Month: January 2015

Childhood in a Journal


I was doing a bit of spring cleaning. And stumbled upon my ‘Time-Capsule Box’. I stored all my childhood memories in one box that I have kept for almost more than 20 years now. Phew~ when you come to think about it. Its as old as time can be. The box contained old journals that I had since I was in the 5th or 6th Grade. Before the time of Emails and NIRC (online chatting) was popular. I miss those days of passing notes to classmates in school. haha. I remembered how people would ask their crushes by passing notes. The notes would either be passed by their friends or classmates. Then the era of collecting friends ‘Biodata’ and photos of classmates and friends.

Back in the day, reading and writing was part of my hobby. I enjoyed reading a good book during the weekends when others would go to Karate practise. Or stayed up long hours in the night just to write. Write about things that inspire me, things that scare me and things that I love in general. One thing that I have learned from my previous journals and diaries is this. In each and every journal, I have grown so much. Learned to get back on my feet after falling face flat on my face. Appreciating true friends among the foe, life-lessons on hardships, cherishing every loveable memory that I had (the one lucky incident where I won a ticket to see WestLife LIVE in Brunei. All was below 18 years that time and enter the contest by using my dad ID. The contest was via telephone, an online MCQ auto-machine and everyday I would call to answer the questions as many as possible) Till the winner was announced.

By the 5th or 6th grade, I gotten into more serious form of writing, when I shared a journal between my best friend. We shared tears, smiles and been through thick and thin. Until we reached high-school. I miss those days, I have to admit, writing in my journal felt more real and the contents felt more raw than emailing, blogging or chatting. Perhaps the feeling of achievement each and every time when reaching the final page of my journal. And we would purchase a new journal. We would alternate days or weeks to write in the journal. The sense of belonging, all through the love of writing in journals.

What’s your most favourite childhood moments?


For the year 2015, I now have 7 books (4 to manage my online business, 2 for work and 1 for travel plans). I still kinda feel old school, despite having techy-gadgets.

Share with us how you keep your tasks organized.



Magic In A Bottle


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Avarakadavra Impetigo



Acne is very common. Chicken pox? Been there and done that? Angry blisters filled with liquid and pus? Now that I was not prepared for… Just a few weeks ago I woke up with a dark spot that had a stinging feeling on the left side of my face. And within a few days, ‘The Spot’ grew and grew accompanied by liquid and pus. Then it started to spread to other areas on my face forming blisters with liquid and pus. Did I get the shock of my life when my face was stinging. It felt like my whole face was on fire.

Doctors told me that I had mild skin infection called ‘Impetigo’ a form of bacterial growth on the primary skin (my face). Doctors prescribed me some oral form of antibiotics and antibiotic cream to be applied on my skin twice a day. To be honest, I did not consume the Antibiotics, coz I know that every time I consumed antibiotics, I would get sick even quicker. Antibiotics would kill and eliminate both bad cells and also good cells in the body. Since I knew what kind of infection I had consulted a Shaklee Team Member, Kak Cda and tried the following as an alternative to medication:-

Shaklee Alfalfa :- Acts as a natural yet gentle form of detox


Shaklee Garlic:- As a natural form of Antibiotics and to cleanse the blood

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Shaklee Vitamin C:- To increase Immune System and increase natural production of collagen in the body.


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Alhamdulillah, the doctors told me it would take 6-8 weeks for my skin (scab,scars and dryness) would recovery. In just 10 days my skin has recovered and the scars are healing quickly (faster than I expected) The outcome? Come and take a look.


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3rd A Charmer Contest on Instagram


Alhamdulilah, we have reached our 1000 followers mark on our Instagram. Awesome way to celebrate with our second Instagram giveaway called ‘3RD a charmer’. Three (3) lucky winners will be picked and announced Friday evening.

This contest is opened to locals residing in Brunei. All you need to do is:

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Where did all the board games gone?


One day in 2010 during my eldest daughter appointment at the Children’s Clinic, my eldest daughter was referred to the Child Development Centre due to her ability of only speaking less than 10 words. The moment when I heard from the Nurse, that she would like to refer my daughter to the see a speech therapist. And assessments would be needed to what was the cause of my daughter’s delay in speech.

Alhamdulilah, I am very grateful for the efforts and measures that have been taken by the Child Development Centre in Brunei Darussalam (Kiarong). Listening assessments, two-way communication assessments and doctors consultation and referrals to Unit Pendidikan Khas (UPK) under Ministry of Education. I am very happy and grateful that His Majesty’s Brunei Government services that is offered at Child Development Centre is free of charge. And I was able to understand and identify the symptoms of what my daughter has. Just to share a little bit with y’all, on my husband side, there is a family history of Autism, delay in speech and learning difficulties. And at the back of my mine, it might be hereditary (Genetic Condition) but doctors assured me that it was not because of blood line, but perhaps lack of communication and socializing with children her age (when I am away, my daughter is with her grandmamma and grandpapa) and teaching materials including children books and children TV shows (guilty has charged). Can you see the missing link?


Lacking of two-communication, which is needed to help stimulate skills for communications. Thus, the telly should not be used as a baby-sitting tool to substitute to actual learning. I myself is guilty of this at times. Yes we are tired from work, yes we are exhausted from driving long hours, yes we are busy with home-chores, laundry, folding and ironing clothes, yes we are brain-drained from non-stop meetings, yes we are tired of chasing our kids at the dinner table for that spoonful of veggies, we are so energy-drained from daily duties that we escape ourselves in the busyness of our handheld technologies that we have become zombies to our Iphones, Ipads, Tablets and replying emails after working hours.

Mobile zombies

I  remember back in the day before the era of technologies, I enjoyed reading my book at night with a flashlight, I enjoyed playing Monopoly and Scrabble board games, I enjoyed writing in my journal till wee hours of the night. I  missed the times of playing tag and jump ropes with friends and family. Where have all the good times have gone? Now the  interaction with games are just a ‘swipe’ or ‘tap’ away. But hey, we can’t blame the technology for contributing to making our lives much easier and simpler. Now how can we help  our children?

Alhamdulilah I am grateful and highly appreciate the efforts that the Child Development Centre has conducted a session on parent education & awareness program for parents on 7th & 10th January 2015. The content is really useful and helpful by identifying the strength, weakness and areas of improvements by communicating and observing our child’s behaviour. Program features role playing, ideas on how to approach our child with tips and tricks.I am looking forward to hearing more in next session. Now I can apply some of the tips given to both of my girls. Both of my girls aged 8, Kaka (big sister) Noor Raqiqaah has delay in speech and learning difficulties and Bibi (Small Sister) aged 4  has delay in speech with Negative attention  seeking behaviour (we had to discontinue her classes at Pre-school due to her tantrums)

to be shared in next post entry



Much Love

21st Century Momma

4 Hot Items that you should get in 2015


What’s in your list of things to get for 2015? Let me share with you some of the items that I wish to get in the yeat 2015:

1. Open an online boutique
2. Established a home-office
3. Register business by end of this year
4. Go to Indonesia to survey items
5. Getting healthy and get back in shape.

When creating our to-do-list, we often neglect or prioritize less on our health. I too at times are guilty to that. Our health is our wealth. Are you always on the go? Living life on the fast-lane? Then here is the thing for you.


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New chapter 2015


Alhamdulilah…Allahuakbar…Alhamdulilah. We have come to see and open another new chapter in 2015. May Allah blessed us and grant us barakah in what we do. And what grant us health to continue to contribute more good deeds. Ameen ameen ya rabb.


Salaam Maulidur Rasul to all brothers and sister.

Salaams Mubarak,
21st Century Momma