Month: June 2014

Beauty and The Skin Special Bundle


Ladies and Gents, we have come to the month of June. 2014 has gone by so quick. Ramadhan is just around the corner and Eid Mubarak followed aftwr that. Have you ticked your 2014 checklist. Is having healthy, glowing ad radient skin included? Or planning to try for another bun in the oven one of them?

Great news folks! Just in the nick of time. June Special Promotion is a must for all mommies and mommie to be (pssstt also for those who are healthy consious)

Introducing June Special Bundle offer *Drummmm-Roollllllll ploise*


Yup! A not-to-be-missed special offer.
Many have inquired what is so special about Shaklee Vitamin E compare to other health supplements. Before we go into the juciy details. I would like to share some few interesting information with you:-

Your skin is the largets organ in the body. Thus yoyr skin is your first-line defense that is exposed to environment pollutions such as Sun, Wind, Air and Water and also exposed to mand-made pollutants such as smoking, drugs and harmful / harsh toxins in beauty care products.

The above factors are the main factors that crumples your firewall due to premature aging. Did you know that premature aging can also damage internal organs such as lungs and livers.


How can Shaklee Vitamin E plus GrapeSeed help?

1. The antioxidants properties in Vitamin E that contains powerful fat-soluable antioxidents that helps to repair damaged cells in the b odycauses by free radicles.

2. Vit E is gluten FREE

What is in Shaklee Vitamin E?

400IU Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol concentrate and Mixed tocopherols concentrate)

65mg of Natural Selenium

38mg GrapeSeed Extract containing proanthcyandimis compounds that appear more powerful antioxidants properties than both Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

(Eureaka! Pure 100% Natural Vitamin E, Vitamin E kaw-kaw)

Key Benefits:
1. Protects Heart
2. Anti-aging
3. Protects red blood cells membrane
4. Increase HDL cholestrol
5. Lower Blood Pressure
6. Prevents haemolyitic Ability
7. Strenghten Immune System
8. Prevents or delay tumor growth
9. Improves catract and Vision growth
10. Enhances Sexual Sustainability and energy
11. Improves arthiritis
12. Prevents miscarriage
13. Repairs inflammed wound and skin ulcers and lesson scars.


Psssttt we are having a special bundle pack for our exclusive cilents who purchase directly from us. Our package comes with consultation services, follow-up and consumption schedule.


Unleash your inner-shine, glow on the first day or Raya and be radient even through sleepless nights. True beauty lie from within.

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