Month: December 2015

Today’s Special

Assalamualaikum wbr,

Hi there lovelies,

It’s been a while since we had a previous post update. No sweat. Here’s the latest scoop on beauty tips and tricks. 💅💖👑

We are trying to implement a beauty segment and a beauty tip and trick segment for next year in 2016. Stay tuned for that announcement. 😍

Now here’s the product that I am literally dying to share:-


Today’s Special:
* Is the new packaging to Bio Ever Nano Cream.
* New Additional active beauty ingredients added to this beauty formula: Long Life Japanese Grass

When BB Plus CollagenBio Ever Plus Cream makes a perfect beauty combo.

Wait a min! I know your waiting for the juicy bit. The testimonials. Great news, we gave received a lot of feedback on having a collection of testimonials. Now there is a new blog dedicated to A Collection of Testimonials for the Beauty Products here.

Here is the link:
Beauty Phenomenon Official Blog

Stay tuned to the latest collection of testimonials for BIO-EVER PLUS BEAUTY CREAM

Have a smashing Weekend folks!

Much Love:
21st Century Sarah


December 2015 Promotion

Its been a while since our latest updates. We have already reached the end of the year and only a few more days till we meet 2016. Have you ticked or crossed some of the items on your Target List for 2015?

For 21st Century Sarah there are a lot of things that we wanted to tie the knot especially for some lose ends. But that’s another story for a different time to tell yes? 😀

Let’s see what’s the latest promotional that we have to offer:-


The ever loved Min Kaffe for all coffee lovers.



The most popular Bio-Velocity Alfalfa Concentrate for that Ultimate Detox.

Is losing weight and finding the ultimate detox package? Then this is for you. Meet the Ultimate Economy Detox Set


Purchase the sets above for only B$80.00 and get a bundle of FREE Gift. Yes! You heard that right folks. Its a Bundle not a single item.

Hurry and WhatsApp at +673 7251442 for this special offer with a Bundle of FREE gift **(While Stocks lasts)**

Much Love:
21st Century Sarah