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4 : Good Blogging Years


Assalamualaikum wbr lovelies,

Wow, it’s been a while since I updated my blog. And as I was about to create a blogpost, to my suprise I received a notification from WordPress that yesterday was my 4th Year Annivarsary blogging with WordPress ❤

4 Year Annivarsary Acheivement

Wow! I can’t believe it has been 4 years. It only feels like yesterday when I first started to blog. It was in 2012 and it was a side-project for a previous company I was working with. From there a spark just ignited and I never imagined that I would love blogging as much as journalling. Blogging was another way to share with the World on Beauty, Health and Wellness that I felt passionate about.

For those who have read my previous blogpost, I am bringing my blog to a different direction. Now I am torn between keeping this blog or to move on to a new one. I feel like a butterfly trying to escape the cacoon and need to spread my wings and explore the world. It’s hard having to say goodbye. But change is good. Need to breath in a wave of fresh air and take a leap. Or maybe I’ll sleep on it and maintain two blogs? Tee hee. Let’s find out and see.

Much Love ❤

21st Century Sarah



The Real Deal: Real-Life Testimonials

Premium Beautiful Corset

Assalamualaikum wbr Ladies,

Salaams Jummah Mubarak. How is your Friday? Have you got plans for the weekend? If you haven’t come and book an appointment with us for FREE fitting and FREE consultation for Premium Beautiful Corset. Check out the link below for a basic intro on PBC. And why women are going GA-GA over Premium Beautiful Corset:-

Premium Beautiful Corset – Intro

PB Corset Testimonial.12

I love to share REAL-LIFE Testimonials because it real and true stories that tells the tale of someone’s journey of their transformation or their stories on how they were able to acheive a goal or make their dreams come true. And you are properly wondering, I share alot of testimonials from outside, how about my self-experiment? hihi. Coolies, I will be share my own testimonial in the next post. Yes Folks! Stay tuned to the next post.

*P/S: More real-life testimonials will be shared via my Premium Beautiful Official Brunei

Much Love,


@21st Century Sarah



Premium Beautiful Available in Brunei

Premium Beautiful Corset

Hey Hey Hey Folks! We have now reached to the month of March. And only a few more days till we reach Ramadhan. MasyAllah. And the big questions that many will ask… *DRUMROLL please* is…

Have you potong kain yet? (Have your send your material) Here in Asia, especially Brunei Darussalam. For Hari Raya Aidil Fitri (Eid Mubarak Festive Season) we like to send our materials for stitching to make lovely national dress called Baju Kurongs (that can be designed with normal cut or fashion & trendy) It all depends on the mood of the individual.

I on the other hand, prefer to purchase ready-made and my girls will have theirs custom-made. I guess it because that I know my dress that has been sent for stitching will only last for less than 6 (SIX) months. haha. Yes it’s true.

This year however, I plan to have a different plan. To Try & Fit Into My Old Baju Kurong From Last Year. 😀 Now that would be a miracle. How you may ask?  Check this out:-

Fit Into Your Old Baju Kurongs From Last Year

PBC Advert

Would you like to have a go on this challange?

Step outside your comfort zone and feel the differance?

Want to make a change for a better?

Then this challange is for you.

Purhase your Full Set of Premium Beautiful Today and see the changes instantly.

Contact our 24/7 Hotline at: +673 725 1442


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Come & Join The Fun

Werda Poster - Exclusive fitting 03

If you happen to be in Bandar Seri Begawan, don’t forget to visit Karlynn Closet this weekend on:-

Date: 21st Feburary 2016

Time: 2:00pm till 5:00pm

Day: Sunday

Join the fun and try on Werda Sofia (with Scallop) for FREE fitting. And we will also have special guest to conduct Make-Up Tutorial for you to complete your look with Werda. You can look dashing and feel smashing.

Stay tuned! For more updates folks.

Much Love:

Sarah@21st Century Sarah


This is No Joke You Can Be Your Own Happiness Engineer

Premium Beautiful Corset


Premium Beautiful Brunei is now looking for Official Distributors in Brunei.

PBC Advert

👑💎If you have the following:-

👍Brunei Muara
👍Kuala Belait

  • We accept Candidates & Applicants too from: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.

👑💎If You Have / Are:-

💖 Passion for Fashion
💖 Social Media Geek
💖 Blogger Nerd
💖 Bookworm
💖 Motivated Junkie
💖 Driven for Change
💖 Team-player
💖 Happiness Engineered
💖 Social Butterfly

🙈😄 No Minimum Modal is needed.
🙈😄 No inventory management needed.

💌📣Then we want you to join our Team of Dreamers on the mission for making a change.

🎉 Coaching & Guidance will be provided online & offline.

📲WhatsApp us at +673 7251442


Spectacular September Promotions

Hey hey hey folks! Have you heard? The latest promotions? What a spectacular way to welcome the month of September with these smashing offers:-
1. Shaklee ESP


2. Shaklee YES Program Sets (Pre-Natal & Post-Natal)


3. Bio Velcocity Alfalfa Concentrate


4. Premium Beautiful Corset (Full-Set)



This special promotion brought to you by 21st Century Sarah is for those who purchase of Long Bra, Waist Nipper and Long Girdle (Full Set). Contact +673 725 1442 (WhatsApp only) for more details.


4. Beauty Phenomenon (Trial Pack)

(1) SET A:
* Marine Essense Beauty Bar : 1 Bar
* Bio Seleza Panty Liner : 1 Pack (30 pads)
* Min Kaffe 1 box (20sachets)
* BB Plus Collagen x 5
* Cozuma CC Cream : 1 Tube (50g)
* Alfalfa Concentrate



(2) SET B:
* Shaklee ESP : 1 Can
* CC Cream : 1 Tube (50g)
* Marine Essense Beauty Bar : 1 Bar
* Alfalfa Concentrate : 1 bottle

(3) SET C : Slim@Detox
* Min Kaffe x 2 boxes
* Garlic Tablets x 2
* Alfalfa Concentrate : 1 bottle


Contact us at +673 725 1442 for more information.

How Many Hours Does Sleeping Beauty Need?

Hey Hey Hey Folks! Alhamdulilah, it has been a long weekend last week. And now to kick-start the new week ahead, here is a refresher reminder.

For August 2015, we had a lot of special promotions going on such as:-

  1. BB Plus Collagen BUY 4 FREE 1 (with bag)
  2. CC Cream BUY 3 FREE 1
  3. Min Kaffe BUY 10 FREE 1
  4. Bio Seleza Feminine Pads BUY 6 FREE 1 BOX (with bag)

And these promotions will end as of 31st August 2015. If you haven’t grabbed them yet, you can utilize our BOOK first and PAY LATER. (T&C Apply) Feel free to contact us at +673 7251442 (WhatsApp) for arrangements and FREE consultation.

Anyhoots, I wanted to share on a very useful product that everyone can benefit from. Have your heard the term used ‘BVSM’. This product has been in Brunei Darussalam since 2013 but as been in the Asia market for quite sometime now. Only recently did this product started to penetrate into the Brunei Market since 2013. Now what is BVSM? Here are some common FAQs that we receive:-


BVSM means Bio-Velcity Sleep Mate. It’s the latest technology that extracts natural form of energy and injects this energy into line of certain products. These products are available from authorized resellers or distributors.


BVSM is a portable mattress that is created like a bed-spread sheet and is big enough to cover a Queen to King Size bed.


With Bio-Velocity technology that has been embeded into the mattress sheet, a natural form of energy is transfered from the sheet to the end-user. The end-user will obtain benefits from this product in terms of:-

a) Natural source of energy, where the end-user will  feel re-energized upon waking up from slumber. Studies have shown that just a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes, the end-user is able to feel refreshed, relaxed and recharged.

b) Helps to stimulate blood circulation and to increase functions of the heart to ensure that your heart is healthy.

c) Increase levels of Oxygen in the bloodstream by activating cells in the body and increases metobolisme, increases body system immune system and increases the body’s natural ability to heal, repair and recover.

d) Helps to stablize emotional stress, helps to relief from fatigue and depression.

e) Decreases the effects of free-radicals and electromagnets that surrouds us on a daily basis and is one of the causes of aging.

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate

Back in the 90’s, my school nights were always routined around dinner, prayers, homework and a little bit of cartoons. And usually bed-time was scheduled between 8pm to 9pm. And if I was really knocked out by school, I would be in  bed by 7pm. I was not previlige to have my own game set when I was in Primary School. I was more into reading and writting in my journals. Only in Highschool did many things change.

Have you ever felt like you have gotten our from the wrong side of the bed? Your lights are punched out by 7pm but you’d still feel knackered upon waking up by 5am? Where has the Quality of Sleep Gone? And you ask yourself, how does Sleeping Beauty get her beauty sleep?


Is this you during the High-School? When I was High-School I would spend late nights, revising for exams and trying to punch in extra hours to catch-up on subjects that I was weak in. After 8pm (after dinner and prayers) would hit the lights out till 12pm (mid-night) and study from 12am till 3:30am and take a short power nap and wake up again at 5:30am for morning prayers. And this cycle went on till the end of year when I had finals. Phew~ this are the times now.

When I had my own family and a working career. I could count the number of hours that I would sleep. Lights would be out by 9pm (wake up by 10pm to 11pm, coz my huby comes back from work from night duty) and sleep till 1am and wake up by 5:30am. And imagine having full-blast meetings from mornings till afternoon. The more I moved up the ladder in my career, the little or less sleep that I could get. Power Nap was nothing compare the ‘QUALITY’ Beauty Sleep.

And Bio-Velocity Sleep Mate as been put to the test by Professor Dr Edward, the scientis who has conducted this study and he has concluded that Bio Velocity Sleep Mate can be beneficial by the end-user when BVSM is used upon sleeping.

Here you can watch a clip on how Bio Velocity Sleep Mate has penetrated into the Asia Market:-

Till next time.

Much Love: Sarah@21st Century Sarah

Premio Dardas Awards 2015


Greetings fellow bloggers, I thank the blogger of Words, Coffee & Lace Dresses for being kind and wonderful for nominating me as one of her nominees for the Permio Dardos Awards. And now here are my 15 nominees:-

  1. Words, Coffee & Lace Dresses

I love the idea that blogging has created a platform for young bloggers and encourage them to read, writing posts and giving genuine feedback to their fellow bloggers in the blogosphere.  To promote friendship and at the same time boosting confidence of fellow bloggers to continue their passion for blogging. Thank you my dear for showing me that this Award is a token of friendship and spreading the positives of blogging.

2. Shine On by fiftyshadesofprei

I love the way her blogging takes me to moments of flashback, like for example just a few weeks ago she posted on some of her favourite sound tracks and the moment I read her blog title, It brought me to a wave of flashbacks of when I used to carry a Walk Men in the back pocket of my jeans and bringing different cassettes in my back pack. Back then in the 90’s I was into The Spice Girls (Posh Spice was my fav),Backstreet Boys and NSync. huhu. Aww, those were the good times of music.

3. Blabberwockying

Adnan has a very interesting blog. His posts titles are very eye-catching and his content is very fascinating. He is able to breakdown complex theories into easily digestible information that can be absorbed by individual. And just the other day I learned the importance of feedback and giving genuine feedback can help an individual to grow.

4. Nancy Wong

Fashion Bloggers are slowly making way to the blogosphere. Yes, the Fashion Industry is a booming industry that is slowly evolving in Asia. I find Nancy Wong’s blog very refreshing and it’s very inspiring to see how fashion can be fun yet simple and elegant.  It would be amazing to have fashion tips and tricks from her on how to work with accessories.

5. Peave, Love Family

Breastfeeding is part of Human Nature and part of Womenhood. It’s the transition from Womenhood to Motherhood. And I cherish the moments when I was able to breastfeed. Her blog :One Year of Breastfeeding Bliss inspired me and remind me that at times when I did not have mutual support to breastfeed (be it at the workplace or even in the comfort of your own home) That there are mothers who turn to the Internet to find and learn on ways of breastfeeding and the challenges that every mother faces on a day to day basis. Mixture of fear and stress are overcome when you have courage, love, patience and planting the seed of trust within yourself and believe that you can make it through that 2 year mark to exclusive breastfeeding.

6. Surviving The Spectra

At times, living in an era where we are bound to face difficult decisions and challenges everyday in our lives are bound to crack open anyone’s can of patience. The stress and pressure can get to you sometimes. And his blog inspires me because it takes guts to spread awareness on mental health & depression. And it is ok to tell someone that you need help because you feel that is NOT ok to feel depressed. I have experience 2 events in my life where family members have tried to commit suicide because of the things that are happening to them (one was because of Cyber-Bullying and Spreading Rumors online and the other was due to Postnatal Depression) no matter the issue, you will get through it.

7. The Positive Project

Inspiring to share posts that spread the awareness of positivity on his post on How to Beat Stress and Boost Happiness and there is an app on how to get your happiness cell recharged when they are times you are feeling down.

8. Vantage Points

The blog post entitled: Embrace Your Voice. Very true.There are many times where we find ourselves liking other blogger’s theme, layouts, widgets and fonts and might have thoughts on changing the look and feel of our blog too. Blogs are like the reflection of your personality in the Blogosphere. Its your uniform and brand that represents you. It’s just like picking an outfit. You may have the different taste in colours and different fashion sense. Stay true to yourself and pick the themes that best suit your personality.

9. Photography by Alexx

His posts on Travel and Photography is very inspiring. The moment I view his pictures I am able to imagine the surrounds. It’s like being able to transport yourself through his pictures. I enjoy the idea of travelling and always wanted to travel myself. And his blogs shares wonderful places to visit.

10. Yummy Inside My Tummy

In her post Dim Sum, Want Some, what I love apart from Fashion Bloggers is Food Bloggers. You can learn about a person thorough their choices of cooking and food. You can tell about someone’s personality and culture through a variety of different dishes. I always enjoyed visiting her posts.

11. When Coffee Meets Rain

There is nothing like having a cup of tea to unwind. Crazy as it may sounds. But the moment I read her post on Grand Wedding and Meaningful Words. It transported me to the time where I spent my days going to coffee  shops to sit down, unwind and finding inspiration to start blogging.The strangest thing is I spent my days in a coffee shop but ordering a Matcha Tea or a ice-blended chocolate to help me get the creative juices flowing. Only recently this year I turned to coffee (the mineral coffee kind) to help me get through those long nights of typing.

12. The Life of A 40 Something

In her post: Naming The Cat. I was hooked on reading the part that says that it’s always very hard to naming our cats. And from experience, we had 3-4 cats that we held closely to heart. But they have already passed on. But I find myself naming them very hard. And always gave the same name as our first cat ‘Sammy’. Perhaps the sentimental value of having the name ‘Sammy’. It was like never ever forgetting your first love.

13. Thoughts of a trained wrecked pineapple:

In the post of I Love and Hate You: The Burden of Money it reminds me of those days when money used to burn a whole in my pocket.Only in when I first started my online business did I fully understand the importance of  managing cash flow.

14. Science of Mom

In her post of The things she carried and barely used, reminds me of those days when I had to packed for a long journey and being able to see and visit your family and close friends was worth-while.

15. Blog of Bobby

I always had a fascination with the ocean (and Mermaids too :p) but I was always afraid of the water, thanks to near experiences of drowning. His blog is super informative on how to swim makes me wanna join his swimming

Here are my nominations and hoping that you will visit their blogs toos.

The Premio Dardos Award Rules:

1) Include the Premio Dardos Award Picture and the name of the person that nominated you (Include a link to their blog)

2) Nominate 15 other blogs and notify them!

3) Thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog and link back.

blogging 101 with 21st Century Sarah

Blogging Awards


Yesterday, I was checking out the latest updates on my blog and in the notification pane I was surprised to see that I was nominated by Blogger of Words, Coffee & Lace Dresses for the Premio Dardos Award. It is such an honour and sweet thought. And to show my appreciation I shall re-post my 15 nominees  for the Premio Dardos Award.

Stay tuned for more updates folks!

Much Love;

Sarah@21st Century Sarah