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The Real Deal: Real-Life Testimonials

Premium Beautiful Corset

Assalamualaikum wbr Ladies,

Salaams Jummah Mubarak. How is your Friday? Have you got plans for the weekend? If you haven’t come and book an appointment with us for FREE fitting and FREE consultation for Premium Beautiful Corset. Check out the link below for a basic intro on PBC. And why women are going GA-GA over Premium Beautiful Corset:-

Premium Beautiful Corset – Intro

PB Corset Testimonial.12

I love to share REAL-LIFE Testimonials because it real and true stories that tells the tale of someone’s journey of their transformation or their stories on how they were able to acheive a goal or make their dreams come true. And you are properly wondering, I share alot of testimonials from outside, how about my self-experiment? hihi. Coolies, I will be share my own testimonial in the next post. Yes Folks! Stay tuned to the next post.

*P/S: More real-life testimonials will be shared via my Premium Beautiful Official Brunei

Much Love,


@21st Century Sarah




Premium Beautiful Available in Brunei

Premium Beautiful Corset

Hey Hey Hey Folks! We have now reached to the month of March. And only a few more days till we reach Ramadhan. MasyAllah. And the big questions that many will ask… *DRUMROLL please* is…

Have you potong kain yet? (Have your send your material) Here in Asia, especially Brunei Darussalam. For Hari Raya Aidil Fitri (Eid Mubarak Festive Season) we like to send our materials for stitching to make lovely national dress called Baju Kurongs (that can be designed with normal cut or fashion & trendy) It all depends on the mood of the individual.

I on the other hand, prefer to purchase ready-made and my girls will have theirs custom-made. I guess it because that I know my dress that has been sent for stitching will only last for less than 6 (SIX) months. haha. Yes it’s true.

This year however, I plan to have a different plan. To Try & Fit Into My Old Baju Kurong From Last Year. 😀 Now that would be a miracle. How you may ask?  Check this out:-

Fit Into Your Old Baju Kurongs From Last Year

PBC Advert

Would you like to have a go on this challange?

Step outside your comfort zone and feel the differance?

Want to make a change for a better?

Then this challange is for you.

Purhase your Full Set of Premium Beautiful Today and see the changes instantly.

Contact our 24/7 Hotline at: +673 725 1442


Instagram: 21st Century Sarah / beautyphenomenonbn

FB: Premium Beautiful Brunei


Come & Join The Fun

Werda Poster - Exclusive fitting 03

If you happen to be in Bandar Seri Begawan, don’t forget to visit Karlynn Closet this weekend on:-

Date: 21st Feburary 2016

Time: 2:00pm till 5:00pm

Day: Sunday

Join the fun and try on Werda Sofia (with Scallop) for FREE fitting. And we will also have special guest to conduct Make-Up Tutorial for you to complete your look with Werda. You can look dashing and feel smashing.

Stay tuned! For more updates folks.

Much Love:

Sarah@21st Century Sarah


This is No Joke You Can Be Your Own Happiness Engineer

Premium Beautiful Corset


Premium Beautiful Brunei is now looking for Official Distributors in Brunei.

PBC Advert

👑💎If you have the following:-

👍Brunei Muara
👍Kuala Belait

  • We accept Candidates & Applicants too from: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.

👑💎If You Have / Are:-

💖 Passion for Fashion
💖 Social Media Geek
💖 Blogger Nerd
💖 Bookworm
💖 Motivated Junkie
💖 Driven for Change
💖 Team-player
💖 Happiness Engineered
💖 Social Butterfly

🙈😄 No Minimum Modal is needed.
🙈😄 No inventory management needed.

💌📣Then we want you to join our Team of Dreamers on the mission for making a change.

🎉 Coaching & Guidance will be provided online & offline.

📲WhatsApp us at +673 7251442


December 2015 Promotion

Its been a while since our latest updates. We have already reached the end of the year and only a few more days till we meet 2016. Have you ticked or crossed some of the items on your Target List for 2015?

For 21st Century Sarah there are a lot of things that we wanted to tie the knot especially for some lose ends. But that’s another story for a different time to tell yes? 😀

Let’s see what’s the latest promotional that we have to offer:-


The ever loved Min Kaffe for all coffee lovers.



The most popular Bio-Velocity Alfalfa Concentrate for that Ultimate Detox.

Is losing weight and finding the ultimate detox package? Then this is for you. Meet the Ultimate Economy Detox Set


Purchase the sets above for only B$80.00 and get a bundle of FREE Gift. Yes! You heard that right folks. Its a Bundle not a single item.

Hurry and WhatsApp at +673 7251442 for this special offer with a Bundle of FREE gift **(While Stocks lasts)**

Much Love:
21st Century Sarah

Sprinkle The Hijab Dust By Our Werda Fairies

21st century sarah new logo

Assalamualaikum wbr Folks.

Hope you had a smashing weekend. 21st Century Sarah along with fellow Werdarians from Werda Brunei Official (You can check us out on Instagram) is filling our schedules for up-coming end of year events. First and foremost would like to apologize for the delayed in promised photos of the First Soft-launching for Werda in Brunei at The Brunei Vendeur Festival in last October. Without further adue, here are the sneak peak photos in our Gallery:-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know some may wonder why I did not showcase more Pixxies. hihi. For the full coverage of the event that we held, you can check out more pixxies on our Instagram account. InsyAllah we will try to keep our Instagram as updated as possilble. *Yes too keep you dreaming on the eye candy colors* hihi.

Alhamdulilah, for our First Softlaunching for Werda in Brunei was overwhelming. We had many positive feedbacks on the material, the packaging and also the concept of Werda Designs of being Solat Ready, Wudhu Friendly and also Nursing Friendly. *You can check-out our IG for more testimonials* Too not spoil you too much. hihi, stay tune to our latest up-coming blogpost for more delicious info. You might never know, we might be seeing you soon too 😀 Till we meet again Fellow Werdarians.

Much Love:

21st Century Sarah

*For inquires on Werda you can contact us at:-

WhatsApp | Telegram : +673 725 1442

Email  your inquiries or just say Hey and Salaams :

What’s Up With 21st Century Sarah Lately?


Hey folks! It’s been a while since my last update. Phew! Last month and this month 21st Century Sarah has comes up with a latest project and has been investing my time and energy into this latest project. Some may already know what we have instore ( if you have followed our social media especially IG, Facebook, Twitter and kept in-touch with us on WhatsApp)

So here are the latest updates:-

10th November 2015: Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd Recognition Night at Indera Samudera, The Empire Hotel & Country Club.

Gala Night 01  AkmNZjgdNmEcOrLAfFfzivX7vZbXrc9oHW0GcmuwUP60 AmVDFm3KOg09jfmFiTRDbyJ3hqYLhGYkTz526gdikrmB (1) An4xtGKkgp232mhXOIKz8iSvRnUiOIOXK9xWTk3aQp4T ArSyK-Ga21YnxrDysNnCCERmsyrSlVA12qunN2IcNE43 (1)Av7y5-EZtula9Hv06VAC2-ag5k0DyJzOOt1PwVRidll1


The night was entertaining with dance performances and watching other fellow members who acheived their targets and was rewarded with:-

Sales Manager (SM)

Diamond Sales Manager (DSM)

Senior Sales Manager (SSM)

And of course no Night would’nt be complete with Lucky Draws. The grand prize was 1 set of Bio-Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)

That was a lovely night out with Hubbs and my team of lovelies ladies (The 21st Century Dream Team)

Now on the other hand, we have other smashing news to share with y’all.

Werda First General Meeting

Werda Team Brunei

Yes! That’s right folks! 21st Century Sarah is venturing in the Muslimah Fashion Industry. Over the number of years, we have seen that the Islamic Fashion Industry is slowly blooming. And we see more and more local talents that have emerged into the Fashion & Design Industry in Brunei Darussalam. And I can tell you that our local talents are very talented and they have a huge potential into bringing fresh and new designs to cater to the demands from the domestic market. And I am very proud that some of our local talents have also taken the inniative to come up with their own Brand and their line of products (some of their designs too have IPO, which I totally support).

Now you may be asking, why Werda? Why did I choose to be part of this Brand apart from other established brands that already has plunged into the Industry and already paving their pathway far far ahead into the fashion industry. It only took 3 minutes for me to fall in love with the story behind Werda

Have you managed to watch the video? Yup! It took me only 3 minutes to to fall in love with the their products. I love how their concept for Hijab is simple yet the meaning behind their Werda Sofia and Werda Ayuni touchs the hearts.

Sizing Chart Werda Brunei 4 Models Werda Brunei Official Werda Packaging

Werda was created with TLC (Tender, Love & Care) and the individuals who are the caretakers of the ‘Rumah Prihatin Warga Asnaf’ and the craftmenship who designed and stitched Werda Hijabs is one of the previous employees of Mr Bernard Chandran (Malaysian Designer). The first time that I have tried on Werda when we had our first General Meeting with Kak Cery (Marketing Director of Faizworld Sdn Bhd) the authorize dealer for Werda in Malaysia in Brunei last month, I find that the material was so soft and it was easy to manage, I have to admit that I am the kind of person who opts for more instant type of Hijabs. After trying on the Tudung Labuh once,I felt that the material was cool to the touch and it felt so light as if I was not wearing a Tudung at all (very suitable for humid locations such as Asia when there are days the tempreture can go up to 38 degrees celsius).

*You can visit their Facebook at Werda Official.

And good news folks! Werda Official is coming to Brunei this 29th October till 1st November 2015 at the Brunei Vendeur Festival at ICC.


Come and bring your family and friends. The more the merrier.