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All You Need To Know For A Healthy Pregnancy

Health Prenatal.01

Pregnancy is the most beautiful transistion from Womenhood to Motherhood. Yes of course, not every pregnancy is a bed of roses. Each pregnancy is different and the experience is unique in it’s very own way. Some mommies may feel the urge to get out of bed at 2AM just to go down to the kitchen and snack on a chocolate bar. Or those nights when you toss and turn, feeling unable to sleep cause baby’s kicks are like a football kicked to the abdomen. Even worse, when you wake up in the middle of the night and screaming at the top of your lungs because you have bad cramp in your right foot. Or how about those awful mornings when the first thing you visit before the kitchen is the loo. (It may be called morning sickness, but the naueseness is through-out the nights)

Hey!  It’s not all that bad. They are those good times, like when you get a free foot rub more often than usual (thanks to daddy to be) or a nice back rub. And getting all that you want from the menu list. (Yes even a huge slice of cake and a tub of ice-cream is ok for an expecing mum who is craving!). What are you favourite moments during your pregnancies?

Just the other day, a mommy-to-be asked me if she can consume Shaklee without the need to use prescribed prenatal from her doctor, as she said that she has researched and that the most of the pre-natal vitamins that are prescribed are from Synthetic origins. And she wanted the best for her baby bump. So here, I would like to share a video on how Shaklee Healthy Pre-Natal (click to watch the video here) can be beneficial for expecting mommies.

Shaklee ESP Did You know

And one of the best-selling product in the Healthy Pre-Natal sets is Shaklee ESP. The complete essential vitamins & minerals for every mommy who wants a healthy pregnancy. Let’s hear what other mommies say about Shaklee ESP:

Shaklee ESP Testimonial 02 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 03 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 04 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 05 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 06 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 07 Shaklee ESP Testimonial 08

Many mommies benefit from Shaklee ESP not just during pregnancy but through-out confinement period too. Pssst Shaklee ESP can be consumed too by those who wish to be: –

  1. Healthy
  2. Looking for an alternative to a healthy snack
  3. Mommies who wish to increase the quality of their breastmilk production
  4. Mommies who wish to increase the quantity of their breastmilk production
  5. For those who wants healthy looking skin
  6. Smoother and healthier complextion
  7. A healthy aternative to breakfast for those who are always on the go
  8. The Isoflavens in Shaklee ESP helps to control the ‘bad’ cholestrol and promotes the healthy cholestrol
  9. Suitable for diabetics as Shaklee ESP only has about 9grams of Sugar (less than half of a tea-spoon)
  10. Easy to make with a yummy natural vanilla flavor.

Would you like to try yours today? Contact us today at +673 725 1442 (for delivery and collection at our cube location)

Shaklee ESP Special Promotion


4 Most Wanted Products : The September Story

Shaklee Health Tip.02

Is your sweet tooth cravings driving you nuts? Are you craving to munch on Ice during your pregnancy? Do you want an alternative to snacking the healthy way? Acne breakout? Phew~ and the lists goes on and on.

Here are the 4 Most Wanted Products that is the Hot Topic for whole month of September,

Shaklee ESP Special Promotion

Have your checked out the Shaklee ESP combo packages that are one Special Offer now?

  1. Healthy Pre Natal
  2. Healthy Post Natal
  3. Ultimate Pure Burning Jucie & Detox King
  4. Beauty & The Skin

These Shaklee ESP combo packages are on special offer for the whole month of September.  And Shaklee ESP has a BUY 7 at 6 promotion. Pssttt~ for any purchase of Healthy PreNatal and Healthy Post Natal sets (You’ll get a special gift of Shaklee Vitalea 120 tabs Worth B$35).

Do you want to spice up your tastebuds? Want an upgrade from the Classic Vanilla taste to something funky? Here are some of the receiptes to try Shaklee ESP with:-

Shaklee_106 Shaklee_101 Shaklee_089 Shaklee_077 Shaklee_046 Shaklee_038 wpid-shaklee-effect-poster-13.jpg.jpeg

Are you craving for more receipies? Stay tuned for the next up-coming post. Juice details for sure will leave your tastebuds tinggling with excitement. Watch out for the next post.

Much Love:

Sarah@21st Century Sarah


Team 21st Century Sarah


Today we had another business session and Product Knowledge sharing on BB Plus Collagen.

Alhamdulilah, after advertising some of my posters to share and show opportunities to youth of Brunei on the possibilities of earning passive income via online or using social media platforms. I have received overwhelming responses on how to make the first step or using this as a stepping stone towards stepping outside your comfortzone.


Many have asked me. (And I get this one a lot) Why do I want to join an MLM company as part of my business plan?

Why MLM?
Since I was in highschool, my bestfriend’s parents (since the 4th grade) parents were always active, travelling, conducting meetings, going for convections. Only when I was in the 7th grade did I learned that their vacations were all-expences-all-paid vacations. Then I got to learned that they joined an most reputational MLM company in Brunei. For severals years I have seen them travel and setting up meetings. Back then I had little knowledge on this kind of business. But the thrill of being able to travel the world and meet new people was something somewhat exciting to me.

After getting married, they were few people who offered me the same offer in this very same MLM company that my best friend parents joined. But after hearing many bad experiences from people around me. My first impression of MLM business or any MLM company is always negative. Whenever some people approach me with a MLM Business Plan, I would hear them out but my heart was always closed. I remember a saying, “The mind needs to make discovers of its own”.

Then in 2010, alhamdulilah my heart was opened to a possibility of business opportunity with MLM. This time around, the approach was different. It was the approach of sharing. A close friend of mine was testing a product and she was able to obtain benefit from the product that she consumed. And soon became a local reseller for that specific brand. Later in a few months time did I realise that the company was a MLM based company. After that my whole prespective of business flipped to a 360 degress change. Then only I learned why people joined MLM:-

1. Products
When people love the products, they will share positive feedback, comments or even their real-life experiences on their journey with the products. And they will become loyal customers because they believe in the brand.

2. System
The first thing when joining any MLM company, you will be asking ‘What’s is it in for me?’ You will need to first look at the system and how much on the following:-

A. Bonus Points
B. Points to acheive to move up the rank (promotions)
C. Travel Incentives
D. Car Incentives
E. Downline members and Team Network

When you are comfortable with the system. Then you will look at other prespectives such as:-

3. History and Founder
A. Who is the owner of the MLM company
B. Mission & Vission

4. Business Plan
A. Having your very own mission / vision board.
B. Business rank target (which rank do you wish to acheive and when)
C. Product target (products you wish to acheive)
D. Daily target
E. Weekly Target
F.Monthly Target

5. Mentorship
Choose your Team, look for a team that has the same values and commitments as you. When you focus on the same target and same mission. You will be on the same wave-length.

With any decisions that we make, remember:-

D : Doa (plenty of Doas)

U: Usaha (Action plan)

I: Istiqamah (commitment)

T: Tawakal (submission)

Thats all for now folks!

Sleep tight,

Much Love

21st Century Sarah


10 signs of How Your Body Is Trying To Communicate With You


Do you have the above symptopms:-
1. Easily Fatigue
2. Craving for sugar
3. Headaches or Migrains
4. Bloating
5. Difficulty concentrating
6. Imsomnia
7. Lack of energy
8. Acne / breakout around chin, cheecks and eyebrow areas
9. Dark circles around corner of mouths
10. Dari circles under eyes

These are signs that your body needs a good detox.


Here is another way to tell on how your body is trying to communicate to you. Ever wondered why doctors always ask you to stick your tongue out?


And have your heard of face mapping?

What’s your solution to a overall natural detox?






Stay tuned for more tips and tricks

Much love:
Sarah Amanina
21st Century Momma

Owww Ouch! Cactus is living in my foot


This month I have been feeling under the weather for more than 2 weeks. It all started with the symptopms of:-

1. Fatigue
2. Loss of weight  (little over time)
3. Feeling bloated
4. Gassy
5. Itchy eyes

And here are a few symptops that I felt was out of the ordinary:-

6. Back pain that ran down all the way down to my legs
7. Pins and needles sensation running to my hands
8. foamy urine (bubbles appearing in urine)
9. Period delay for more than 3 months (next month will be an estimation of nearly 6 months)

At first I thought that it might be the lack of sleep and perhaps feeling a bit stressed at work. But what alarmed me were symptoms of 6, 7, 8, 9 (as seen as above). I went to local clinic and will need to conduct further tests and analysis (the blood work and full urine analysis) but waiting for the results was nerve-wrecking for me. I knew that I could’nt stand my back pain that lead down to my legs. I was about to prepare to gulp down my Shaklee sets. But first and foremost, I needed to know what was attacking my body and the main cause of the fatigueness, back pain, foamy urine and pins and needles sensation. So I decided to pay a friendly visit to see a local Heameopathy Doctor in Brunei who has been around in this field for more than 20 years. The name of this institution is Hasbul Heameopathy in Kg Bunut and is owned by Dr Zainal, Malaysian doctor who has been living in Brunei for over 20 years. (Feel free to WhatsApp me for the full address).

Dr Zainal explained to me that the causes of the symptopms above is due to the following:-

1. Stress
2. Imbalance Hormones
3. High Levels of Uric Acid

The stress from the mind triggers the imbalance hormones, thus effecting my period cycle. High Levels of Uric Acid due to eating dairy products such as cheese, food high in salt such as nuts and chocolate. Lack of water intake also plays a role, coz the urine acid is not entirely flushed out by my system.
Phew~ now I truely feel that having work & life balance is needed.

Looking back at my food intake starting 2015, I am guilty as charge for choosing convienance over health. Due to my hectic work schedule they are times where I skip breakfast and lunch and in the late afternoon will grab a quick bite of either fast-food, instant noodles, nasi katok or junk food such as crisps (keropok) and a choclate bar. Since home is a long-drive back, I made comfort food that was suppose to be a once in a while indulgence became a daily meal. Now the next step, my plans are to:-

1. Excersise atleast 7-10 mins per day
(no matter how small atleast there are movements)


I found this app to be useful, you can find this app on Google PlayStore called ‘The 7-Minute’ workout App

The 7 Minute workout

2. Drink plenty of water atleast 1-2 liters of water (not gulping water down in a single go. But small sips of water through-out the day)

3. Consistent in taking my Heameopathy medications. 3 times a day.

4. Last but not least the most essential to my healing recovery. Taking my Shaklee supplements is a must for a speedy recovery.


Stay tuned for my next post on my experience and dosage counts for each product.

Best Regards
21st Century Momma
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5 Things To Do before 2015


Just a few more days we will say goodbye to 2014 and say hello to 2015. The year 2014 has been a bitter-sweet journey and memory. A lot has come to past, but a lot more to offer in 2015. What do you wish, wait not wished, but ‘WANT and NEED’ to achieve in 2015. But you have writer’s block and not sure where to start?Here are 5 things to do before 2015:-

1. Targets

  • Identifying what are our targets and goals can takes us to another level. This acts as your base before stepping up on the ladder.

2. Planning

  • Once you identify and differentiate what you WANT and what you NEED, you will be able to prioritize your tasks on which needs your attention first. Having a project timeline can help you at the starting line and you can have a visual to where your finishing line is.

3.  Change

  • Change can be scary, only when we step outside our comfort zone, will we be able to see where our true strength lies. We will find our potential, be it communication skills, leadership skills, creativity or even self-confidence. Embrace the change, it can take you to places you can never imagine.

4. Imagination

  • Every night before you sleep, visualize what your heart desires and how you want your business to prosper. Our sub-conscious mind is more powerful than we think. Our thoughts are like our doa (prayers). Let us pray that what ever we set our minds get the blessings and baraakah of Allah S.W.T.

5. Charity (Sedeqah)

  • No matter where we are in life, let us never forget those who are less fortunate. Let us help those who are in need no matter where they are, young or old.

I pray that the year 2015 will bring positive energy, prosperity, happiness and most of all, the blessings and baraakah from Allah S.W.T in whatever that we do.

Much  love


21st Century Momma


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