Month: October 2014

Pass the tissue box please


Aaaahhhhhhh-choooowww!! Lately my girls are at a point where they are fighting oved who gets to hold the tissue box or wet tissues during our travels in the car. With the heat and cold weather going on nowadays, I noticed my eldest daughter (who is now eight years old) is prone to flu and very bad cough. And my girls having the tendency to satisfy their sweet tooth! No matter how hard I try to Minimize the sweet baskets makes them even more prone to allergies. Did you know that too much sugar in the body lowers the immune system? And it takes atleast five (5) hours for the body to re-generate Vitamin C in the body?


I was doing a bit of light reading and am very happy that I came across Jessica Alba’s book titled The Honest Life. Her book is very interesting, where she shares her experience with allergies and her intense research on what causes allergies. Its a real eye-opener for parents and parents-to-be.

In our cupboard

Did you know that 80,000 chemicals on the market have never been tested for human safety?

One of the quotes from Jessica Alba’s book, The Honest Life caught my attention and made me wanted to read more. Cause interesting story happened when I was heading to my regular hairstylist for my normal routine of hair and nails maintenance (a mom still gotta feel nicely groomed. Hehe) she told me that her two previous ex-collegues working in one of the local saloons as hairstylist passed away because of nasal cancer. One of the reasons is because of daily encounterment with chemicals such as re-bonding and colourings that may contain harmful toxins or chemicals. (Imagine inhaling those toxic fumes every single day, 8 hours a day or more, 365 days in a year). This really scared me, as it is true. We are not aware on what the ingredients mean on the product label. Coz we don’t speak beautician or dermatologist language. Bet your wondering what the hu-ha is about. And what’s it gotta do with the sniffles. Okiea dokies let move forward.

Did you know that 30% of our products in our cupboard may contain harsh chemicals or unknown toxins? Even in baby product. In Jessica Alba’s book, Chapter 2, Honest Clean:

Don’t fall for all those “tear-free” baby products. They contain a special mixture of toxic chemicals that work by numbing your baby’s eyes so she can’t feel all the other harsh chemical stinging.

Yikes! I remembering posting a few years back (in 2012) on differance on between Natural products that is gentle the right way and products that are harsh in a silent way. And these unknown properties that we invest in our daily lives, can cause allergies in our children and our home. Back in the day, I used to think y daughter is having the sniffles due to genetic inherentance, since my huby suffered from Astha whe  he was little. I thought it was in the genes or by blood. After learning more on Shaklee and the mission of their line of products. I began to learn on the huge differance between ‘REAL GREEN’ and ‘CLAIM-TO-BE GREEN’. I was able to distinguish the differance of the flu with allergies.

Symptoms of Allergies:
1. Watery or teary eyes
2. Itchy or runny nose
3. Coughing
4. Sneezing
5. Nasal passage swelling

These symptoms are shown immediate. This is because of the overactive system caused by:
a. Dust
b. Pollen
c. Dust mites
d. Cocoraches

You can tell if the flu is on the way. The flu bug will take a few days for the bacteria to develop. When virus (caused by different viruses) enters the body and attacks the immune system. The symptoms may be similar to allergies, but additional body aches, fatigue, loss of appetite and followed by sore throat with coughing.


Fight the flu and allergies with Shaklee Energized Soy Protein or is famously known as Shaklee ESP and Shaklee Mealshake.

Shaklee Energized Soy Protein:
* Made from Non-GMO soy beans
* Produces long-lasting energy
* contains essential vitamins and minerals
* High in amino acids (protein)
* Improves skin condition and complection.
* Helps to improve immune system
Flavour: Natural Vanilla

Shaklee Mealshake:
* Helps to loosen funky junk in the trunk with its sufficent amount of fiber.
* Healthy amount of Calcium
* Helps students to be more alert and focus in class.
* Improves skin condition such as skin rashes and ezcema.
* Helps to improve immune system
Flavour: French Vanilla.


Sources from: Jessica Alba, The Honest Lift and my research notes on Shaklee products.


Drink a glass of ESP or Mealshake three times a day will keep the bugs at bay.

Have a smashing weekend y’all.

Best Regards
21st Century Momma