Month: November 2015

Sprinkle The Hijab Dust By Our Werda Fairies

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Assalamualaikum wbr Folks.

Hope you had a smashing weekend. 21st Century Sarah along with fellow Werdarians from Werda Brunei Official (You can check us out on Instagram) is filling our schedules for up-coming end of year events. First and foremost would like to apologize for the delayed in promised photos of the First Soft-launching for Werda in Brunei at The Brunei Vendeur Festival in last October. Without further adue, here are the sneak peak photos in our Gallery:-

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I know some may wonder why I did not showcase more Pixxies. hihi. For the full coverage of the event that we held, you can check out more pixxies on our Instagram account. InsyAllah we will try to keep our Instagram as updated as possilble. *Yes too keep you dreaming on the eye candy colors* hihi.

Alhamdulilah, for our First Softlaunching for Werda in Brunei was overwhelming. We had many positive feedbacks on the material, the packaging and also the concept of Werda Designs of being Solat Ready, Wudhu Friendly and also Nursing Friendly. *You can check-out our IG for more testimonials* Too not spoil you too much. hihi, stay tune to our latest up-coming blogpost for more delicious info. You might never know, we might be seeing you soon too 😀 Till we meet again Fellow Werdarians.

Much Love:

21st Century Sarah

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