepping outside your comfortzone.


Many have asked me. (And I get this one a lot) Why do I want to join an MLM company as part of my business plan?

Why MLM?
Since I was in highschool, my bestfriend’s parents (since the 4th grade) parents were always active, travelling, conducting meetings, going for convections. Only when I was in the 7th grade did I learned that their vacations were all-expences-all-paid vacations. Then I got to learned that they joined an most reputational MLM company in Brunei. For severals years I have seen them travel and setting up meetings. Back then I had little knowledge on this kind of business. But the thrill of being able to travel the world and meet new people was something somewhat exciting to me.

After getting married, they were few people who offered me the same offer in this very same MLM company that my best friend parents joined. But after hearing many bad experiences from people around me. My first impression of MLM business or any MLM company is always negative. Whenever some people approach me with a MLM Business Plan, I would hear them out but my heart was always closed. I remember a saying, “The mind needs to make discovers of its own”.

Then in 2010, alhamdulilah my heart was opened to a possibility of business opportunity with MLM. This time around, the approach was different. It was the approach of sharing. A close friend of mine was testing a product and she was able to obtain benefit from the product that she consumed. And soon became a local reseller for that specific brand. Later in a few months time did I realise that the company was a MLM based company. After that my whole prespective of business flipped to a 360 degress change. Then only I learned why people joined MLM:-

1. Products
When people love the products, they will share positive feedback, comments or even their real-life experiences on their journey with the products. And they will become loyal customers because they believe in the brand.

2. System
The first thing when joining any MLM company, you will be asking ‘What’s is it in for me?’ You will need to first look at the system and how much on the following:-

A. Bonus Points
B. Points to acheive to move up the rank (promotions)
C. Travel Incentives
D. Car Incentives
E. Downline members and Team Network

When you are comfortable with the system. Then you will look at other prespectives such as:-

3. History and Founder
A. Who is the owner of the MLM company
B. Mission & Vission

4. Business Plan
A. Having your very own mission / vision board.
B. Business rank target (which rank do you wish to acheive and when)
C. Product target (products you wish to acheive)
D. Daily target
E. Weekly Target
F.Monthly Target

5. Mentorship
Choose your Team, look for a team that has the same values and commitments as you. When you focus on the same target and same mission. You will be on the same wave-length.

With any decisions that we make, remember:-

D : Doa (plenty of Doas)

U: Usaha (Action plan)

I: Istiqamah (commitment)

T: Tawakal (submission)

Thats all for now folks!

Sleep tight,

Much Love

21st Century Sarah


Youth, Blogging and Entrepreneurship

21st Century Sarah

Its been a while since I updated my blog with contents related to blogging. And just recently I have many inquires by the youth in Brunei Darussalam on the benefits of this kind of business. Nowadays, many start-up companies you see in Brunei Darussalam are either Franchise, MLM or even building businesses from scratch be it large-scale or small-scale (eg: manufacturing, agriculture, entrepreneurship in a specific field, fashion merchandise, fashion and accessories etc). And often I get questions is why I choose to use blogging as a medium for interaction with my readers or followers.


In the past I enjoyed writing and reading. And have kept my collection of journals that I have since I was in the 6th grade. And writing has been apart of me as I use this technique to express my feelings and thoughts. And in the year 2012, I was given an opportunity to blog about Cyber Security and Internet etiquette and sharing this knowledge to the youths on the dangers on the internet and misusing the tools that were given to us as a privilege. Thus, the moment I decided to do a small side business to earn passive income, I ventured into conducting business online through Facebook.


That was in 2012, a few months later after opening an account with Facebook for business, I decided to open a blog for sharing my experiences on consuming Health supplementation for an alternative method to natural healing. And till this very day I am still blogging as a hobby and also part of my passion. Then the journey to venture into the ocean of entrepreneurship began after small sparks of curiosity slowly blossoming.

Blog word from colored three-dimensional letters.

Now that was a little bit on the blast of the past from me. Now back to the question. Why Blogging? Perhaps because I am a shy person and I feel that I am  more comfortable and I am able to communicate better to people through chatting or blogging.  Through this passion for blogging I have decided to use blogging as a way to communicate to those who wish to know more about my online business. Plus it is a great way of sharing individual experiences, real-life testimonials and getting to know more on latest IT trends and gadgets. And nowadays people are more IT-Savy and tend to research on product reviews, product description or even places or locations that sells the item / product or services that you desire.


Now I had a new-found hobby, the next question that popped into my mind was, How can I earn income from the joy of blogging. POP! Like a giant bubble lightbulb that popped in my mind. Why not I sell products that I loved (back then was motherhood accessories such as breastfeeding accessories and health supplements for health and wellness of mothers during pregnancy and during maternity). After much research, after trial and error of selling breastfeeding accessories, I have decided to sell products under MLM system. Now I know many are doubtful on MLM. The first thing in my mind when I people offer me MLM, the first impression I will get is ‘The Pressure To Recruit Downlines’ and the having to promote and sell items in order to obtain income. Am I right? You will get that feeling to right? We often judge something because we have no knowledge of something or we are afraid to step outside our comfort zone. Then why I still stayed with MLM? Here are some reasons:-


1. With the MLM system we are able to earn both: a) Cash Sales and b) Bonus entitlement according to points accumulated.** Each company has different System, it is looking for the system that is right for you. **

2. Not a Get-Rich-Program but a Make-More-Sales-Then-Get-Rich (the more time you invest the more higher your chances of increasing your sales and bonus entitlement.

3. FREE travel incentives once you hit a certain goal or target (ALL EXPENCES PAID including HOTEL ACCOMODATION & FLIGHT TICKETS)

4. Earn Cash Sales 

5. Bonus Entitlement EVERY MONTH.

6. FLEXIBLE Hours (Not your regular 9 to 5 job) You will have more FREE time but it is up to you on you will allocate your time.

7. A supporting team and one-to-one guidance with your Mentor.

8. Promotion of rank (in no time however it depends on your initiative to invest time and energy into the business)

9. No qualification required, No  minimum experience required, no skill scale required. ** You will be groomed in the Mentorship Boot camp to polish you with the skills required for your to achieve your target and goals.

10. You’ll be able to work from the comfort of your own home.

11. You’ll be your very own boss. You’ll be reporting to yourself on the targets and goals that you have set.

Does the above sound good?

Blogging for Youth.Dream Team 01

Dream Team Poster.01


1. You are paid based on Qualification scale, experience scale and skill scale.

2. If you are in sales or marketing department, the only you’ll be paid on commission based.

3. Your entitled for leave are based on your current rank in the company. (The Common leave entitlement is 14 days, including weekends of Saturday and Sunday).And your chance to travel might be within once or twice a year.

4. Your Bonus Entitlement will be once or twice a year depending on the performance of the company

5. Increment of salary is subjected to approval.

6. Working hours you’ll punch in by 8am to 5pm or 9am to 6pm.

7. Promotion (is seasonal and depends on your job evaluation)

8. Times when you’ll have to work overtime (after 8 hours) and on working during the weekends on Saturdays and Sundays.

9. Team work will depend on the quality communication within the team to ensure that the communication will always click and on the same wave length.

** This is my own personal opinion and is not against anyone / Company / Business**


How does the above sound to you. If you are the type of person who is :-

1. Adventurous

2. Open-minded

3. Willing to take the challenge

4. Willing to learn new things

5. Got heart of steel to be patient and compassionate

6 Passionate on making a difference

7. Dare to be different

Then this is opportunity is for you. You might be the next youth  / momma blogger.

WAHM with 21stCS

If you feel like this is the bees to your knees. Click on this link https://21stcenturysarah.wordpress.com/contact-us/

Looking forward to hearing from you

Much Love,

Sarah @ 21st Century Sarah