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Exclusive Fitting – Premium Beautiful Corset

Premium Beautiful Corset

Hey Hey Hey Ladies! ❤

Is your wedding date nearby? Want to look dashing on your special day?

Are you looking for a beauty inner garment that is comfortable to be worn all day?

Want to fit into your old pair of jeans like before without the need to worry of showing those muffin tops?

Tired of seeing those love handles danggling down?

Wish you can fit into your favourite outfit again?

Then all you need is Premium Beautiful Corset.

PBC Invite - Beauty Phenomenon

What are you waiting for? Come and join the session for FREE Consultation and FREE Fitting session.

RSVP Only (First come & first serve basis), contact our 24/7 Hotline at +673 725 1442 or +673 8660989 today.

See you there lovelies,

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Much Love ❤

Sarah@21st Century Sarah


Premium Beautiful Corset – Loyal Companion For Life

Premium Beautiful Corset

I still remember a member of Sahajidah Hai-O who has already achevied CDM (Crown-Diamond Manager) level has been using Premium Beautiful Corset (PBC) for almost 8 years. And through-out her 8 years, she only has 2 (TWO) sets of Premium Beautiful Corset (PBC) that has been with her through-out her pregnancies. Amazing! It’s a good thing, that Premium Beautiful Corset comes with LONG-LIFE Warranty.

And not too long ago, I had a customer who already used Premium Beautiful Corset (PBC) since her first pregnancy. And her child is already 14 years of age. WOW! Now she is a returning customer to purchase another set of Premium Beautiful Corset. And the amazing part is that even her Husband is using Premium Beautiful Corset (Waist Nipper) for support of his back-pain. Now that’s just smashing. Check-out the images below:-

Good news for all PBC-ians fans in Brunei. There is an Exclusive Fitting Session this weekend. There entrance is FREE and bring along a friend who would love ❤ to get to know more about PBC. Stay tuned to the next post for the event details. RSVP ONLY. Stay tuned folks!


Is Competition Healthy?

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The other night I was watching Steve Job’s the movie titled Jobs. The part of Steve Jobs was played by Ashton Kuchter. For months, I have been picking my brain cells on finding a ways on creating a service / product / business idea / start-up ideas / innovative / creative. As I was flipping through the channel. I finally landed watching Jobs the movie.

Before this I have watched ‘Pirates of the Silicon Valley’. Back then the peak of Personal Computers, Word Processors and the Idea of ‘Computers’ was a huge potential idea. It changed world. It changed how people worked, changed how people think and of course how it could revolutionize the IT Industry. It was a new dawn and tech companies are going head t0 head to creating a product that was marketable and sellable. Selling the Idea and the Image of what the Brand would be: Social Status (of having a product from Apple).

Half-way through the Movie, I watched how something that was created from the back of a garage could make wonders but at the same time break some hearts. It was a bitter sweet moment. To watch Steve Jobs create “Change“. With Change comes Risks. How he took on challanges and risks of building his own Empire of Apple products (Lisa 1 and Lisa 2) and then having it sweeped off his feet just like that in nanoseconds. Then collaborating with Macintosh to create a product that could be used by EVERYONE. (The lisa 1 and lisa 2 could be owned by ANYONE who had the budget of course). Through-out the journey he never gave up even when he was on the verge of being crumbling. Why I said Bitter Sweet? Through-out his career, he had Empire but at the same time lost his closets friends who stuck by him through thick and thin, lost family members and loved ones over the obession of perfection. The perfection of making a Masterpiece that would Change Mankind.

Is Competition Healthy? Back then when Computers was on the verge of Success. Apple had several competitors: IBM, Microsoft (software) Dell etc etc.

There was some of my favourite quotes from The Jobs Movie that I thought had significant meaning to me. It sounded something like this:-

Instead of looking at how we can beat the competitors. Look at how we can be different from the competitors. By Steve Jobs

  1. Having your own Unique Identity can help you stand-out from your Competitors.


Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own thigns that other people can use. By Steve Jobs

2. There are so many other there that can sells the same products like you. Example: Food Industry is the blooming industry that has higher and faster ROI (Return of Investment) in Brunei Darussalam. And Car Wash Indsutry has the slowest ROI. How to set yourself apart from the crowd? Having your own Unique Services. Services in forms of delivery, packaging or even customer service assistance. 


You’ve got to have a problem that you want to solve; a wrong that you want to right. By Steve Jobs

3. Many times we often jump into things without really seeing the bigger picture. I learned from my pass experience. To do things that others do because we were programmed since we were little to get through to a good education, get a secure job, get married and then work and retire till you are in your late 50s. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having a secure job that pays you for your 9 to 5. But what if there was more to life? More to the 9 to 5. An alternative to earn passive income that is active and at the same time still have time to spend with your loved ones and perhaps going on Vacay?

Salary is not enough every month?

Not enough time to finsh off work duties?

Not enough time with the children?

Now with the Financial and Economic Crisis, is it enough? (Bersyukur that we are still alive and breathing, we can still change that just enough to sufficent)

Having sufficent amount in your bank account that can be generated for charity and donations, savings and investments and also money to spend for your family’s necessities.

Having enough time with your family.

Having good health and always in high-spirits

Its being able to identfy the problem and helping to find a solution. It’s identifying a wrong and having the power to rectify it. It’s being able to contribute back the Nation and the commuity. To be able to help others who are less fortunate than us.

Don’t look at competitions as a roadblock on your journey to success. Look at competitions in a different spot-light : Your motivation to being different! You can CHOOSE to be Different

Till we meet again in the next post!


Sarah@21st Century Sarah

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The Real Deal: Real-Life Testimonials

Premium Beautiful Corset

Assalamualaikum wbr Ladies,

Salaams Jummah Mubarak. How is your Friday? Have you got plans for the weekend? If you haven’t come and book an appointment with us for FREE fitting and FREE consultation for Premium Beautiful Corset. Check out the link below for a basic intro on PBC. And why women are going GA-GA over Premium Beautiful Corset:-

Premium Beautiful Corset – Intro

PB Corset Testimonial.12

I love to share REAL-LIFE Testimonials because it real and true stories that tells the tale of someone’s journey of their transformation or their stories on how they were able to acheive a goal or make their dreams come true. And you are properly wondering, I share alot of testimonials from outside, how about my self-experiment? hihi. Coolies, I will be share my own testimonial in the next post. Yes Folks! Stay tuned to the next post.

*P/S: More real-life testimonials will be shared via my Premium Beautiful Official Brunei

Much Love,


@21st Century Sarah



Premium Beautiful Available in Brunei

Premium Beautiful Corset

Hey Hey Hey Folks! We have now reached to the month of March. And only a few more days till we reach Ramadhan. MasyAllah. And the big questions that many will ask… *DRUMROLL please* is…

Have you potong kain yet? (Have your send your material) Here in Asia, especially Brunei Darussalam. For Hari Raya Aidil Fitri (Eid Mubarak Festive Season) we like to send our materials for stitching to make lovely national dress called Baju Kurongs (that can be designed with normal cut or fashion & trendy) It all depends on the mood of the individual.

I on the other hand, prefer to purchase ready-made and my girls will have theirs custom-made. I guess it because that I know my dress that has been sent for stitching will only last for less than 6 (SIX) months. haha. Yes it’s true.

This year however, I plan to have a different plan. To Try & Fit Into My Old Baju Kurong From Last Year. 😀 Now that would be a miracle. How you may ask?  Check this out:-

Fit Into Your Old Baju Kurongs From Last Year

PBC Advert

Would you like to have a go on this challange?

Step outside your comfort zone and feel the differance?

Want to make a change for a better?

Then this challange is for you.

Purhase your Full Set of Premium Beautiful Today and see the changes instantly.

Contact our 24/7 Hotline at: +673 725 1442


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