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The Alphabets in Creams: The Differance of BB, CC and DD Creams

Hey Hey Hey Folks! Here is a beauty tip that I would like to share with you today. Are you a fan of Beauty Products? What is the first thing you add to your shopping cart when you shop for your daily beauty regime? Here’s a list (most common based from experience);-

Make-up Bag

1. Facial Wash

2. Facial Scrub

3. Facial Toner

4. Mositurizer Cream (or in Gel Form)

On the other hand, we have the Beauty Cosmetic Products:-

Lets start from the basic shall we?

5) Basic; Moisturizer / Primer, Concelar and Foudation

6) Contour and Shading

7) Eye-liner and Eye Shadow

9) Blusher

10) Lippies : Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Matte Lip Creams (lols)

Lippies Ice Cream

Are some of the items above in your list toos? hihi. Phew! It’s fun being a Lady. At the same time ‘expensive’. haha. Lols. Here I wanna share with you the latest beauty product added into my basket of pretties.

Cozuma CC Cream

Yes dearies, don’t be fooled by the size. It’s the content that counts. But before we dive into the good bits, let’s take stroll down the land of The Alphabets in Creams. The most common questions that we all ask ourselves. What’s the differance?

What’s the Differance between BB, CC and DD Creams 

Here is a cheat-Sheet for with the juicy info for your referece:-

BB Creams:-

Definition: Beauty Balm

Texture: Creamy & Moisturizing

Features: 1) Daily Sun Protection 2)  Extra Hydration 3) Coverage 4) Moisturizer

CC Creams:

Definition: Color Correcting

Texture: Light Weight and Fast Absorbing

Features: 1) Protective Coverage 2) Super Sode of anti-oxidents

DD Cream:-

Definition: Daily Defence

Feature: Provides protection, has SPF, Protects and Moisturizers.

Now how Different is Cozuma CC Cream apart from the rest?

Top 10 Benefits of Cozuma CC Cream

The Top 10 Benefits of Cozuma CC Creams

Let’s have a look on what the world has to say about Cozuma CC Creams:-

Conzuma CC Cream Testimonial.01


What great news! To spread the love and cheer of the TOP MUST HAVE for 2015. Cozuma CC Cream is now on promotion:

BUY 4 at 3 (1 FREE) promotion valid till August 2015

CC Cream Promotion
CC Cream Promotion

What are you waiting for? Come and order today. Ppppsttt! For those who order the full pack promotion will be entitled for a FREE gift. While stocks lasts. Hurry and WhatsApp up today at +673 7251442.


8 More Days till Promotion Ends

After Ramadhan, our stomach has gone through the period of being able to stand without food and water. To practise ourselfes and our Nafsu. Now Hari Raya is here, the amount of ‘Open House’ invitations we have now…alhamdulilah is very generous. True right? In one day we may have about 3 to 8 open houses invitations. hihi. Whole of Ramadhan we were able to lose the weight and throughout Hari Raya, we managed to gain the weight back. hihi.

And the July Promotion that we offer now has a combination of Slimming + Detox = Weight Managment. hihi. What great way to loosen that funky junk in the trunk with the promotion of natural passing and movement. hihi. Here is a re-cap of promotions that will end soon at the end of this month (31st July 2015):-

Min Kaffe Coffee
Min Kaffe Coffee

What I love about this robust Mineral Coffee is you are able to lose weight and kempiskan that perut! Yerr betul ne. I no joke joke. To be honest, I am not a fan of coffee that is kaw-kaw like the 3-in-1 packets. But this coffee is slightly different unlike the other coffees that I have consumed before. As mentioned in my previos other posts, I have shared that my previous weight was between 69kg to 68kg. And now I have managed to be 62.75kg. All from consuming: 1) Min Kaffe 2) Alfalfa Concentrate 3) Garlic and 4) BB Plus Collagen. Now the promotion of BUY 12 at 11 is valid till end of August 2015.

Alfalfa Concentrate
Alfalfa Concentrate

Alfalfa Concentrate has the technology of Bio-Velocity embedded into the liquid to help increase natural energy levels, re-new cells and tissues in the body. Think of it has a burst of charging batteries that have been replaced into your body. What I love about this product, when you combined Alfalfa Concentrate + Bio Seleza Panty Liner, you will truely feel the differance.

BB Plus Collagen
BB Plus Collagen

This is one of my TOP favourite product on my list as of 2015. My gosh, I love the taste, the texture and I LOVE the effects on how my skin feel and look. hihi. As I mentioned in my other posts, My boss (who is Japanese) inquired why oh why, does my skin looks so healthy and glowy? Ceewahh..when it comes to men, its hard for them to notice minute changes. But for some reason, he was able to identify the changes. And this was a little as less than 1 (one) week after consumption of BB Plus Collagen. After consuming of 3 sachets, you will be able to feel the differance and see the differance your self. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this special offer of BUY 5 at 4 till end of August 2015.

Shaklee Vivix Shaklee Vivix

Shaklee Vivix is for those who are looking for a one-stop solution for beauty, youthfullness and healthy (especially recommneded for those who are smokers, stress, cancer or low immune system).

Shaklee B ComplexShaklee Vitamin B Complex with Folic Acid

Shaklee Vitamin B- Complex (with Folic Acid) is for those who are:

1) Live a stressful lifestyle

2) Insomnia

3) For Beautiful Skin

4) Prenatal Vitamins

5) PostNatal Vitamins

6) Confinement Health Supplements

7) Breastfeeding Supplements

For orders, you can WhatsApp today at +673 7251442 for more information / collection / deliveries and orders. Don’t miss out on this special offer.

Much Love:

Sarah@21st Century Sarah

Eid Mubarak : Then and Now

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin. A blessed Eid Mubarak to all and may you have a blessed Eid.


As much as I am sad that Ramadhan has gone. And praying that I we will see next Ramadhan InsyAllah, ameen ameen Ya Rabb. This year Eid Mubarak I have had the chance to see, experience and feel the different aura and environment of how Eid (Hari Raya as we like to call it here in Brunei) is celebrated outside of Brunei. This year we managed to visit Kota Kinabalu. My husband’s relative is located in Papar and we had the chance to visit the neighbouring country. We witness on how Hari Raya was celebrated there. Despite the different culture and traditions, you can still sense the Hari Raya spirit in the air. With music of hari raya songs blazing in the shopping complexs, hari raya songs of new and old playing back to back on the Radio stations. And meeting old faces of long distance relative makes the heart warm. The food is oh so my…a mixture of sweet, spicy and tangy of different varities of home-cooked meals. What touched me the most the scene of when we returned from KK to return to my husband’s aunt place (as we were staying there overnight). Its was past 12am ish and the streets were dark (literally dark as there is no street lamps) and the brightest house on the very end welcomed us of cheer, children playing fireworks, bright & colorfull festive lights and relatives from each corner of the village welcomed us with such hospitality and kindness. The warmth of the moment melted my heart away as it had brought me to a flashback moment of my childhood in the 90s and how we celebrated Hari Raya.

Back in the 90s
When I was growing up, the joy and cheer of Hari Raya can be felt as the environment was filled with young children visited every home on the street and was invited in for a glass of cold beverages, cookies of all kinds and of course, green packs for each child. The cheer of lighting fireworks during the night, the spirit of spring-cleaning the homes and re-arranging the living rooms for family and friends to get comfortable during their visits. Sights if the males going to mosques to perform their prayers and giving Zakat.

Now in the 21st Century
Now in our Era, many things have changed. There are less visits by the children, as there are all grown-up now. And more into virtual games then fireworks. Huhu. And the tradition of what used to be our joy of walking to visit our neighbours have now slowly faded. But on the other hand the Traditional Family portraits are now made of selfies and wefies, which is hip and kinda fun. Capturing moments that you can store at the palm of your hand and you can see them whenever you like.

Traditional family portraits are now called Selfies or Wefies

Traditional family portraits are now called Selfies or Wefies.

As the ages come and gone. There are much differance of Hari Raya then and now . Apart from aging each year, I feel that some traditions are slowly fading. Hoping that youth will still carry on the true meaning of Eid Mubarak (Hari Raya). That is asking for forgiveness, being thankful that we are still well and alive and not forgetting to give to those who have less.


Here The Deens would like to wish everyone a blessed Eid Mubarak.

Bio Seleza Panty Liners – Real-Life Testimonial

Hey folks! Only 2 (two) more days left till we say goodbye to Ramadhan. Ramadhan this year has been so quick. And in 2 (two) more days we will be celebrating Hari Raya (Eid Mubarak). As we all know, when it comes to Hari Raya, the shops are crowded with people to shop till their drop for the latest fashion clothing, shoes and other accessories. Cars are shiny and new, tyres are fixed, fuel tank is filled full, shoes are shined, Baju Cara Melayu is freshly pressed. The environment at the shops are filled with festive cheer as the Hari Raya songs are blazing. The streets are jammed pack with cars (not to mention the amount of time we have to tawwaf (circle) just to find parking. And how many of us purchase the things that we need for our health. Wait what? Why do we need to get medicine when we are already healthy, you may ask.

Here is a story that I want to share with you. This is my very own testimonial. If you have read my previous posts on Bio Seleza Pads – Making a Differance or my 2 (two) other previous posts on Intro to Bio Seleza Part 1 and Intro to Bio Seleza Part 2. You will notice the difference of this female pad with other pads that is available on the market.


Here, I will share with you a little bit of history of the ‘Female’ problem that I encountered. It started in 2013, when I started to notice that my bleeding was getting less and less by the month. My normal flow would usually take 10 to 12 days (yes, it because the dirty blood at the end would take longer than the normal bleeding). Then over the years, my flow would reduce month by month. And now my period flow would only last 4 to 5 days and maximum 6 to 7 days. Few months back when I had gone for my blood test and PAP Smear test, doctors reveal that there is nothing wrong with my PAP Smear Test and all tests came back as clear and normal. However I had high levels of uric acid was contributed as to my Gout. Doctors advise me to lose 5kg to 6kg before my next appointment. Back then I was 68kg to 69kg and now was able to reduce to 62.7kg. Here is a picture below as my very own testimonial:-

Results after 5 months of consistent with Weight Management Set
Results after 5 months of consistent with Weight Management Set 

This is my testimonial of losing some weight after consuming Min Kaffe and Garlic Tablets. And at the same time-consuming Shaklee Lecithin, Alfalfa, OmegaGuard and DTX Complex.

Anyhoots, that one is another story to tell (but I did share my journey in the previous post on how I dropped down to 62.75kg). Back to the scene, I informed the doctor that I was concern that I might have early symptoms of PCOS. Coz my period flow is getting less and less and the am only getting my menstrual period only every 3 months. Till recently it increased from 3 months to 4 months and worse was when I was late for almost 6 months time. After acknowledging the differance of Bio Seleza Pantyliners with other panty liners that are found in the market. I switched to Bio Seleza Pantyliners and after using about 6 packets (180 pieces) of Bio Seleza Panty Liners. I had my period that started out as light spotting in early July this year (estimated on the 3rd July 2015) I had light spotting. Here’s is the break down for your easy reference:-

*By Mid March or Early April: First Trial using Bio Seleza. Feedback: Less vaginal discharge and feeling much drier unlike other panty liners that is available on the market,

*By Mid May till June: Using Bio Seleza Consistent. Feedback: Increased amount of energy even through out Ramadhan.

*First Week of July 2015: Noticed light spotting on and off that happens for several days. Feedback: Menstural Cycle began with dark brown discharge with light abdominal cramps. Usually would have experience severe menstrual cramps that includes back-pains and stomach pains.

* Second Week of July 2015: Spotting continues with mixture of dark brown and black coloured blood-flow. Blood flow discharge is more frequent and slightly heavy flow than before. Feedback: Light abdominal cramps, the cramps are the same feeling as the first day of your period, but much lighter than at times you don’t notice it. More energy levels during the days, but easily fatigue by the evening.

* Third Week of July 2015: Much heavy flow with more dark texture and blood flow discharge is more frequent. Estimated have to change panty liners 3 to 5 times a day. still encounter light abdominal cramps now and then, but the cramps usually accompany with fresh blood that is either dark red, dark brown or black in color.

To prove this statement is true to the best of my knowledge, here is the real-life testimonial picture (however users are to be advised that the image may be scary and gruesome):-

Bio Seleza Testimonial.03

I know that this looks scary even I was shocked when I noticed the amount of dirty blood. However, upon using Bio-Seleza Panty Liner, the pads kills 99.9% of bacteria, and during those days when I am busy and unable to go to the loo, the panty liners prove to have no odor (even when you are sitting or standing from 8am to 5pm). And as I am blogging now, I had to change to a new liner and saw fresh dark red blood. An indication that the dirty blood has been removed from within. Imagine the amount of dirty blood that has been accumulated within for almost months or even years ever since I encountered irregular menstrual cycle.


Before this, I was concern if I had PCOS. Doctors gave me these medications for my body to bleed, however this process is not natural as the prescribed medication forces the body to bleed. And I don’t want to be depended on the medication to bleed every month. And have tried other alternatives such consuming:-

1. Shaklee GLA


2. Bio Seleza Panty Liners

Bioseleza poster

Bioseleza Intro

3. Alfalfa Concentrate

Alfalfa Concentrate Bio Velocity Alfalfa Concentrate

Before consuming the above, I consumed the medications that is prescribed by the doctors for a week and I had my mensural cycle but it went to back to square one, I did not get my period after that for another 5 months. Now alhamdulilah, after using Bio Seleza Panty Liners, now I have my menstrual cycle but at the same time, cleanzing and detox of the Miss V.

Through the hecticness of getting to tick all your items on your check-list. Ensure you put in health items such as Bio Seleza Pantyliners& Bio Seleze Day Safe Pads for those Oopsie moments. Pluuusss, don’t forget to get that natural glow with BB Plus Collagen, Detox with Alfalfa Concentreate and spice up your make-up with the best of nature with Cozuma CC Cream, Cozuma Lipsticks. Feel free to visit the other posts on our blog for more information. Hoping this post will help women and ladies on the importance of sanitary pads. The huge differance between safe and non-safe pads. Hoping to share more information in the near future. Will keep you posted lovelies.

Bioseleza test 5 ujian serapan bioseleza Bioseleza Bio Seleza Pad in paper 02 Pad Feminin BioSeleza Selesaikan Masalah Uzu !3

Want to feel the differance? WhatsApp us today at +673 7251442. Hey, if you are outside of our Brunei and wondering if we accept international orders? Yup! No sweat, we accept orders from around the world (T&C apply and Shipping Charges will be bourne by customer). You can order here:- Order Online

Much Love: Sarah@21st Century Sarah

Blogging 101: Day 7 – Keepin it Real by personalizing your blog

Its been almost a week since I took up the free blogging course by The Blogging University : The Daily Post. For today’s post is to create a personalize blog by creating a fun, wicked header image.

If you have read through my blog, you will notice that only recently I took blogging serious. Previously I was blogging to share on my experience, self-experiments and sharing on products that I loved and enjoyed consuming on a daily basis. That is food & health supplements. This year I took the iniative to step-up the blogging game by focusing more in-depth on what I hope and wish for my blog to acheive by the end of this year. And one of the ways is by joining this free online course that is conducted by The Daily Post : Blogging University.

Now we at day 7. What I wanna share is how I created my Header Picture. Back in 2012, I named my blog ‘TwentyFirst Century Momma’ because my focus back then was to sell breastfeeding accessories and share motherhood journey and experiences. Only recently this year, I decided to purchase the Domain (.com) and changed my blog domain from to The roots and foundation of why I created this blog will still remained rooted which is Motherhood, Breastfeedings, being a Bookworm, Beauty, Energy, Health and Wellness will always stay close to my heart. By investing my time into how my blog layout, images, topics and content is very important to me. And I wanted to ensure the origins of my blog is pure and closet to its natural origin (real, honest and close to the truth). My header I chose a customize image from Canvas Image Editor where you can select FREE open source images.

My header tagline is ‘The Purest Of It’s Origin Is At It’s Core’. This statement I had as my MSN Status (yes back in the day when I used MSN to chit-chat). The story of how this favourite motto of mine came to mind was when I was looking for a unique phrase to express the self-discover I had back then in the year 2007. A self journey to wearing the Hijab full-time. Until now, this motto of mine has a special place in my heart.

Now this year, am hoping to keepin it real on my blog by personalizing my blog with bits and pieces that represents me (in someway). And at the same time hoping to get inspiration from others bloggers on how they conduct the placement of the logos, headers and headerlines and tagline. Can’t wait to surf the posts.

Top Ways to Lose Weight The Healthy Way


Hey Hey Hey Folks! If you read just my previous blog post with title: Let the Gout Go Out With A Bang you will read about my most recent discovery this year that I had high levels of uric acids (Gout) with symptoms of:-

1. Pins and needles sensations in both of my legs that start from the above the knees till my feet.

2. Joint pains

3.Fatigue etc

Doctors advise me to lose weight at least 5kg to 6kg in the next 6 months (before my next schedule appointment)

And here I would like to share my journey to recovery:-

Since two years ago, I had trouble of irregular menstrual cycle that would come only after 4 (four) to 6 (six) months. After losing a bit of weight and consuming food health supplements I have gotten my period without the need of taking prescribed medication (that forces your body to bleed every month). I was concern that I had symptoms of PCOS. Here I like to share what I Consumed:-

First 3 (three) months:-

1. Shaklee DTX Complex

2. Shaklee Lecithin

3. Shaklee Omega Guard

4. Shaklee Vitamin B-Com

5. Shaklee Vitamin C

6. Shaklee Vitalea

7. Shaklee Vitamin E Complex

Another 2 months:-

8. Min Kaffe Robust Mineral Coffee

9. Garlic Tablets

And here is the results folks! Drummmmmmmm-Rollllllllllssssssss Please ❤

Results after 5 months of consistent with Weight Management Set
Results after 5 months of consistent with Weight Management Set

My initial weight was 68kg to 69kg. Alhamdulilah with small yet consistent steps I am able to go down to 62.75kg within 5 months. Will upload a before and after picture for your soon. 😀 Stay Tuned folks.

Want to have your very own customized schedule for consuming our Ultimate Pure Burning Juice Set? Feel free to buzz us on WhatsApp at +673 7251442 today or fill in our Contact Us Form: Online Consultation – Contact Us

Have a good evening lovelies.

Much Love:- Sarah@21st Century Sarah

To Blog or Not To Blog? Is that a question?

We all have heard the term: “To be or not to be, that is the question”? In this case, to blog or not to blog, that is the question. These few months has been a wild roller coaster. To be honest, I have never found myself in a position where I have hit the backspace button more in my life. At times, I have had trouble writing as if a huge gigantic writer’s block that is stuck to the inside of my skull and working it’s way like a magnetic chip. After a while, I felted that there was something bothering me, coz I was distracted by many thoughts in my head. Then I decided to sit-down and have a little ‘ME’ time and wanted to sought-out the things that has been bothering me. And here is what I found:-


FEAR is a motivation

A few months back, I have decided to resign from my current workplace as my youngest daughter needs to go for Speech Therapy sessions and Early Development Programs sessions at least 3 (Three) times in a week at the local Child Development Centre. And these sessions will take 1 hour up to 3 hours in a day that will last for the next 6 (six) months. Both my girls were diagnose with Learning Difficulties and Speech Delay, with my youngest she had NASB (Negative Attention Seeking Behaviour) where she could have mild to severe tantrums at times when she felt frustrated if she could not express herself. As a concern parent, I decided to take a leap of faith and handed in my 2 (two) months resignation letter. And time flies by very fast and this month will be my last month titled as a ‘Working’ mum. Only did it hit me when some of my relatives were asking me ‘What am I going to do next’? And it occurred to me that, will my plan to run a full-time online business with a part-time income work for me? What happens if it has gone down the drain? How are we going to find an alternative income to pay the bills, to buy groceries, to buy school necessities for the little ones during back-to-school seasons, to purchase necessities during next Ramadhan and Raya (Eid Mubarak)? There was a voice inside my head that grows louder and louder by each and every day as the days on my calendar count-down. The voice was so loud that the tiny, little whisper of hope was almost gone. Then chills ran down my spine, as I realised that I feared of what the future will be.


Now that I was able to identify the factors that created the writer’s block inside my head. I admitted to myself that I feared of something that was not certain and that it was all in my head, imagining and envisioning of things that could bring negative impact to me. I told myself and kept repeating to myself that I took ‘A Leap of Faith’ and why should I fear of something that is uncertain, when I have Allah. Only then it hit me. These 4 words meant something to me:-


Leap : to transition / transport one place to another.

Faith: To believe in your faith and that your faith will guide you.

When we believe, truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

Is prescribed upon you [the] fighting while it (is) hateful to you. But perhaps [that] you dislike a thing and it (is) good for you; and perhaps [that] you love a thing and it (is) bad for you. And Allah knows while you (do) not know. Ayat Al-Baqarah, 2:216

I told myself that if I kept on thinking of negative thoughts, my body will take me to that direction. Apa yang kitani fikirkan adalah doa (What we think is apart of our prayers). Think positive, have the right intentions, set a positive mind, plenty of Doas & Prayers, plenty of Usaha (Actions), Istiqamah (Consistency), Tawakal (Trusting in Allah’s Plan) and always and always tanamkan rasa Syukur (Appreciation and Thankfulness)


On the other side, Alhamdulilah that I am able to identify the bumps and curves that are affecting my girls development. And I know in my heart that this sacrifice will be an investment for them and their future. Now I end this post with a question:-

“To Blog or Not to Blog” It is a choice. And we all have a choice, a choice to fear or a  choice to identify that fear and do something about it.

Much Love; Sarah@21st Century Sarah

Read Away A Page Each Day

Blogging like a piece of Lamingtons - 21st Century Sarah


Blogging with new life breath into every post. I recently took up a FREE ‘Blogging 101’ course by The Daily Post ( Official Team) and they launched this Blogging 101 series to help writers kick-start their blogging journey. Now I am on Assignment 4. The lessons learnt in these Assignments are very eye-opening as they train your mind to plan and assist with your time-management on blogging.  What I like about these assignments is that it’s very flexible as you can do it on your own terms. However, you need to be consistent to gather up the momentum. Finding your own flow and ways of keeping up with that rhythm.


When I first started blogging, the first thing I had in my mind was… “Who’s gonna read my Blog on Beauty, Energy, Health and Wellness”… Only when I started my very own journey towards Breastfeeding and Motherhood, when I needed to research on some reading materials, the first thing I would do is pick up my reading lists annndddd asked Mr Google. And since going through my very own journey towards Motherhood, I wanted to make a difference by sharing products and services that was closets to my heart, hoping to inspire young mothers to breastfeed and perhaps sharing with the Youth on the opportunities for them when they decide to venture into blogging. If you have read my previous blogs, you may ask What are the criteria to be called a blogger? Do you require to have a academic qualification? certain IT skills? Some experience with writing?


When you’ve decided to come out of your shell, take smalls steps towards setting-up your blog. I think of blogging like a slice of Lamingtons. Why Lamingtons I say? hihi. Lamingtons is one of my favourite desserts, when you love something you become passionate about it. Just like a baker, a baker will try to make the perfect batch of treats over and over again to make sure that the texture and taste of the dessert is up to perfection and that it makes the consumer want more and more. When you manage to obtained that level of energy, you will give your writings in yours blogs, if not 110% you will invest your 150% into your posts. I personally prefer Blogging then a website. My aim is to connect with my readers and hoping to hear from them and what aspires them to blogging everyday.

Blogging 101 with 21st Century Sarah
Blogging 101 with 21st Century Sarah

InsyAllah, this up-coming August, I will conduct a brief session for my 21st Century Dream Dolls, hoping to inspire youths of Brunei to venture into blogging and hopefully giving them a chance to kick-start their very own online business through blogging. We will see how the sessions goes in the future. I will upload some pictures from the up-coming sessions insyAllah. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Much Love, Sarah@21st Century Sarah

6 Reasons Why You Should Get This Top-Selling Corset In Asia


Corsets have been around since the dawn of beauty. Corsets are known for it’s beauty effect of shaping waistlines and maintaining that hour-glass figure. Today, there is a one-of-a-kind corset that is unique as it is designed to cater to your very own shape and size. Pluussssss….in every stitching embedded into the fabric and material contains a technology that is known today as F.I.R. And the material used to create this Corset is the same material that is used by NASA Astronauts to ensure its quality.

Here are the good bits to why you should owe this top-selling corset in Asia:-

🌟1. Long-Life Warranty: A One-Time Purchase with a long-life warranty. For any minor fixes can be sent to HQ for fixing or ammendments.

🌟2. Patented Technology: Every stitch and every fabric is ISO friendly and the FIR technology is patented to ensure the product’s quality is always the same.

🌟3. Locks fats into place to give you the illusion of an hour-glass figure.

🌟4. This corset contributes to 70% health and 30% beauty.

🌟5. Helps prevent cancerous cells to grow and develop.

🌟6. Helps to stimulate and regulate blood flow.

Now you can look gorgeous and at the same time give your body that extra health treatment.

For FREE consultation, WhatsApp us at +673 7251442 today.

Psssttt… This corset is available for deliveries World Wide. WhatsApp or Email us today.

Behind The Scene – What The Curtains Reveal

Blogging 101 with 21st Century Sarah
Blogging 101 with 21st Century Sarah

Hello Folks! Just recently I received a notification from that on 3rd July 2015 marked my 3rd Year Anniversary to the blogging world. My, my how time flies so quick. It felt only like yesterday when I first started to blog. You may have questions like why did I choose my medium of Blogging? In my post recent posts, I have shared that I used to love writing in my journals and diaries. I kept every scrap of paper, tickets, photos and even love letters. haha. Those were the days. As years gone by, I noticed that as my Journals aged with me so did my writings. My form of writing has changed more and more. During Primary and High School, my writings focused on my current surroundings  such as home, school and going through the emotional roller-coaster of Teen-Life. And during the first few years of marriage (yes, I still kept a journal back then) and my form of writings has grown and evolved as my perspective of life changed too.

Why Blogging instead of keeping a journal? Since establishing my online business in 2012, I wanted to make a virtual presence, whereby my customers can find the products and services that I offer at the tips of their fingertips. Since the evolution of the Internet, when someone is looking for a product, services or even product reviews or testimonials, the first thing a customer would do is check online. My vision was to connect with my customers online and at the same time making my blog as a one-stop information for breastfeeding, beauty, energy, health and wellness. And hoping to inspire more youth to venture into blogging-entrepreneurship. Looking forward to target about 50,000 visitors to my blog by the end of this year and to establish a youth-network who has the passion for writings and blogging.