Month: April 2013

Not all about the price tag


Shaklee has been around for over 50 years in the health supplements industry. And has branches distributed among many known countries.

Now Shaklee is everywhere and is well known for it’s quality. And they offer variety of packages according to individual needs and allocated budget. And these products are available through different re-sellers from around the world.

Some wonder why is the consultation different from each re-seller when all the products are the same? Truth be told, each individual is unique. And so is the reaction to the products. Some may show results instantly while others may show delay in results and others may not not have results at all. And proper consultation is required for those consuming Shaklee products. Before purchasing any products the consumer needs to ensure that that product is what you need through a proper assesement. Because each re-seller needs sufficent and adequate product knowledge to guide the user / consumer and make the necessary follow-ups. Don’t be shy to ask your re-seller different (lots) hehe of questions. The re-seller is the front-liners to the knowledge bank of Shaklee Products. Ensure that you as a consumer / user gets proper consultation ❤ Because the re-seller needs to educate the user / consumer on the proper consumption schedule (do's and don'ts) A happy cilent is more rewarding to any re-seller. It's not about the price tag. But the happines of being to help one transform their lives and truely feel the Shaklee differance.


Milks comes from cows? And chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows?


We ever heard the funny statement? Fresh milk comes from cows and chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows. Huhu. What happens to strawberry milk? Hehe


Many mommies including myself had question buzzing around breastfeeding? Such as my baby is always hungry. Am I producing enough milk? Am pumping like mad everyday but still do not acheive my target of filling the second layer of the freezer. How do I know if my baby is getting enough milk? I had a c-sec can I produce enough milk? Should I replace breastfeeding with cow’s milk coz of my low milk supply? Fresh milk or formula milk? Is there a chance to increase my milk supply?

Be it breastfeeding for the first or second time. There are times when we may have sightest doubt in ourselves. That tiny little voice at the back of our head. Here are some tips.

*Mind Set

The mind is a powerful tool that Allah has granted us. The mind powers and instruct the body to behavior or act in a certain manner. Like there is a saying. There is no mind over matter. If you don’t mind it don’t matter. Drown-out that voice of doubts and replacing them with singing birds of joy singing:

“You can do it,
Take a step each day,
step by step,
Its part of nature,
And a part of me,
A part of who I am,
To naturally breastFed”

Your actions are reflected though your mind. Shift your mind 360 degrees to a more I-can-do attitude. Rest assure, thoughts are like prayers. Set your mind to always ask from Allah for the very best for you and your baby.

** Doa
As mentioned in my previous posts. Doas are the direct communication to Allah. Ask only from Allah with patience, gentle and kindness. Doa yang tiada putus-putus. Yakin lah rezeki datangnya dari Allah.

*** Pumping your new breast friend
The newborn babies are sleepyheads in the first few months. Pumping in between of direct feeding can help to change your breastmilk into the next gear from colostrom to breastmilk. And to increase milk supply by pumping every 2 hours. Once when you get back to work or University and where time is conjested with endless meetings and assignments. (We provide one to one guidance, do WhatsApp us for more information) secure a 15-min pumping schedule atleast once every 2 hours.

Many may have asked. I have consume Shaklee as guided. But my friend as the result very quickly then I. Why is that?

The best consultation for this is to share your concerns to your re-seller. Since your re-seller knows your history before (consultation and assesement was made before you purchase Shaklee) Follow-ups made can helped with the daily routines and a new assesement needed to be analysed and a new follow-up to be made.

Understanding that each individual is unique to the responses of Shaklee. The body needs atleast 90 days for the restoring, rebuild and repair the damaged cells and tissues in the body. Patience is the key.

****Keep in touch with you re-seller
The first line of consultation is your re-seller. Having a good open communication with your re-seller to help maintain customer-reseller relationship. You need mutual support for Shaklee. Your re-seller is the key. And also a good group of mommies circle helps to keep the breastfeeding spirit alive

The key is plenty and plenty of doas, mind set, power-pumping, shaklee guidance and consultation from reseller and mutual support.

I end here with a favourite quote I heard before “A breastfed baby will InsyAllah breastfed in the future”


As cows naturally produce milk too. Give your very best for your baby. The cow’s milk should be last priority.