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Team 21st Century Sarah


Today we had another business session and Product Knowledge sharing on BB Plus Collagen.

Alhamdulilah, after advertising some of my posters to share and show opportunities to youth of Brunei on the possibilities of earning passive income via online or using social media platforms. I have received overwhelming responses on how to make the first step or using this as a stepping stone towards stepping outside your comfortzone.


Many have asked me. (And I get this one a lot) Why do I want to join an MLM company as part of my business plan?

Why MLM?
Since I was in highschool, my bestfriend’s parents (since the 4th grade) parents were always active, travelling, conducting meetings, going for convections. Only when I was in the 7th grade did I learned that their vacations were all-expences-all-paid vacations. Then I got to learned that they joined an most reputational MLM company in Brunei. For severals years I have seen them travel and setting up meetings. Back then I had little knowledge on this kind of business. But the thrill of being able to travel the world and meet new people was something somewhat exciting to me.

After getting married, they were few people who offered me the same offer in this very same MLM company that my best friend parents joined. But after hearing many bad experiences from people around me. My first impression of MLM business or any MLM company is always negative. Whenever some people approach me with a MLM Business Plan, I would hear them out but my heart was always closed. I remember a saying, “The mind needs to make discovers of its own”.

Then in 2010, alhamdulilah my heart was opened to a possibility of business opportunity with MLM. This time around, the approach was different. It was the approach of sharing. A close friend of mine was testing a product and she was able to obtain benefit from the product that she consumed. And soon became a local reseller for that specific brand. Later in a few months time did I realise that the company was a MLM based company. After that my whole prespective of business flipped to a 360 degress change. Then only I learned why people joined MLM:-

1. Products
When people love the products, they will share positive feedback, comments or even their real-life experiences on their journey with the products. And they will become loyal customers because they believe in the brand.

2. System
The first thing when joining any MLM company, you will be asking ‘What’s is it in for me?’ You will need to first look at the system and how much on the following:-

A. Bonus Points
B. Points to acheive to move up the rank (promotions)
C. Travel Incentives
D. Car Incentives
E. Downline members and Team Network

When you are comfortable with the system. Then you will look at other prespectives such as:-

3. History and Founder
A. Who is the owner of the MLM company
B. Mission & Vission

4. Business Plan
A. Having your very own mission / vision board.
B. Business rank target (which rank do you wish to acheive and when)
C. Product target (products you wish to acheive)
D. Daily target
E. Weekly Target
F.Monthly Target

5. Mentorship
Choose your Team, look for a team that has the same values and commitments as you. When you focus on the same target and same mission. You will be on the same wave-length.

With any decisions that we make, remember:-

D : Doa (plenty of Doas)

U: Usaha (Action plan)

I: Istiqamah (commitment)

T: Tawakal (submission)

Thats all for now folks!

Sleep tight,

Much Love

21st Century Sarah


M+L+M = Maths

Assalamualaikum wbr Folks! Hope y’all have a smashing weekend. Today I would like to share on my experience on earning passive income through online business. I may say that it may look small but it’s the journey and thoughts that counts.

FullSizeRender (27)

(Image is not mine, but is shared as an inspiration)

I was inspired by a circle of friends and acquaints that have decided to open business online either through creating their very own website or through social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). But I did not have the guts to take that jump. I was a very shy person and did not have an IT background. I had to learn on how to use the PC and the Internet all on my own and through experience that I have gained from working in the Industry after 3 to 4 years. Only in 2012, I decided to obtained my academic qualifications in Information Technology (with experience of working with a Local ICT consultation and also working with one of the Local Microsoft Partner in the Asian Region) and also obtaining ICT professional and accredited certifications. I always saw ‘entrepreneurship‘ as something risky and very tricky. And in my mind that the procedure to go through the start-up process was way too complicated for my brain cells to consume. Until recently this year I have learned a valuable lesson.

Cash Flow

Through my working career as a full-time working mother (8 years career) I have learned importance of customer service, Banking Facilities, telephone etiquette and negotiation skills, IT skills and business and Human Resource management. I may not have a higher education, but alhamdulilah I have learned the essentials tools and skills that I needed to carry myself to this very day. And then it clicked to me. The many fears of starting a business or pursuing a business idea stops us from moving forward because we do not know where to start. Where does the small step even begin? Most common questions that every start-up entrepreneur ask themselves:-

1. Where do I find Capital?

2. How do I create a Business Plan?

3. Where shall I find investors who shall invest into my idea?

4. What sells and What does not sell?

5. What happens if I fail?

6. How do I manage money?

Does these questions should familiar? That little voice in our head is so loud that is over shadows our confidence. And plants the seed of doubt into our head.

Clock-face with text. Isolated.
Clock-face with text. Isolated.









Some of us afraid to step outside of our comfort zone because we feel the new environment feels alienated to us. I for one think of the same way. Have you heard of the term:

Employee: Do the Right Thing!……Get More Work 

Entreprenuer: Do the Right Thing!……………… You EARN MORE.

As an employee. Time is gold, as you need to complete all task and try to avoid bringing work home. But as an entreprenuer, your time invested in your business bring more money. By now, you might be thinking what kind of business should I start? Do I start my business idea from scratch? Do I go with a Franchise? Or Affiliate? Or even MLM?


From my experience, I was looking for products that had the following:-

1. Products that could be trusted

2. Products that was honest

3. Products that had scientic studies and real-life testimonials

4. Low cost for modal and to re-stock items

If you read the four (4) factors above, you can tell that I wanted to go for a business that is similar to MLM or Franchise. And then in 2010 I met Shaklee, an company that offers MLM products. And just recently I have joined Hai-O for their external products such as: Premium Beautiful Corset, Bio Velocity Sleep Mat Mattrerss, Bio Seleza and Marine Essence Bar. 

When I first started I did not even understand the meaning of MLM. For me my definition of MLM was M+L+M = Maths. 😀 huhu. Why Maths? Back in the day, during my school years. I did not like Maths. When Maths class was about to start, I would always cringe at the very sound of maths. You may wonder why. Since grade one, I have never liked Maths. Maths made me nervous, confused and uncomfortable. The moment someone mentions about equations, fractions, algebra or even numbers. I would already tell myself that I am going to fail, that maths was never user-friendly with me. I take MLM as the same concept of Maths. When we tell ourselves that we can’t make it, automatically our brain-cels will move our body towards that direction. Apa yang kita fikirkan adalah doa. I was afraid of maths because I did not understand the concept. I was did not want to familiarize with the basic sets of tools and skills of learning maths. It is the same concept with MLM.

When someone offers your an opportunity of joining MLM, what is your first reaction? You would automatically reject, because your mindset is telling you that MLM is not for you. Why? Many people has joined MLM around the world. Perhaps we have heard bad experiences from family or friends? And afraid that we will get trapped into the same scenario. But what happens if we missed out on this one-in-a life time opportunity. Rezeki tak kan kemana, tapi kitani kena usaha? There is no harm in trying something new? And another reason why we reject MLM is because we cannot imagine on how MLM can fit your image. You may feel that you are shy and do not like to minggle or conduct public presentations. Or you dislike going for regular meet ups etc. With technology now advancing more than ever. Communication is made easy with just a touch of a button and you can communicate with anyone in the world with just a click of a button away. You can do business anywhere, anytime and meet anyone at your very own pace and time.

Now here are the benefits of MLM from my experinece:-

1. No minimum modal needed

2. Fast return of investment (depending on time invested to promote yourself and volumes of sales)

3. Mentorship plateform that is provided (such as product knowledge, product demo etc)

4. Profit Income (through Cash Sales, Bonus and Incentives Scheme). You’ll earn as much, perhaps twice or even tripple your annual income from your normal 8 to 5 job.

5. Freedom of time (you’ll be able to enjoy your time with family and friends, as you have flexible time.

I have experience selling online through blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp since 2012. And all I can say is this. I no longer see MLM as M+L+M = Maths. I see it now as:

M = Making  More Money

L = Living the Life that I always dreamed of

M = Measuring success by helping others to acheive their dreams


WAHM BAHM Thank you MaaM! I love the concept of being a Work At Home Mom



Let us know how you wish to acheive your WAHM dreams? We love to hear from you.

Much Love

Sarah, 21st Century Momma