What’s Up Ahead?


Wow! I never thought that I would be wirtting about something like this. But we all know that one day this would happen. For a few months, my newsfeed on social media has been flooded with news of the our Country’s Economic concerns. First it was the announcements of the dropping of Oil & Gas prices. Then the announcements of budget cuts internally and externally. Then just recently the brainstorming ideas on salary reduction. And perhaps the potential idea of ‘Down-sizing’ that will happen in all sectors (Public or Private Sectors). The Economic concerns is also felt by SMEs and Entrepreneurs. It is not a suprise when the announcements were made there was many negative feedbacks or even comments from the public on their concerns. The thing is, Financial Crises and economic concerns are happening all over the world. The effects that we are facing now is not rock bottom. There is still time for improvement, there is still room for change. It is a matter of how we are willing to Adapt and make a Change.  The more we focus our time on saying “this could have been…..or should have been….out to be…..” we are wasting our time on negative thoughts, when we could invest our time with more engaging and productive discussions. This is NOT time time to stand apart, but this is the time that we should Stand Together. SMEs and local entrepreneurs will also play a huge role, as their contributions will also have significant impact on their own domestic financials but also contribute to the Nation.


Among disucssions with collegues, friends and family members on what are the things that we can do to earn passive income (that is ACTIVE) or brainstorming sessions on ideas on how to start-up a business. And identifying the roadblocks or challanges that we are facing. The root cause of the roadblocks is START-UP CAPITAL (Modal).

Now share with us your ideas on ways and alternatives to getting START-UP CAPITAL?

Stay-tuned with us in our next post.

Till Then,



@21st Century Sarah



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