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M+L+M = Maths

Assalamualaikum wbr Folks! Hope y’all have a smashing weekend. Today I would like to share on my experience on earning passive income through online business. I may say that it may look small but it’s the journey and thoughts that counts.

FullSizeRender (27)

(Image is not mine, but is shared as an inspiration)

I was inspired by a circle of friends and acquaints that have decided to open business online either through creating their very own website or through social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). But I did not have the guts to take that jump. I was a very shy person and did not have an IT background. I had to learn on how to use the PC and the Internet all on my own and through experience that I have gained from working in the Industry after 3 to 4 years. Only in 2012, I decided to obtained my academic qualifications in Information Technology (with experience of working with a Local ICT consultation and also working with one of the Local Microsoft Partner in the Asian Region) and also obtaining ICT professional and accredited certifications. I always saw ‘entrepreneurship‘ as something risky and very tricky. And in my mind that the procedure to go through the start-up process was way too complicated for my brain cells to consume. Until recently this year I have learned a valuable lesson.

Cash Flow

Through my working career as a full-time working mother (8 years career) I have learned importance of customer service, Banking Facilities, telephone etiquette and negotiation skills, IT skills and business and Human Resource management. I may not have a higher education, but alhamdulilah I have learned the essentials tools and skills that I needed to carry myself to this very day. And then it clicked to me. The many fears of starting a business or pursuing a business idea stops us from moving forward because we do not know where to start. Where does the small step even begin? Most common questions that every start-up entrepreneur ask themselves:-

1. Where do I find Capital?

2. How do I create a Business Plan?

3. Where shall I find investors who shall invest into my idea?

4. What sells and What does not sell?

5. What happens if I fail?

6. How do I manage money?

Does these questions should familiar? That little voice in our head is so loud that is over shadows our confidence. And plants the seed of doubt into our head.

Clock-face with text. Isolated.
Clock-face with text. Isolated.









Some of us afraid to step outside of our comfort zone because we feel the new environment feels alienated to us. I for one think of the same way. Have you heard of the term:

Employee: Do the Right Thing!……Get More Work 

Entreprenuer: Do the Right Thing!……………… You EARN MORE.

As an employee. Time is gold, as you need to complete all task and try to avoid bringing work home. But as an entreprenuer, your time invested in your business bring more money. By now, you might be thinking what kind of business should I start? Do I start my business idea from scratch? Do I go with a Franchise? Or Affiliate? Or even MLM?


From my experience, I was looking for products that had the following:-

1. Products that could be trusted

2. Products that was honest

3. Products that had scientic studies and real-life testimonials

4. Low cost for modal and to re-stock items

If you read the four (4) factors above, you can tell that I wanted to go for a business that is similar to MLM or Franchise. And then in 2010 I met Shaklee, an company that offers MLM products. And just recently I have joined Hai-O for their external products such as: Premium Beautiful Corset, Bio Velocity Sleep Mat Mattrerss, Bio Seleza and Marine Essence Bar. 

When I first started I did not even understand the meaning of MLM. For me my definition of MLM was M+L+M = Maths. 😀 huhu. Why Maths? Back in the day, during my school years. I did not like Maths. When Maths class was about to start, I would always cringe at the very sound of maths. You may wonder why. Since grade one, I have never liked Maths. Maths made me nervous, confused and uncomfortable. The moment someone mentions about equations, fractions, algebra or even numbers. I would already tell myself that I am going to fail, that maths was never user-friendly with me. I take MLM as the same concept of Maths. When we tell ourselves that we can’t make it, automatically our brain-cels will move our body towards that direction. Apa yang kita fikirkan adalah doa. I was afraid of maths because I did not understand the concept. I was did not want to familiarize with the basic sets of tools and skills of learning maths. It is the same concept with MLM.

When someone offers your an opportunity of joining MLM, what is your first reaction? You would automatically reject, because your mindset is telling you that MLM is not for you. Why? Many people has joined MLM around the world. Perhaps we have heard bad experiences from family or friends? And afraid that we will get trapped into the same scenario. But what happens if we missed out on this one-in-a life time opportunity. Rezeki tak kan kemana, tapi kitani kena usaha? There is no harm in trying something new? And another reason why we reject MLM is because we cannot imagine on how MLM can fit your image. You may feel that you are shy and do not like to minggle or conduct public presentations. Or you dislike going for regular meet ups etc. With technology now advancing more than ever. Communication is made easy with just a touch of a button and you can communicate with anyone in the world with just a click of a button away. You can do business anywhere, anytime and meet anyone at your very own pace and time.

Now here are the benefits of MLM from my experinece:-

1. No minimum modal needed

2. Fast return of investment (depending on time invested to promote yourself and volumes of sales)

3. Mentorship plateform that is provided (such as product knowledge, product demo etc)

4. Profit Income (through Cash Sales, Bonus and Incentives Scheme). You’ll earn as much, perhaps twice or even tripple your annual income from your normal 8 to 5 job.

5. Freedom of time (you’ll be able to enjoy your time with family and friends, as you have flexible time.

I have experience selling online through blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp since 2012. And all I can say is this. I no longer see MLM as M+L+M = Maths. I see it now as:

M = Making  More Money

L = Living the Life that I always dreamed of

M = Measuring success by helping others to acheive their dreams


WAHM BAHM Thank you MaaM! I love the concept of being a Work At Home Mom



Let us know how you wish to acheive your WAHM dreams? We love to hear from you.

Much Love

Sarah, 21st Century Momma


Work From Home, Create Your Life

This is for every mommy who wish to achieve the WAHM status. What are your thoughts on WAHM? Nothing is impossible if you have passion, patience, persistence and plenty of Prayers.


Many of you have seen my posts recently talking about working from home. I have been at this for a little under a year now and am having the best experience. I really never expected it to take off the way that it has and I am thrilled! I thought that I would create an event to discuss what this Direct Selling thing is all about and to share my experiences thus far. And, you are invited!

FullSizeRender (28)

Here are the details:

What: a Facebook event designed to share my experience, talk about what direct selling is all about, answer any questions you might have, explain why I believe this is an amazing opportunity for almost anyone, and how you can do this too.

When: Thursday night, 7:45pm (central)

Where: From your home, on-line, whereever you have internet, Facebook

Who: It is open to the public so it is for anyone…

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The Dream To Walk With Confidence – Part 2

Have you ever wondered how sanitary napkins or sanitary pads were made? Here is a short clip on how the sanitary pads or napkins are manufactured:-

There are a lot of Sanitary Napkins or Pads that are available in the market. It makes me wonder on how the materials that are used in these pads are safe to be worn and if there are any side effects after wearing them for a certain number of hours per day. It has been said that to change your pads at least every four (4) hours per day. Hence, you’ll need to change your pads 3-4 times or more per day. Phew! Sounds like a lot of work, especially those kinds of pads that soaking through, riding up your pants and hurts your bum! huhu. Speaking through experience, there are times where I needed to change brands every now and then coz I would have different reaction to them. At days, itchiness, soreness, redness, more frequent or re-occurrence of vaginal discharge (yeast infection).


There are many factors and causes of different issues of Feminine care ‘Miss V’ (a popular term here in Asia to describe womanhood) but what are we doing to help protect our treasures. Check out this demo:-

This video is not owned by me and is credited to Sha Khalid on

The demo is quite interesting. You can wipe water of any surface now. haha.

Bio Seleza Pad in paper 02

Pad Feminin BioSeleza Selesaikan Masalah Uzu !3

Now a little background on Bioseleza Sanitary pads:-

Bioseleza Intro

Bioseleza test


5 ujian serapan bioseleza

My very own testimonial after almost one (1) month of using Bioseleza:-

1. Comfort (no more wiggly piggy)

2. Dryness that is more visible

3. Lightness: material that is light and comfortable to use, its light as a feather and you don’t even notice that you are wearing a liner at all. Awesome stuff.

Now I will want to try the Sanitary pad for both day and night. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.


Sarah Amanina, 21st Century Momma

The Dream To Walk with Confidence – Part 01

What makes every women come true? A room filled with killer heels and just-to-die for wedges. A shelf filled with eye candy handbags. A rack of beautiful hijabs (headscarves) and latest designers clothes. How about bookshelves with fresh binders that leaves the room smelling of new pages from a book? Does this sound like your dream room?

Dream room

Yummy! This is the ultimate dream room for every women / girl.

Now, we all know that women love to shop ranging from Cosmetics a.k.a Makeup, accessories and of course beauty products. What are your favourite products that you must have every month and needs to go into your Shopping Cart?

image description
image description

Are these products included in your shopping list and into your shopping cart?

1. Shampoo

2. Facial Wash, Toner and Moisturizer

3. Hand and body moisturizer cream

4. Body Shampoo

5. Sanitary pads (panty liner: Every day use & Wide pads: for menstrual cycles)

If yes, What are the kinds of pads do you use on a daily basis? To be honest, I have used panty liners since I was in high-school. And have used many different types of brands that is available in the market. And at times, I would have different reaction to them. At days I would get itchiness, vaginal discharge and worst case, have the most frequent and re-occurring yeast infections. Yikes! The very sound of it gives me the hibee gives all over again.

What are the things you need to do to keep the good cells healthy in Miss V? Here are some tip (from self-experiment):-

Internal Consumption:-

1. Shaklee Garlic

Shaklee Garlic Complex

Garlic is known for it’s natural form of antibiotics. When I took garlic in my first month, I had mild nausea and dizziness. And I noticed that my breath stank and I had this foul after taste at the back of my throat. But after a while the ugly feeling subsided. And I knew that I was experiencing symptoms of healing crisis.

2. Shaklee Alfalfa


I love Shaklee Alfalfa, the effects that you get from consuming Alfalfa:-

1. Tightening of vaginal muscles

2. Less / reduce vaginal mucus or discharge

3. Tightening of breasts

4. Relief of vaginal cramps during menstrual cycle

5. Helps relief of acne break-out before and after PMS

External Usage:-

1. Bioseleza Sanitary Pad

Bioseleza in newspapers

Whoa Wait. Panty liners play a role in feminity care too? Yes folks! Want to know more? Stay tuned for more information. Till tomorrow folks!


Sarah Amanina, 21st Century Momma

What’s in the Fishy Fish World?

Something Smells Fishy 01

A few months back, I was on my way driving to work. And I was listening to the my favourite local radio station and the news mentioned something interesting about a study conducted on high rates of Suicidal events that frequently occurred in the Asian Region. Does the study smells fishy?

The news has shared that the study has shown that the high-levels of suicidal rates is due to lack of proper nutrition intake on a daily basis. Can you guess which nutrition? Yup you might have guessed right, it’s Omega 3 Fatty Acids. My own personal preference? It’s a fishy fish world. Yes Indeed~ back in the day (during the time of my parents and my grandparents and my great grandparents. The preferred to eat more fish than chicken. And my grandparents are from Brunei and Malaysia. Perhaps because my grandparents are the type to go Fish. Yes! I mean literally go fishing. Nothing like catching your very own din-din no?


What’s in the Fishy Fish World?

Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids:-

1) Lower Cholesterols

2) Improve arterial elasticity and general health

3) Decrease ‘Bad’ Cholesterol

4) Decreases the chance of blood clot

5) Reduce sudden death from a heart attack by 50%

6) Raise the levels of ‘Good’ HDL cholesterol

7) Stabilize heart muscle and reduce cardiac membrane irritability

8) Decrease triglyceride levels

What meets the eyes, falls to the heart

In 2002, a study has shown that United States has lowest level of DHA in breastmik due to the Mother’s diets. And United States was one of the last countries to add DHA to infant formula. Other studies has also shown that consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids among pregnant mommies shown improvement in pre-term delivery, birth weight lack of preeclampsia and a reduction on recurrent miscarriages. Studies also has shown that the higher the levels of DHA the lower the levels of depression. And DHA is known to develop cognitive and visual development due to the close association of the brain and the retina.

ADHD, how does Omega 3 Fatty Acid helps?

Studies have found that those with lowest levels of Omega-3s scored the highest  in behavioural problems such as hyperactivity, impulsivity, anxiety, temper tantrums and sleep problems. Studies have also found that children with consuming Omega-3 Fatty acids has had higher IQs.


Why Shaklee OmegaGuardTM?

OmegaGuard is a complete fishoil supplement that is a certified, pharmaceutical-grade fish oil. And Shaklee has 3 distillation process called the triple molecular distillation helps to remove impurities, harsh toxins such as mercury.


Shaklee OmegaGuard


For those who wish to purchase online (Malaysia only) have a peace of mind knowing Shaklee will delivery items straight to your doorstep, click here:-

May Promotion 2015:

Healthy Postnatal:

Healthy Prenatal:

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks folks! Have a great weekend ahead.

Much love,

Sarah Amanina, 21st Century Momma

10 signs of How Your Body Is Trying To Communicate With You


Do you have the above symptopms:-
1. Easily Fatigue
2. Craving for sugar
3. Headaches or Migrains
4. Bloating
5. Difficulty concentrating
6. Imsomnia
7. Lack of energy
8. Acne / breakout around chin, cheecks and eyebrow areas
9. Dark circles around corner of mouths
10. Dari circles under eyes

These are signs that your body needs a good detox.


Here is another way to tell on how your body is trying to communicate to you. Ever wondered why doctors always ask you to stick your tongue out?


And have your heard of face mapping?

What’s your solution to a overall natural detox?






Stay tuned for more tips and tricks

Much love:
Sarah Amanina
21st Century Momma

Who is Shaklee OmegaGuard For?

fish smell

Are you a fish lover? I know some of my friends who do not like to eat fish such as Tuna, coz they say that it resembles the smell of cat food. huhu. Now what are you options to consume other sources or alternatives of food that are high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Shaklee OmegaGuard

Shaklee OmegaGuardTM 90 tabs is a pharmaceutical grade that is rich and potent is OmegaGuardTM, EPA and DHA. Have a look see here:-

Omega or Fat?

OmegaGuard EFA : 330mg

EPA : 180mg

DHA: 120mg

3 capsules OmegaGuard per day provides you 1000mg per day.

Now you already know how Potent Shaklee OmegaGuard. Now let’s come to the juicy part. Who is Shaklee OmegaGuard for?

Stay tuned for my very own testimonial on Shaklee OmegaGuard. Stay tuned folks.


Sarah, 21st Century Momma

The Ultimate Mega Mind

Shaklee OmegaGuard

This is one of the best-selling product among mommies and a must have in every cupboard. Here are the details you need to know about Shaklee OmegaGuardTM:-

Purified, concentrated natural fish Oil: OmegaGuardTM provides, full spectrum of Pure, Pharmaceutical grade omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish Oil: OmegaGuardTM provides full spectrum of Seven Pure occuring Omega-3 fatty acids: EPA, DHA and more EPA benefits for your health, while DHA is critical for normal development and function. One serving of OmegaGuard provides 990mg of omega-3 fatty acids.

Pure and Pharmaceutical Grade: OmegaGuardTM is made with proprietary, tripple molecular distillation process that concentrates the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids while removing harmful compounds like mercury and lead that are found in many types of fish

** This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure of prevent any disease. 

Above information is retrived from You can visit Official Shaklee Malaysia’s website for more information.

May Promotion 2015.01

Stay tuned for more information on why Shaklee OmegaGuard is the hottest product of the month.

Shaklee May 2015 Promotion

May Promotion 2015.01

Hey y’alls. We have already reached the month of May. Believe it or not, we have almost reached half of 2015. Time has flown by so quick.

I am happy that my huby is discharged and that the is slowly recovering. And it is double good news for me as Shaklee has also introduced the new Health Wellness Series. Heppieeeee.

Let’s have a look at the Individual Promotions for May:

Shaklee OmegaGuard

Shaklee OmegaGuard is known for its:-

1. Helping to increase IQ

2. Helps to increase memory and getting em brain cells clicking

3. Helps relief from Depression

4. Helps to burn fats

5. Decreases Choletrol Level

6. Helps to retain Blood Pressure

7. Ensures healthy heart funcitons

Shaklee Phytocol-ST

Shaklee Phytocol-ST is the new product that was launched sometime 2014 and studies has shown that Phytocol-ST helps to:-

1. Retains normal Blood Pressure

2. Decreases levels of Cholestrol

Stay tuned for more details on the product descriptions, benefits and testimonials.

Welcome the new Healthy Wellness Packages and be entitled for FREE gift (while stocks lasts):-

Health Prenatal.01

Health Postnatal.01

Health Fitness.01

Health Young Living.01

Stay tuned for more updates folks!

Much Love:

Sarah, 21s Century Momma