Happy Feet = Happy Bones


Ouch! Why does the heel of my foot is searing with unbearable pain?

The first thing I googled was ‘Pain at Heel of Foot’ and this came up “HEEL SPUR”.

I noticed the pain was terrible especially waking up in the morning. It felt like walking on a giant NAIL in the morning. It would ache and when I am not wearing shoes / slippers I could feel the impact on the bottom of my foot. At first inside my head, perhaps my gout has come back. The thing is, the pain was different from gout. Usually I would feel the tingle and needle pricks. You know the usual tingling sensation from my knees to my angkles. This time it was just my foot 😂 Oh! Boy did it feel like walking on giant NAILS 😱

Then I was browsing my cupboard of health supplements (as my calcium supplements ran out already). Then just like Halo Moment. BBPlus Collagen Giantic Box was like my prayers being answered 😇



Here’s some juicy info from a post I posted on our Fan Page :@Premium Beautiful Brunei


Hey Hey Hey Ladies. Work-life can be stressful at time when your working on your career. At times we forget about ourselves as we emerge our-selfs every day from 9 to 5.

💄Having BBPlus inside your purse everyday can help you in 7 ways.

💖 10 Reasons Why You Need BBPlus ➕:

👉Effective Dosage: 1 packet (15g)  daily consumption for youthful and flawless skin.

👉High Bio-availability of Collagen Peptides (about 3,000) Daltons in size that are readily absorbed.

👉 Safe: Low risk of contamination from Mercury and radiation (Imported from France and Korea) TOXIN FREE

👉Extra Antioxident Protection
Black current juice contains anthocyanins to protect the face and body against UV & free radical damage

👉 Anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory
Grape Seed Extracts with OPC / reduces skin discomfort and promotes healing

👉Additional Co-factors
Vitamin C and roselle strengthens collagen network, promotes collagen in dermis and promotes synthesis.

👉 Enhances Skin Performance
Apple fibre innulin (dietry fibre) promotes skin clarity through detoxfication.

👉Extra Benefits
Fish collagen peptide is also a good source of Type 2 collagen of which is being found to be predominant component of hyalin cartilage able to help suppress inflammation caused by rheumatism and osteoarthritis.

👉Better Taste
Better taste comes with blended, high quality 100% blackcurrent and rosella juice extract with fish collagen without fishy aftertaste

👉 Sugar FREE & Cholstrol FREE
Natural sugar replacer with Low Glycemic Index are used to cater for people with diabetic and cardivasculor conditions.

What are you waiting for? Need more convicing? Visit our IG for more REAL-LIFE Testimonials @beautyphenomenonbn

📲ORDER TODAY: +673 7251442





Want more real-life testimonials. Jom visit our IG Account @beautyphenomenonbn

Stay tuned to the next post for more juicy product reviews

Much Love 💖
21st Century Sarah


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