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Let the Gout GO-OUT with a bang


In my previous post I shared my recent experience on having high-levels of uric acid.  Thanks to choosing comfort and convenience over health. Guilty as charged. Thanks to these:-

Snacking during tele-time or even when having to skip lunch or breakfast.


Instant Noodles: Indomee is an all-time favorite but also a silent-killer.



Now let’s find out the Hows and Whats that forms and causes Gout.

What is Gout?

1. Gout causes inflammation of the joints

2. Gout is formed due to the high-levels of uric acids that are found in the body which destroys the tissues between the joints.

How is Uric Acid forms?

1. Happens when the body’s immune system is weak and is unable to eliminate or remove excessive amounts of uric acid that is found the blood.

2. Cells are broken down (except for Neuron Cells). Therefore each nucleolus cells are damaged or they die. This releases a substance called ‘Nucleic Acid’.

3. Therefore, Uric Acid is formed and needs to be removed from the body through the process of ‘Urination’.

4. The elimination process if Uric Acid will be conducted by the body, with condition that the body has sufficient amount of essential Vitamins and Minerals.

5. If the body has insufficient Vitamins and Minerals, the uric acid will remain in the blood.

6. In the bloodstream, Uric Acid will be combined with Sodium to form Uric Crystals. And these uric crystals will form between the joints, which triggers inflammation within the joints.

Studies has shown that uric acid build up 18 times more likely than usual, this is because when we are stressed, the enzymes, vitamins and minerals and oily substances will collect collect Gamma Lenouneic and Alpha Lenolinec Acid.

What you needed to know:-

a) Fats that are found in food are high in purine (leaves uric acid as a product of waste)

b) Consumption of Medicine and drugs are at high-risk of Kidney problems coz uric acid is unable to be filtered by the blood.

c) Lack of Vitamin B5 (Pantheothenic Acid) which functions to change uric acid to urine.

d) Protein: If incomplete, lack of Amino Acid, Glycerine is part of protein that helps to convert to uric acid.

e) Kidney Problems: Unable to filter the excessive uric acid in the blood.

f) Problems such as psychological and emotional can destroy the protein.

** Medications are used to help control the levels of uric acid in the body and to give short-term relief to inflammation to the joints.


Now the million dollar question… How can supplementation help with the relief of high levels of uric acid, gout and inflammation of the joints?

Here’s the answer: REVERSE THE CAUSE

Here are some of the recommended Shaklee Supplements:-


Here are the list of the Shaklee Supplements that I am taking now:- (Dosage is taken on a daily basis)

Vivix : 1 tablespoon

OmegaGuard: 1 to 2 tabs

Garlic: 1 tab

Alfalfa : 10 tabs

Performance Drink: 1 cup

Vitamin Bcom: 1 tab

CartoMax: 1 tab

CoQHealth: 1 tab

Herblax: 2 tabs (Once or Twice a Week)

Vitamin E: 1 tab

Due to the hectic schedule that I had, there are times I have skipped taking my supplements and regret doing so now. As of this week, making a schedule for my supplements is important.

Stay tuned for the next post. I will be sharing some interesting tips especially on:-

1. Foods to avoid

2. Food that you can take

3. My testimonial and experience.


Have a great weekend folks! Stay tuned for the next post.

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Owww Ouch! Cactus is living in my foot


This month I have been feeling under the weather for more than 2 weeks. It all started with the symptopms of:-

1. Fatigue
2. Loss of weight  (little over time)
3. Feeling bloated
4. Gassy
5. Itchy eyes

And here are a few symptops that I felt was out of the ordinary:-

6. Back pain that ran down all the way down to my legs
7. Pins and needles sensation running to my hands
8. foamy urine (bubbles appearing in urine)
9. Period delay for more than 3 months (next month will be an estimation of nearly 6 months)

At first I thought that it might be the lack of sleep and perhaps feeling a bit stressed at work. But what alarmed me were symptoms of 6, 7, 8, 9 (as seen as above). I went to local clinic and will need to conduct further tests and analysis (the blood work and full urine analysis) but waiting for the results was nerve-wrecking for me. I knew that I could’nt stand my back pain that lead down to my legs. I was about to prepare to gulp down my Shaklee sets. But first and foremost, I needed to know what was attacking my body and the main cause of the fatigueness, back pain, foamy urine and pins and needles sensation. So I decided to pay a friendly visit to see a local Heameopathy Doctor in Brunei who has been around in this field for more than 20 years. The name of this institution is Hasbul Heameopathy in Kg Bunut and is owned by Dr Zainal, Malaysian doctor who has been living in Brunei for over 20 years. (Feel free to WhatsApp me for the full address).

Dr Zainal explained to me that the causes of the symptopms above is due to the following:-

1. Stress
2. Imbalance Hormones
3. High Levels of Uric Acid

The stress from the mind triggers the imbalance hormones, thus effecting my period cycle. High Levels of Uric Acid due to eating dairy products such as cheese, food high in salt such as nuts and chocolate. Lack of water intake also plays a role, coz the urine acid is not entirely flushed out by my system.
Phew~ now I truely feel that having work & life balance is needed.

Looking back at my food intake starting 2015, I am guilty as charge for choosing convienance over health. Due to my hectic work schedule they are times where I skip breakfast and lunch and in the late afternoon will grab a quick bite of either fast-food, instant noodles, nasi katok or junk food such as crisps (keropok) and a choclate bar. Since home is a long-drive back, I made comfort food that was suppose to be a once in a while indulgence became a daily meal. Now the next step, my plans are to:-

1. Excersise atleast 7-10 mins per day
(no matter how small atleast there are movements)


I found this app to be useful, you can find this app on Google PlayStore called ‘The 7-Minute’ workout App

The 7 Minute workout

2. Drink plenty of water atleast 1-2 liters of water (not gulping water down in a single go. But small sips of water through-out the day)

3. Consistent in taking my Heameopathy medications. 3 times a day.

4. Last but not least the most essential to my healing recovery. Taking my Shaklee supplements is a must for a speedy recovery.


Stay tuned for my next post on my experience and dosage counts for each product.

Best Regards
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Top Facts you should know about Healing Crisis


Ever wondered why you’re feeling easily fatigue after popping a health supplement? Feeling nauseas, loss of appetite, light or heavy headaches? Body and muscles aches and pains? Sounds like you got the healing crisis symptoms. Yikes! When I first heard the term, the first thing that popped in my head was. Is the supplements making me sick? Then a question followed… Should I stop taking the supplementations? The many questions that I myself had when I was a newbie to Shaklee such as the following:-

1) When to stop taking the supplements?

2) Why do I have this ill-feeling when taking supplementations. Aren’t they suppose to help you?

3) What are the things I need to do to ease the Healing Crisis process?

4) Are their ways to speed up the Healing Crisis process?

5) What are the symptoms of Healing Crisis?

Here is a link to read on a full description of Healing Crisis:


Personal Experience:-

Shaklee Vitalea : After consumption of 1 tablet each day I experience light headache and slightly fatigue. This lasted for a few days.

Shaklee Vitamin C: Same effect when consuming Shaklee Vitalea

Shaklee Garlic: I am now on Shaklee Garlic and feeling more fatigue than ever.

However, each individual is unique to the responses of Shaklee. The effects vary depending on how healthy your internals and externals. If your body has  excessive toxins, the healing crisis effect may be stronger and your might feel slight uncomfortable for a bit longer. Many would like to inquire what they can do to speed up the process of healing crisis. The quicker the better yes 😀 Here are a few tips:-

1) Flush through water

When consuming any kind of supplements. It is recommended to drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day. This is to ensure that the vitamins will travel from stomach through-out the body. And also it helps to flush out unwanted toxins  in the body. Not a big fan of water, here is a tip: Take small bottles of water and place them around the house (Rooms where you are always in or passing through) such as:  TV Room, Nursery, in your Purse or in your study room.

2) Green is the way

During your healing crisis period, increase take of fresh greens with fruits and avoid eating too much oily, salty, sweet or processed foods. This will help your body to speed up the process of detoxing and to eliminating unwanted waste.

3) Eliminate Toxins

Here are some tips and trick to detoxing:-

3.1 Exercise at least 2 0minuts per day for 5 times a day. The more you sweat, the more your body is releasing toxins through sweat. Plus this helps to de-stress.

3.2 Cleanse your colon the more frequent trips to the loo to make number 2 will help remove clogged waste. Try loosening the junk in the trunk with Shaklee Herblax. (** Check out our next post: Ultimate Pure T Elimination)

Top 10 most common Healing Crisis Symptoms:-

1. Light / Heavy Headaches

2. Fatigue

3. Increase in Appetite / Loss of appetite  for short period of time

4. Phlegm from  nose or throat

5. Sneezing

6. Body aches and pains

7. Acne break-out

8. Diarrhea

9. Vaginal Discharge in Women (fades or decreases overtime)

10. Abnormal change in Menstrual Cycle (change of pattern)

Hope this helps folks. Stay tuned for more info.



Fantastic Feb


The year as come and gone so quickly, felt like only yesterday January 1st 2015 was here. What a fabulous way to welcome the new Feb 2015 with this smashing promotion:-


Yup! Thats right folks. Welcome The quadruplets of Feb. Did you know that Shaklee Vitalea and OsteMatrix are two of the essential products that are popular among Breastfeeding mommies and mommies who are expecting. Calcium plays as important role during pregnancy and during lactating. Thus, OsteMatrix provides tip-top nourishment for both mommies and little one.  And Vitalea is also essential for mommies but can also be taken by those who have high-blood pressure, diabetic, easily fatigue and many more.

Stay tuned to our next post entry. Here is a sneak peak of the package that we are going to talk about in our next blog title:-


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5.2 billion mobile users, 292 billion gigabytes mobile traffic by 2019

This is an interesting figure. You can now reach the whole world with just a reach of a button.

What's The Big Data?

In February 2015, Cisco released the Cisco VNI Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2014 – 2019. Global highlights from the updated study include the following projections:

By 2019:

  • There will be 5.2 billion global mobile users, up from 4.3 billion in 2014
  • There will be 11.5 billion mobile-ready devices and connections, more than 4 billion more than there were in 2014
  • The average mobile connection speed will increase 2.4-fold, from 1.7 Mbps in 2014 to 4.0 Mbps by 2019
  • Global mobile IP traffic will reach an annual run rate of 292 exabytes, up from 30 exabytes in 2014


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Hey! Its a Flashback Moment


My first blog entry started in 2012. My first year of blogging, I had almost 2,300 visitors and views. Then in 2013 I had about 8,900 visitors and views. For 2014, I had 12,706 views and visitors. And I’m hoping for this year of 2015, I will write more often and post everyday. There are times I would get writer’s block and stare blankly at the screen. Then I noticed, the more I look at the screen, the more my mind is wool-gathering from my ancient past.

Ancient past as in those times, where I would smell a certain scent or see a certain thing, it would take me back to a flashback memory. Just the other day when shopping for stationaries at Hua Ho Yayasan in Bandar, I passed by the perfume section and saw the Versace Jeans Perfume, the very first perfume I had as a Birthday gift from my dad. Just by looking at the perfume, I could literally remember the scent. And today I had a candy that I used to eat during my Ugama (Religious Afternoon School) classes. The taste brought me back to the days of being young and had nothing to worry about. What a sec! Is it me or I’m beginning to realise that my mind is able to recall some details or shreds of memory that has sentimental value. (Could be from the increase intake of Shaklee OmegaGuard). hehe.


I’m hoping that in 2015, I’ll be able to write more post. One of my new year resolutions. What’s your favourite flashback moment?

Hey Ho! Kung-Fu Oh!


Are you having one of those moments again in the loo? Taking too much time in waiting for that final train to arrive? Lols. When I’m in the season of feeling bloated and constipated. I would usually top-up on my Shaklee Herblax from the usual 2 tablets to 4 tablets. And the next 24 hours I would feel relief. However, I had an inquire just the other day, what are the alternatives for preggy mommy who has constipation other than Shaklee Herblax? Let’s find out:-

Shaklee OsteMatrix

Many know that Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. But many did not know that Calcium is essential too for:

1. Muscle Contraction

2. Helps relief from constipation

3. Helps with stiff muscles

4. Helps reduce stress

and many more. Pssstt~ have a read on our other posts on

Apart from Shaklee Calcium, one would also need to increase intake of veggies & fruits and drink atleast 3 liters of water per day.

Now, here is your chance to enjoy a smashing discount for our Economy Pregnancy Set for mommies looking for an alternative. No more Hey Ho! Kung-Fu in the loo.


Stay Tuned, as we will be revealing the Economy Packages. Wanna find out more? Buzz us on WhatsApp | Telegram at +673 7251442

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